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    Macbook Pro 2Ghz - SOLD

    Macbook Pro 2Ghz Coreduo, 100GB HDD, 2GB RAM. Covered under applecare till March 09 and I have the retail boxed version of Leopard for it. The outside is in good shape but not perfect. Applecare just replaced the whole top cover including the keyboard and mouse and I then added a palm wrest guard so it looks brand new. I have 2 batteries. One is about a year old and one has been used twice. I will install Creative Suite 3, Office 08, and of course Leopard. Only leopard is licensed though. I am in the Los Angeles area and the best way to reach me is via my website www.joshrossdesign.com. Make me an offer, I want to get rid of it.
  2. joshr

    Online Secure Notes Software?

    The security thing is exactly as I said. Lock down your system and the it's reasonably secure. I can be broken with time however I would find it unlikely that a common thief would know how or bother. Maybe this would work for you http://www.octopuscity.com/
  3. joshr

    iCal & Address Book

    You can only boot from USB for an intel mac so if your isn't intel you will need a firewire setup.
  4. Been a while since I did this but you go into the G4 preferences and turn on sharing for the printer then from the powerbook when you choose a printer you should see the something referencing the other computer in the printer list. No ip printing necessary.
  5. joshr

    iCal & Address Book

    You can just navigate to your desktop and put the files there then reboot and boot form the internal drive. Now you will have what you need sitting on your desktop. Just import and your good.
  6. joshr

    iCal & Address Book

    Boot from the backup and export everything to the internal drive.
  7. So no easy way to get the data out of a macbook air that won't boot? You can boot from a USB drive though right?
  8. joshr

    Photo Printers

    It appears the R220 has now become the R280. I have used the R280 as well I just forgot when I posted. They are all the same anyway and yes the R280 will print borderless 8.5x11 if you are using certain epson papers.
  9. joshr

    batch changes in address book?

    I don't think there is. Only way I would know how to do it is one at a time.
  10. joshr

    Online Secure Notes Software?

    You can search ical and address book via spotlight so that should take care of your search need. As far as secure they can be but are not necessarily. They are only as secure as your computer is. If someone can log in to your account then they can open address book. However if you require a password to log in to your user account I would think that should make it secure enough.
  11. joshr

    Macbook Air Case

    I am sure for $200 the waterman is plenty well made. They don't overpriced, just out of my price range. The acme stuff is really nice, thanks for the heads up, any macbook air specific bags around though?
  12. joshr

    Best way to backup an external drive

    You didn't mention what system your backing up but I always feel it's easiest to include the system as 1/3 of the backup. In otherwords if you can have an equal amount of storage in your system it's just easier. This may or may not be possible depending on your needs and usage. At work I have a 750GB internal drive and two 750GB external drives. I keep one at home and one at work plugged in. Every week I switch those and I use superduper to schedule the backup so that every night it makes the external match the internal and it automatically switches between the two drives depending on the week. If that won't work for you then my suggestion is a drobo with a few drives in it. Easy to setup and use and it's redundant. Only problem with that for me is then figuring out an offsite solution. There are a few available though. Try backburn or Amazon S3 and jungledisk.
  13. joshr

    Best way to backup an external drive

    I have two of the mybook 750GB drives at work. What I do is clone my internal drive every night and swap the drives once a week. It's all automatic, except for taking the drive to and from home, using superduper and it works great. I always have 3 copies with one copy off site. Everything is bootable to.
  14. joshr

    Photo Printers

    The epson R220 has the same quality prints as the epson 1220 except it only prints 8.5x11 and it's costs about $100. I have a 1220 and love it but I need the bigger prints. Every new generations of epson is less prone to clogging it seems.
  15. It's the lamest thing ever. You can use apple cards for itunes but not itunes for apple.
  16. joshr

    Copy Data From G1 iPod touch

    Not sure but I think senuti lets you do that. It's at least worth checking.
  17. joshr

    Why would I join Facebook?

    Facebook for me has been a fantastic tool for networking with other design and photography professionals.
  18. joshr

    Screen Capture software

    I use paparazzi and love it.
  19. joshr

    iphone music to computer

    Senuti perhaps.
  20. That was actually quite helpful if I end up going down that route. They do use x509 certificates and in order for messenger to recognize them you have to add the x509 keychain back to keychain. Anyway in the end I don't think there is anything I can do without IT so I put on my man pants and went over their head. I asked the CTO and he was quite receptive. He said he would be willing to let me test it.
  21. I am pretty sure I have reached a dead end but I figured I would ask just in case someone has an idea. I believe, perhaps incorrectly, that in order to get Microsoft messenger working with the corporate network [internal only] and to get entourage 2008 connecting without an error every time that I need a root certificate for the exchange server. I first figured how to find the exchange servers certserv. From there I can download a certificate but it's a user certificate not a root certificate so it doesn't do anything. I got a tip that you could somehow analyze the certificate and figure something out from that so I looked into that and found you need something called certutil that originally came with WindowsNT but was available for XP via a download. I fired up my PC and tried to install it but I don't have administrator access so I can install it. As far as I can tell the only way to get the certificate is to have IT do it from the server. IT refuses to support the mac in anyway so that's a no go. Any other ideas? If there is even a way to read an exchange certificate in OSX that would be at least another avenue I could explore.
  22. joshr

    Column resizing

    No. It is every bit as annoying in Leopard as in previous versions.
  23. joshr

    Disconnecting the USB cable.

    As others have said, your fine. The batteries taht Apple uses now come partially charged and can be used right out of the box with no ill effects.
  24. It's my personal opinion that no computer will last 5-6 years and that concept should be left off the table. That said if your looking longevity and screen size doesn't matter I think that the new macbook will be a much better choice. You can upgrade the hard drive and the video card will almost certainly not be an issue.
  25. joshr

    Nikon S60

    My recommendation for a point and shoot is the canon G9 [or I think the G10 is out]. It shoots RAW, has a hotshoe, and has full manual controls. I also like the Sigma DP1 which also has full manual control, shoots RAW, has a hotshoe, and adds a dlsr size sensor to the mix. If you want a point and shoot that looks cool and has a big LCD the s60 looks fine but if you think you might want more then check out the Canon or the Sigma.