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    Macbook Air Case

    Just got my wife a refurb macbook air. They are only $999 right now! Anyway, I want to get her a case for it. She is looking for something very minimal but it has to be able to carry her power brick also. I saw this http://www.sfbags.com/products/hardcase/hardcase.htm and it's about perfect but it's a little pricey. Any other suggestions?
  2. odd but I am glad you got it going.
  3. joshr

    MacBook Air Question - original model

    Your completely missing the point of the air. Your looking at it from a typical male computer users point of view and your missing what your paying for in the air. With the air you are not paying for computing power your paying for size and weight. Those are things that are equally valuable just not to you. Because of your own prejudice your deciding that a 500GB HDD and 4GB of RAM are more important than size and weight. My wife was using a 500Ghz compaq with 750MB of RAM and maybe a 20GB HDD and she never once ran into any limitations from the point of view of computing power. The system needed to have windows reloaded and it had other issues related to being a 4 year old laptop but as far as computing power it was fine. So I bought her the refurb macbook air for $999 and she loves it. It's exponentially faster than what she had and it's so much smaller and lighter that she just loves it. It has an 80GB HDD that is way to small for me but she wasn't running out of space at 20GB, why does she need 500GB? Try to step outside your own biases and consider other market segments when you talk about something like the air. Now as to the original question, what did she have before and what does she do with windows? It's asking a lot of the air to run windows also but dpending on how often she uses it and what she does with it she might be fine. Also maybe there is another way to do what she is using windows for.
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    I did for the most part. I still need someone to output a root certificate from the exchange server so that I can be gone with an annoying warning when it starts. It works otherwise though. I got the settings from another mac that had entourage.
  5. joshr


    Is there anyway to connect to an exchange server besides enterouge? I have office but only the home & student edition. IMAP is not enabled. EDIT: Another option would be to forward the emails to another address that has an IMAP option. I don't want to use my personal gmail account though. Would you say the best thing to do is just to open a gmail account or is there anything that I can use just to bounce emails around?
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    Problem with external drive.

    Why are trying to set your home folder to an external drive? This is something that has been working?
  7. joshr

    iCal won't sync to MobileMe

    The iphone won't also sync to the google calendar? i have a program called google sync, from google, on my blackberry and it automatically does 2 way sync with my google calendar in the background. Then I have ical configured to sync with google calendar. I can enter something on my phone, my computer, or gcal online and it will propagate across all my devices automatically.
  8. joshr

    Free, Reliable Basic Webhosting?

    If your trying to setup a portfolio there are a few sites that you can use for free, carbonmade, but otherwise just pay for hosting. It's really cheap if you shop around.
  9. joshr

    iCal won't sync to MobileMe

    What's teh advantage of doing this rather than just using google calendars syncing feature?
  10. joshr


    No and the speed boost is nothing you will ever notice anyway.
  11. What about if you pull the battery and boot with only the power adapter?
  12. It does have support for the mouse but not for the video card. I booted up from the external and checked it out. It was better to do a clean install anyway.
  13. I sold my old macbook pro this weekend. It was from March just after they released the first intel machines and before I sold it I used superduper to clone the internal drive to an external [i do it all the time, just updated really]. I had planned to just plug the external into my new macbook pro 2.4 boot from the external and copy the old system back to the internal drive. The old one had the retail box version of Leopard. I just want to make sure that there is no reason I can't do that. I was a little concerned that perhaps something in the chip architecture meant that I couldn't just use the old drive image. I think I am fine but if anyone can confirm, it would make me feel better.
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    Just go with the max RAM. Yes you get a speed boost from matched pais but it's not substantial and not equal to an extra 1GB.
  15. Duh, I can check this by booting from the external drive. I am not going to clone it back anyway but at least I can satisfy my curiosity.
  16. I personally hate netgear. I had a router that had clearly gone bad and was within warranty but because I was using OSX they would not support it. Their stupid email back and forth tech support also sucks. It's not like I need much in tech support from a router company but when they should have replaced it and instead blamed it on OSX I trashed and never looked back. The belkin stuff has been cheaper and nicer to work with for me.
  17. joshr

    What do us macgeeks listen to? (Music)

    Rilo Kiley, Ghostland Observatory, The Virgins, The Magnetic Fields, Johnny Cash...
  18. joshr

    iCal & Address Book

    Just look for anything with the oxford 911 chipset and you should be fine. www.macsales.com has a bunch although I think you can find better prices.
  19. Unfortunately for my curiosity I decided I didn't have to time to mess with it. I called applecare and asked them about it and after getting to second level tech support I had a nice discussion about it. The bottom line was that while it would probably work it would not have the necessary drivers for some things and would have incorrect drivers for other things.
  20. We have been on this forum too long! I remember recommending that unit and you getting it. Mine also died recently. Just buy another belkin unit. The new one is a slightly updated design and has much better firmware. The price just can't be beat. $40 for two years of service is as good as it gets. The only router I have ever had I liked better is my airport express.
  21. joshr

    iCal & Address Book

    I suspect that the enclosure is the problem. It has an Initio chipset and while I don't know anything about Initio I think you want an Oxford 911 or 924 chipset in order to be able to boot from it. You didn't say what size drive but I use this piece http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817347013
  22. That's a good point. I had kind of decided to just do a clean install and move my data over but there is no reason I can't at least try doing it the other way first. Easiest thing to look for would be the trackpad options?
  23. Will I be missing the stuff for the dual graphics chip and multitouch trackpad if I use my old system image?
  24. joshr

    Macbook Air Case

    My wife just found this one. I have to say it's really nice and actually in the realm of reasonably priced [frame of reference!]. http://mac-case.com/Leather%20Site/MacCasePLJackets.html
  25. joshr

    Macbook Pro 2Ghz - SOLD

    Sold, for $800.