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  1. dvb


    I hate imovie 08 - how do you go back to the old version
  2. dvb

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    which one? help.. i need a new mouse
  3. dvb

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    which one? they have so many of them. do you have a SKU number?
  4. dvb

    Which iMac To Buy?

    Go for the bigger one with a larger harddrive.. it will help.
  5. what does adam use for this mac forum? is this the easiest one? i can not find one. i'm looking for either a free or paid one that is mac based.. and it has to be easy. thanks for th info.
  6. How do you tranfer the movies to a playstation portable? I use handbreak and mac the ripper. what do i do next?
  7. dvb


    What do you use to place video on to the PSP for a mac? i already know how to MacRipper and Handbreak. What do I do next? Help
  8. Not trying to do anything illegal. Trying to make a simple and basic DVD that plays automically when inserted into a player. I'm a high school football coach and we trade all games with other teams in the district and it was decided that trade with DVDs and not VHS tapes. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Is there a way to create a DVD with iDVD that uses no themes or menus? I want to create a very simple DVD that automatically plays when inserted into the player. I've tried researching this online, but have had trouble finding a solution to my problem. Many thanks in advance.
  10. what is the difference between Parallels’ and Boot Camp? i do not understand. sorry for the dumb question.
  11. dvb


    how do you use skype for interviews? they do it all of the time on your maccast and even the round table. How do you set it up? and how do you save it as a file? thanks
  12. dvb

    New Computer

    I just got a new iMAC Intel and my kids just to use my powerbook for the iTUNES. How do i make the iMAC the primary computer for three ipods and now how do i move all of the music and video my kids bought to the iMAC? so they can share. By they way, this maching is smoking awesome.
  13. dvb

    Turning off my iPod

    Rob, thanks for all the help. Followed the instructions on the Apple site and everything is working properly and I'm able to turn off my iPod. Thanks again
  14. dvb

    Turning off my iPod

    No, I reset my ipod by going into the settings menu and reset everything. I still can't turn it off by holding down the pause/play button. I tried holding the menu and play button, but no go, the screen just dims itself. Even used it with my USB brick and the screen only dims itself.
  15. Up until last night, my 5G iPod was working fine. Now all of a sudden, I can't turn it off. When I'm pressing the pause/play button, it doesn't want to turn off. They only thing it does is dim the screen and it still doesn't turn off. I tried to reset all the setting to my iPod and that didn't work. Can anyone offer any assistance to this? Thanks to all