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    Refutb Macbook! Good or Bad?

    Buying something from the apple refurb store is every bit as good as a brand new piece of hardware from Apple. It will have exactly the same warranty and will look and feel brand new in every way. The only difference is that the packaging is usually different and you can't build it to order.
  2. joshr

    New Laptops (MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air)

    It's also ridiculous that a $3000 computer can't include the $19 remote. Really lame. I am really happy that they finally updated the macbook pro's. I have been waiting a long time to upgrade and now that they have the new models out I think I will get a new one in January. The ability to update the hard drive your self is also an AWESOME feature as that is the one thing that is really getting into the red zone o my current macbook pro. Now that I can upgrade it myself later I can always get something smaller, for less money, then upgrade later.
  3. joshr

    How do you clean your computer?

    The "Mr Clean® MAGIC ERASER®" works very well on white macbooks.
  4. joshr

    Moshi Palmguard, Incase Hardshell

    I bought the moshi palm guard for my macbook pro and just got it today. It's really nice. Very high quality, it matches perfectly, and it has a texture that feels great under your hands. heir site is a little weird and you either pay standard shipping to get stuff in 3-4 weeks or priority shipping for about a week. I paid the expedited shipping and it made it around $40 but it was well worth it.
  5. joshr

    Mobile Broadband with Router

    Does it not have an ethernet out? If it has ethernet out just plug that into the WAN port on the router.
  6. joshr

    SATA FW400 Enclosure

    So I got home today and I opened up the package containing my new 100GB notebook drive so I could put it in the enclosure I have had for like a year. I was excited to have a backup drive I could easily connect, no power needed. Anyway I pen it all up and go to connect it and I realize it doesn't connect. Instead of the typical bank of pins I am used to it has a sort RAM like connection. I don't know what this is but a quick google search tells me that I have ended up with a SATA drive instead of a PATA drive. Oh well, now I just need a new enclosure. If anyone wants a nice black FW400/USB enclosure with an oxford 911 chipset it's for $20 including shipping or alternatively if someone wants a SATA instead of PATA drive.... Anyway though I need a recommendation. It's gotta look nice, rugged is good, needs to have FW400 & USB, as well as be a bootable drive [i believe that means oxford 911]. EDIT: Oh yah and after looking around a bit I want it to cost no more than $40. The freakin drive was only $50!
  7. joshr

    Color Picker

    I am looking for something that works the way photoshops color sampler works but anywhere on screen.
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    None of the links out there seem to be working. Is it just me or is the developer site actually down? If it is down anyone have a copy they can provide?
  9. joshr

    Import Webpages into Keynote Slide

    This will do what you need. http://www.derailer.org/paparazzi/
  10. joshr


    That's what I am going to use. I think I can use the corporate card on monday. Any advice for dealing with the current mess?
  11. joshr

    Get a case for a internal hard drive

    macsales has good SATA USB cases but if you want a FW400 & USB case then look at newegg. I just bought the one they have and it's about half the price plus works awesome.
  12. joshr

    File Compression

    It will take a long time to compress 12.5GB but it will happen faster than it estimates. It will create a zipped file from both everything next to the original thereby taking up double the space. Then you will have to delete one or the other. More importantly if your iphoto library is only 12.5GB on a 200GB drive then it's clearly not the best place to save space and even if it was compressing those files won't save much.
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    got it all setup but I have an event that I can't seem to get rid of. Tried deleting rsyncx with appdelete, emptying the trash, rebooting, searching for rsync, then reinstalling and it's still there. I also tried deleting it from with the program as there is a delete button but it doesn't do anything. Any idea where these things are stored? It's just a GUI wrapper so I would expect it to be in the same place that the regular rsync schedules would be stored. Also if it offers a clue it says events scheduled to /etc/crontab EDIT: I found the answer, sort of http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2001...one.html?page=2, I am sorry that I ever changed anything. I don't really feel comfortable editing those files in the terminal and it's not doing anything so I am not sure I am going to. If it's really and you know what I have to do though let me know.
  14. joshr


    I just got my new work computer and the IT people are freaking out about having a mac on the network. They won't add it without anti-virus software. So I am hoping you can suggest something that is light to install, light to run, and easy to quit.
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    I got my new version of office but I don't know all the settings I need. Does anyone know exchange/outlook really well. I need to be able to look at the outlook account and get everything I need.
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    Understood but since the rest of the network is protected my computer passing anything along is irrelevant.
  17. joshr


    I found a working link http://www.tucows.com/preview/290179 and I was able to synchronize no problem. Right now I am working on figuring out how to make it run every night so if you have some experience using rsyncx then let me know.
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    Turns out that microsoft will accept returns on open products within 45 days. So I am returning the home/student version and I will have the standard edition by tomorrow. That will get me the privilege of using entourage for email. BTW did something change in the forum software?
  19. joshr

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    Did something just change about the way the forum works? Now I can only see one post at a time and below there is a list of the followups.
  20. joshr


    I can log in via the webmail but I want something dedicated. With no IMAP support you have to use Entourage and it seems you need the Full edition of Office 2008 to get that functionality. The home student edition has everything the full version has, except for exchange support. What your using now means that your company, unless I misunderstand, has IMAP support enabled. It's a simple switch but requires knowledgeable IT people who actually work to help the users.
  21. joshr

    Color Picker

    I forgot all about that. Thanks. Currently I also do the screen grab photoshop thing but it's a pain. The digital color meter will probably work. It's only RGB though.
  22. joshr


    No native support, that's for sure. http://razmaspaz.com/2008/03/06/wheres-my-...change-support/ Maybe someone can confirm for me, before I go tell my boss I made a mistake and I need the other version of Office, that the new entourage works for sure.
  23. Okay I figured it out but I have a further question. I can connect to my home folder but there is also another folder for a fellow employee which I can connect to. Whichever one I choose to connect to first is the only one I can see. I want to be able to connect to both at the same time. I can also connect to the folder above it and see all of the folders in there [i can connect to staff which has 2 folders inside of it that I have access to]. I want to be able to see only the two folders I have access to and I would prefer that they act as if they were separate network drives.
  24. I have a windows computer on my desk and a mac. The windows computer connects to a bunch of shared network drives. I can follow them through the network places and figure out what the structure is but I have no idea how to connect to them on the mac. I think I just need the IP address but IT refuses to help at all so I have to be able to figure it out by looking at the windows computer. Any suggestion?
  25. joshr


    Yah, IT signed off on it. I can turn it off tomorrow. Now I am allowed on the network. Of course it turns out that doesn't mean much. I am gonna start another new topic.