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  1. joshr

    Trying to speed up my wifi

    It's 10 ft from the router with full line of site and signal strength is strong (from about -45 dbm to -55 dbm). There are also no other 5ghz wifi networks in range.
  2. joshr

    Trying to speed up my wifi

    That's the same info that I posted, it's just easier to get to it via an option click on the network icon. For the sake of keeping things the same though, here is that screen. As you can see, it's showing a 300mbit/s connection. The only way to get that is a channel bonded 40mhz connection on a 5ghz channel. In other words, there is no issue with the technology of the client and seemingly no issue with the technology of the router. However just because you are on a connection capable of 300mbit/s does not mean you actually get that speed. In order to test your network speed you need to transfer data between two computer on the network and time it. An excellent way to do that is using http://www.totusoft.com/lanspeed1.html. When I do that test I'm only seeing a LAN speed of 7mbps which is, obviously, ridiculously low. Remember though I'm not really trying to solve an issue of network file transfer speed. I don't much care about that. The issue is that my internet connection is being limited by my wifi speed and I can't see any obvious reason why. At this point I've got some excellent suggestions: take the router to another location and test the network speed there to rule out some unknown interference or swap the router for another one and see if that changes anything. Unfortunately as good as those tests would be they both seem like a bit of a dead end. If there is interference then I can't do anything about it. If instead it's the router well this one is pretty much brand new and I'd have to convince the wife that we need to buy another router, that is likely a lot more expensive, to get something she doesn't much care about. I was hoping there was going to be some obvious answer, change channels or something, but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen.
  3. joshr

    Trying to speed up my wifi

    BTW, here is my network connection info.http://cl.ly/image/1V2R1R071u0O. I believe that means it's running in, and obviously capable of, the fastest connection possible over N. Is that right?
  4. joshr

    Trying to speed up my wifi

    Thank you for the informative and reasoned response. What is the max wireless speed possible on that airport card? Because as far as I can tell it should have no problem with 59mbps over a properly configured 40mhz N connection.
  5. joshr

    Trying to speed up my wifi

    Turned off the 2.4ghz radio, which disconnected the one 802.11g client on that network, and did another test: No change Unplugged the one 802.11G device, an old airport express, just to see if it was causing some kind of interference that wasn't showing up on the wifi analyzer: No change I've got the last generation macbook they made and my late 2008 macbook pro. Both are 802.11n and connected to the 5ghz network: Both computers show the same results. I'm not relying on an iOS device for speeds. I've got a Nexus4 and I'm using it to show me the other networks and their signal strengths but not to test actual speed. The router is only a few months old but it is certainly possible that it's the issue. If it were the issue it would be a matter of design vs malfunction and I'd have to buy a more expensive router. I'm obviously hoping that's not the issue but I also don't have a way to test that. I don't have a different router and I'm not going to be able to tell the wife that we have to buy another brand new router to get the extra 20mbps. I also don't know anyone else with an internet connection fast enough to test that bottle neck. I need someone with a connection faster than about 30mbps. I guess didn't say it in the original question but I definitely suspect the router is for some reason not capable of faster speeds and I'm just trying to see if there is something I might be missing aside from that.
  6. I've got a late 2008 macbook pro with a 802.11n airport card. I also have a Netgear wndr3400v2 router. If I use speedtest.net and an ethernet cable I can get 59mbps down but if I switch to wifi I only hit around 33mbps. Clearly this indicates a bottleneck from the wifi so I used LAN speedtest to test my network speed and got a dismal 7mbps. Now for the trouble shooting: It's a dual radio router so I have everything that can't run on the 5ghz network on it's own 2.4ghz network. So with that out of the way I downloaded a network analyzer on my phone and looked to see if there was interference and I should switch channels. There are 6 other networks visible to my computer but using the network analyzer shows that they are all very low power from my house and none of them are running on the 5ghz band. Since there are no other 5ghz networks there is no wifi interference and changing channels would do no good. Not only that but the signal is good with a signal strength between -50 and -60. Now what? I'd like to take advantage of the internet speed I'm paying for but running a cable isn't something I want to do. Not sure how else to get a faster wifi network when there is no interference and the signal is strong.
  7. I set the base station to channel 1 then had the airport express join, you can't set a channel on the airport express if it's joining a network, and it worked. Then I went ahead and reset the base station to automatic and restarted the airport express and all was well. Thanks for the help, not sure what the hell that was really about but it seems to be fixed now and if not I know what to do next time.
  8. I will give it a try. Weird that it was working and it then stopped though. How do you control what channel the airport express is on?
  9. I completely agree with you and although I have found the airport express to have outlasted every other router I have had so far I fully expected it to have died at this point. I really expected that would be the case and there would be nothing to do here. However since I learned that it's covered by my applecare support I set up an appointment and took it in. They went ahead and setup a network with another airport express then added mine with no issues. We tried it with and without wpa2 security and it was fine. So now I am at even more of a loss than I was before. My main base station is a dlink DIR-615 with dd-wrt opensource firmware on it. The base station works fine and the only thing I have changed recently is that I blocked P2P networks. I have had the airport express working on the network before and I tried opening it back up to P2P and rebooting the base station. So far I can not join the network with my airport express. Any ideas?
  10. The very first thing I did was a hard reset then I redid the setup and after the second reset, once I had entered all the network stuff, I would get an error from the airport utility asking me to restart it. Once I restarted airport utility the express would not be able to be found. Do another reset and it would show up again. Then I did a bit of testing. If I set up a network the express worked fine but if I asked it to join the network it would not work.
  11. Awesome to know. I do have applecare and that's perfect.
  12. I have an older airport express that I use for wireless printing and airtunes. It's a couple years old but it has never had any issues. The other day it wasn't working so I reset it and tried to set it up again. What I found was that every time I told it to join my network it would just flash orange and be undiscoverable via the airport setup utility. I am able to have it setup it's own network with no issues but as soon as I say join another network it goes MIA. Seems odd that it can create it's own network and that it happened seemingly out of nowhere. Did it just die or am I missing something?
  13. Yes, the plan was to have ordered the same router as the one I have, which has wireless bridging but alas I can't find it anywhere and the ones that I ordered thinking it was the same was not.
  14. Understood but I want to wirelessly extend the network. After doing some more work on this it seems like this is a dead end. The ability to make it an access point is so that you can add a wireless component to a wired network. It won't wirelessly connect to the network.
  15. I have a Belkin router, the f5d7234 v1000, which has wireless bridging. I needed to extend my network so I ordered another one, or thought I did. What I got was f5d7234 v5 which does not have wireless bridging but will act as an access point. I also have sitting around another Belkin G router that doesn't have bridging. What I am wondering is can I the new router to connect to the bases station wirelessly but only act as an access point then connect run a wire from that router to the 3rd one. Then use the 3rd one to broadcast the network again. Belkin says the only way you can setup an access point is with a cable connection so the answer is likely no but I figured I would aks and see if maybe they just were not understanding what I need. So one more A is the base, B is an accesspoint that is connected wirelessly but not broadcasting the network C has a cable coming from the access point and is broadcasting the network wirelessly.