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    Music Habits

    Hi everyone, I am working on a final paper for my college writing class, and I need you to fill out a short survey. It's only 10 questions, no text answers, it will literally take 1 minute. Can you help me please? Just click this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=C7_2...dXCRjd5Lg_3d_3d Thanks so much. In Christ MAx
  2. maxman

    Help Help Help

    All Better.... I Just Reinstalled os x, and then copied back that my data and so on. And it is running great. Faster than my g5! like it should!. It must have pulled some crap over when i used migration assistant. Thanks~ ~IN Christ Max
  3. maxman

    Help Help Help

    Yeah, i know, but i still think this thing she be running just as fast as my imac!
  4. maxman

    Help Help Help

    Why is my mac book pro so slow, i just got it, its a 2.0 ghz, with 512 ram, and i used migration assistant to tranfer info from my imac g5, 1.8 ghz, with 1 gig ram. This thing is taking twice to 3 times long to open apps than my imac, and apps, freeze all the time! There seems to be alot of disk I O going on, and it seems to take a while to do it. Is it just that i need more ram, menu meters says i am not even using all of it. Whats going on!? Thanks MAx
  5. maxman

    My Mac Setup

    The speakers are pro audio studio monitors, they are really used in music studios. They are extremely accurate to whats being fed to them, it makes the sound so alive, they sound a bunch better than the ipod hifi, or any bose stuff, and they are only $300 each, (i got them on sale though), if you are an audio file (like me) and want some good accurate speakers, i would look in to some.
  6. maxman

    My Mac Setup

    Hey crew, here is a pic of my new mac set up (1) iMac G5 1.8Ghz 1Gig Ram (2) KRK Rokit 5 Sudio Monitors (amazing speakers!) (1) iSight (1) AKG Wireless Head Phone
  7. maxman

    Imac microphone

    This is pretty easy, i take it you are playing your music from itunes or a DJ program, thats cool, all you have to do is use a program called line in, (link at bottom) you just open that app and select the input as "built in audio Internal Mic", and the output as "built in audio line out" and just hit "pass through when you want to talk, and un select it when you are done, however the program does not have any volume control, so you will want to use system preferences to adjust the volume of your mic. Set up line in like this: Hope this helps, PM if you need any more help IN Christ MAx http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo...fo/macosx/18987
  8. maxman

    keynote on ipod

    well you can export your keynote to images, dump them in to an iphoto album and sync up and do it like that, otherwise, if you have an ipod video, you can export to a movie from keynote, but then the slides go after a set number of seconds, but you can get your animations and such. So either way you can get going Hope this helps In Christ Max
  9. maxman

    Please Help Me`

    Hey Guys, so i just got a new power book, and just cloned everything from my imac, (i plan to use both the macs for the pretty much the same things) the only thing is my e-mail, i have a gmail account and download it in to apple mail via pop3, but if one mac checks the gmail and downloads the messages then they are gone by the time the other mac checks, Any Ideas?' THANKS In Christ Max
  10. maxman

    17 Inch MacBook is Here!

    So if you look they pulled the 17" powerbook off. That's why i got my 17" Powerbook and Guitar Center for $1400, i guess they new it was about to be pulled hummm I really like the powerpc possessor, i think the intel is still buggy, thats why i like my power book, its knida like the tried and true champion, you know. Its knida sad to see PPC going away, i think it was a really good chip IN Christ MAx
  11. maxman

    What Should I Buy

    very ture, but the truth of the mater is i have $1000, i don't have $2000
  12. maxman

    What Should I Buy

    Hey Guys, I need a laptop, its gonna be a mac that's for sure, but i can't decide if i want a powerbook or a macbook, i mainly use apple apps, i don't use any adobe stuff, so the rosette thing is not a huge issue, but i know for a fact that the macbook renders audio and video in garageband and imovie about half as fast and the powerbooks (has something to do with a feature of the G4) and i am all about audio and video, i just don't have the money to get anything other than iLife. I may buy pro tools in a few years, but it should be universal by then. What do you guys think Thanks In Christ Max
  13. maxman

    It "hacking" frontrow wrong?

    hello again, in response to joshr's post i say this: The problem is you are looking at Christianity in a "what can i get away with" mind set, i understand why you are disgusted with mass religion because many churches have simply turned it in to following a set of rules and regulations. The truth is there is only one religion and there is only one God, God does not call us to "religion", he sent his son to die on the cross so that we could be free from sin, not so that we could have some list of rules, the problem is people's mindset. For me i look at it like this: "how much can a serve the God who sent his one and only son to give me life, and live abundantly, not to mention who has given me the promise of eternal life, how much can i serve him, and how far away from evil can i stay, and the brings be great joy, just the fact that i can serve the creator of the universe, and that he knows me personal and calls me his child!
  14. maxman

    It "hacking" frontrow wrong?

    hello all, its max, the guy who started what has been a very juicy discussion that i think has the wrong heading. The question at hand is not about front row, its about stealing software, after some basic though after posting that initial post, i realized that i was stealing software (by hacking frontrow) and immediately reformatted my mac. heres the deal, software is very easy to steal and it does not have that same guilty felling as stealing something tangible, but the truth is download Photoshop CS2 off of bit torrent is just like walking in to comp usa grabbing the box off of the shelf and putting it under your jacket, its wrong, sure it might not fell wrong cause you are just moving your mouse and clicking buttons, but i could use my mac to wire $2,000 in to my bank account from someone else's (if i knew how) and that is still stealing the money, just think if you have a copy of CS2, 1000 mp3s, and a few movies off of bit torrent, that is about $2,000 worth of stuff stolen! Now to the topic at hand, front row is a piece of software that is exclusive to the new intel macs, and the imac g5 with isight, it is not for use on other macs, and its not free, and its not for sale, i don't know how much its worth, but its worth something and just because its not for sale does not mean its not stealing if you take it, you would not walk in to that same comp usa and steal the display case, its not for sale, but its still stealing! so please don't steal software, or music, or movies, and get rid of stolen software and media on your hard drive. now i would like to address one other things, as you can see i am anti software hacking, but hardware hacking is different, in my opinion, if i hack my imac so that the vga port works thats no different then boring out the cylinders on my BWM, i am making it better, its mine and i can do what i want with it. now if i change my VIN number on my bwm so that i get free insurance, and don't have to pay for tabs, and get free oil changes, that is wrong. You guys see what i mean? Comments? Sorry to preach, but i wanted you guys to know how i fell and what i think about all this. In Christ Max