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    Raid Enclosure

    So I called the Weibetech guys and worked out what I think is an awesome system. I just once again want to get some feedback. The RT5 unit which I talked about in my last post it turns out uses a proprietary filesystem that can only be read in the RT5 unit. However with the RT8-800 http://www.wiebetech.com/products/RAIDTech800.php should the RAID array fail you can simply pull out the drive and read it either inside a computer or in any external enclosure. So they suggested using 2 RT8-800's with 400GB drives which when using RAID 1 would give 2 400 GB volumes on the server. They suggested not using the 500GB drives yet simply because they are very new and take a while to spin up and will sometimes give a failed drive warning due to slow spin up, but they also mentioned that the unit allows updating the firmware for larger drives in the future. You could also use an extra drive and tray and once a week take home one of the mirrored volumes for offsite backup. However the more I think about that it seems unneccessary. So again I am back to needing an offsite data backup solution anyone have any ideas?
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    Raid Enclosure

    I am looking for a USB 2.0 or firewire or a NAS enclosure that allows plugging in regular PATA or SATA hard drives and will function like RAID 1 [or even be RAID 1]. Basically a system that will mirror data on 2 drives and uses regular internal hard drives and a non-proprietary file system. Linksys and netgear have products that are close but they either don't use a non-proprietary file system or don't work on macs. Thanks
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    Raid Enclosure

    After I looked at the Macgurus stuff I did some searching based what they had and I found this page http://www.barefeats.com/fwraid.html which is interesting but not exactly what I was looking for. However what it did have on this page was links to 3 different firewire RAID enclosures. This is the one that appears to be most promising, although not cheap, http://www.wiebetech.com/products/rt5.php - This unit running raid 1 with 4 500 GB drives [and maybe a 5th for a hot spare] would, if I understand correctly, give 1 TB of mirrored capacity. Sound right? Anyone have any experience with this company? The next step from here would be an offsite backup. Does anyone know any offsite backup company that they could suggest. We would be using a T1, however would not need to backup 1 TB of data really, ever. It would be around 500 MB to start with and then from there only changes and additions. Any suggestions. Also from what I can think of using this sytem in RAID 1 plus an offsite backup would provide a pretty much bulletproof and automatic backup system, anyone have any comments or suggestions about that statement?
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    Backup Software

    So it looks like I found a free!!! software that looks to work nearly the same if not better than second copy. http://www.grapefruit.ch/iBackup/index.html Anyone have any experience with this?
  5. You can partition your hard drive, but I wonder for what pupose. Same question with partitioning an 80GB drive 5 times, why? On windows machines I used to always use 1 partition for the OS and 1 for everything else which can be cool, but other than that I see no point. Any major software suite is able to open the files from a PC and the same software i.e. Adobe, Microsoft, whatever so no problem there. I am not familiar with just running a patch cable as someone else suggested although that would certainly be cool, otherwise just use your Ipod if you have USB 2.0 on your PC it is fast enough. Another solution would be to buy an external drive enclosre that has both USB and firewire connections then get a hard drive to go in it [this is a very cost effective way to get an external hard drive] then use it transfer the files and when you are done you have an external firewire hard drive for your mac. I also currently use a PC at home [no where else] and I am going to upgrade as soon as a 15" powermac with an intel chip is released.