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    Rechargeable Camera Batteries

    You want eneloops. They work the same as regular AA's except you can recharge them. They don't lose their charge sitting in a bag and they are basically the next best thing since sliced bread.
  2. joshr

    email service?

    yahoo mail is horrible in comparison to gmail. Just go with gmail you can connect via https: for a secure connection.
  3. joshr

    Window Sizes / Locations

    This looks like it might do the trick. http://www.madrau.com/html/SRX/About.html
  4. joshr

    Font Editor

    I am looking for something, for free, that I can edit the name of a font. I am tired of fighting helvetica conflicts with leopard and I don't want to rebuy all of my helvetica fonts.
  5. joshr

    MacBook Whining -- RAM related?

    Almost guaranteed it's not RAM related. Eventually the fan will get loud enough that it warrants a trip to the apple store.
  6. joshr

    iMac Blueray

    I keep finding references to this article saying that the hardware support is there http://arstechnica.com/hardware/reviews/20...he-new-imac.ars
  7. joshr

    Frontrow 2 Sucks

    Admittedly I don't do a lot of music streaming but I have an airport express so that I can wirelessly stream music and it was going to see a lot of use by my wife who will use it while teaching yoga. It used to work just fine in Tiger but apparently one of the "upgrades" in Leopord is that you can no longer stream music through frontrow to your airport express. There are two things you can do. You can downgrade frontrow. This would be my preference because of a few little "upgrades" in the newer version except that I didn't a stable way to do it. The other option is that you can get airfoil from rogue amoeba. I am going to test it shortly but it apparently works very well. Really annoyed about this but at least there is a workaround.
  8. joshr

    Macbook Fans

    You don't need to bring anything but you should backup your drive before you take it in.
  9. joshr

    Adobe Upgrade and Product usage

    I believe that the Adobe license includes 2 installs. Check with them but my printer was complaining to me the other day because it used to include 3 but now it's two.
  10. I use Billings made by marketcircle for design work. Should work just as well for IT. What it's lacking is the other expenses of running a business. You can't keep track of rent on the office for example but you can keep track of client related costs and create invoices based on that.
  11. joshr

    iMac Blueray

    You can't do it. It doesn't matter what software you are running your mac doesn't have the hardware capabilities. You need a blueray drive and you don't have one. If you bought a blueray drive that could replace the internal drive or maybe an external blue ray drive you could play it.
  12. joshr

    MacBook Whining -- RAM related?

    I think the RAM thing is just coincidental. These types of noises are almost always the fan. Pull the RAM, or don't mention it's new, and take it to an Apple store.
  13. joshr

    Apple stickers?

    I leave them in the box. I never quite find the right place for stickers.
  14. joshr

    MacBook Lagging Behind Commands

    2GB of RAM in OSX will do some pretty damn heavy lifting in photoshop. It's not exactly ideal but I have edited images around 1GB with 2GB of RAM and a 2Ghz Coreduo.
  15. joshr

    modify file menus

    I feel your pain on that one. Nothing you can do though.
  16. Because I am quite sure that the white macbook is going to be the last of it's kind.
  17. joshr

    WPA2-PSK + Macbook = Sloooooow

    Yes. It's relatively easy if you have the right wireless card and from what I gather it's not terribly difficult if you know what your doing no matter what card you have. Even if you live in a metro area I don't think it's a big deal though. Someone has to care enough to go to your house, at least close to get the signal, and take the time to break your wireless when it's not hard to find open wifi. Possible, yes. Likely, not really.
  18. joshr


    Glad you got everything worked out.
  19. joshr

    dead logic board, harddrive salvage

    I always find newegg to be cheaper.
  20. joshr

    Extended desktop question

    I don't believe you can span WOW over two screens using OSX. There may be a 3rd party software app that will let you do it but the way that the OS handles it you can't.
  21. joshr

    dead logic board, harddrive salvage

    You need a PATA 2.5" enclosure and you can choose FW400, FW800, USB2, or various combinations of the three. If you want to boot from it there are more requirements but just to get your data off probably the cheapest option is going to be USB.
  22. joshr

    Cleaning Macbook

    For the white part you can use the mr clean magic eraser sponge things. For the screen just get an lcd cleaner.
  23. joshr

    MacBook Air Question - original model

    Yah your probably going to be fine and I am sure she will love it. Office documents don't take much space on the hard drive and it sounds like even if windows is slow she won't use it enough for that to be an issue. pwnusmaximus: Sorry I was a little harsh. I was ranting more about the general consensus of reviews regarding the air rather than you in particular. There are so many reviews saying you could get a faster computer for less... duh. If your reviewing a computer like that it's not about how fast it is. My wife didn't even know she had a CD burner and hasn't used the optical drive in probably more than a year, so who cares that it doesn't have an optical drive? It's all about the right market segment.
  24. joshr

    Macbook Air Case

    We also found this. http://www.applesac.com/original?gclid=CKX...CFRMUagod1ya2mQ. Not sure what she is going to do but if someone else is looking for a sleeve with a pocket, this looks like a good option.