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    Let's rock (you to sleep)

    the ipod event is usually separate anyway. the mac updates are rumored to be october 14, and november sometime.
  2. joe28753

    iPhone Email Push Stops Working

    i sent two test emails from my gmail to my mobileme. when my iphone is connected to wifi, it notifies me of the email about 15 seconds after i hit the send button on my mac. when i disable wifi, using 3G, my iphone notifies me about 7 seconds after i click send on my mac.
  3. joe28753

    Aug. 8, 1876: Edison Patents Mimeograph ...

    how bout that.. interesting. i guess i take modern technology for granted. now we dont even have to print handouts for class. my profs tell us to go to the class website for pdf's and if we want a hard copy, we print it ourselves.
  4. joe28753

    Bigger pictures

    you have selected a photo right? i dont mean to sound patronizing, but the only reason i can think of a photo being small on the iphone/ipod touch is because you've opened the photos app and you're presented with the group of photos. select one, then it will go full screen and you can use the two finger pinch to zoom in.
  5. joe28753

    Should I be worried?

    yes, the computer writes the contents of memory to the hd when going to sleep, which can take a long time if you have lots of ram. this is only important in the case that your battery runs out of juice or gets removed while the computer is asleep, as i understand it. if you're comfortable with the terminal, its possible to stop it from writing to the disc when going to sleep. type "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0" without quotes and enter password when prompted. then type "sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage" without quotes to remove the sleepimage file. be especially careful with the rm command and only do this if you're comfortable with terminal. i did this and now my computer sleeps and wakes in about 2 seconds. see this article for more info.
  6. joe28753

    AT&T Wireless network in the US was FUBAR this morning

    yea i'm not sure either. i didnt try making any calls this morning in minneapolis, but i had full bars and my 3G data was working fine all morning if that means anything.
  7. joe28753

    'Missing' audio on iBook G4

    does the audio work when you plug in headphones or speakers? if that works as expected, then i would assume something is affecting just the internal speaker; its possible its unplugged, but i'm not sure why restarting the computer used to fix the problem, because that would mean it was a software problem. maybe it didnt actually fix it, but the cable inside wiggled back and forth and you mistakenly thought restarting fixed it? and another thing, i doubt that the guy taking out the airport card also unplugged the speaker: the airport card is right under the keyboard, and the speaker wire is one more layer below that. he wouldnt have to go that deep inside the computer. if the headphones/speakers also dont work it could possibly be a sound driver issue which an archive and install might fix. the worst case scenario is that that the built in sound card on the logic board is bad, which i would think is pretty unlikely because your system profiler shows you have the built in audio.
  8. i'll probably just go to the mall of america early friday morning.. not sure exactly when. do any of you minneapolis people want to come with me?
  9. joe28753

    Sudden loss of all permissions in Mac OS X

    try repairing permissions. Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. click on your main internal hard drive one the left of the window, make sure you have the "first aid" tab selected, then click "repair disk permissions." you can also try doing this on your time machine drive, although that drive shouldnt affect your main drive's permissions. quick question: when you removed some folders from the time machine backup, did you do this within the time machine interface or did you manually browse to them in the finder? if you browse to time machine backups manually in the finder and remove them, that will mess things up. but even so, it shouldnt affect the main drive's permissions.
  10. joe28753

    Iphone 2.0 = Bricked iPhone

    my first tip is this: whenever you hack/jailbreak/modify anything so that you can use it outside of that company's boundaries, especially from apple, DO NOT upgrade the software (especially with the download that the very company you were trying to get around gives you). that said, the new 2.0 pwnage tool just came out, however it doesnt do unlocks yet. i'd say give it a week or so, and you'll be able to unlock the 2.0.
  11. joe28753

    How to donate money?

    the paypal donate button is at the very bottom of the main MacCast page under "Support Us".
  12. joe28753

    New to MOBILE ME, Not Apple/Mac

    not sure what to tell you, mobileme has been having a lot of problems since the rocky start last week (but i thought it was working now.. it is for me anyway). i emailed a question to mobileme support regarding contact syncing, and then just today, after about a week of waiting i get a response which is basically just an apology for the long response time as well as a link to the main support page for address book on the mac.. i was like.. uhhh.. what?? are they serious? they didnt even attempt to answer my question.. thanks, apple. perhaps they're still really busy getting mobileme 100% up and running.. but still, its annoying.
  13. joe28753

    Arthur Benjamin does "Mathemagic" ...

    my math prof taught us how to do the day of the week thing, but i don't remember.. didn't seem worth it to remember.. but there's an easy trick to it. and also, i've seen a lot of ways to do most of those other tricks in your head, its just hard to do them that fast. takes a lot of practice. that guy was very impressive, and also really funny. "i'm going to recap". hehe
  14. joe28753

    AT&T Free Wi-Fi for iPhone Users

    nope, it was another mistake
  15. joe28753

    anyone for some minneapolis iphone camping out?

    yea i got at MOA at about 6:30 am just to be sure i'd get the white one (i heard they were rare), but i didn't really care to be first in line again. when i got there, there were about 30 people in front of me. i got in and got the phone quickly and smoothly after the store opened. the only problem was the apple servers crashing and i couldnt get the phone to do anything until about 1pm. but its working fine now.
  16. joe28753

    Creating a Static Free Environment

    Well you can always get an antistatic wristband, but i've never used them and i havent had problems. just dont walk around on carpet with socks and then touch the board. before you touch the board make sure you touch the chassis or a main metal part that is not one of the boards, just to make sure the static is discharged.
  17. joe28753

    Google Maps Locate WAY off!!!

    no my actual maps seem to work fine, but one of the apps i was using that used my "current location" said i was in seattle, but i'm in minneapolis.. not sure if that was just some default for the app that didnt get its value changed or if it somehow acquired the wrong position. i blame it on that app. but yea thats weird, its expected to be a little bit off or maybe even a couple blocks or something, but 1000 miles off is not right. not sure what the problem is though.
  18. joe28753

    Ipod touch firmware 2.0

    heh, yea, thats why i didnt include the link, i read that it was indeed for iphone only. what did happen, though? just an error message when trying to install? or did it eff up the touch?
  19. joe28753

    Ipod touch firmware 2.0

    the update for iphone is on their servers now, just not in the software update. unfortunately none for touch i believe. this is turning out to be a pretty rough launch, especially the mobileme taking over 24 hours. but hey, its only 2AM i california, so they still have all day to release everything.
  20. joe28753

    Upgrading my SATA controller in my G5?

    well you wouldnt replace circuits on the actual logic board. no one does that, pretty sure. in theory, you'd get a raid controller card like the one sold for the mac pro, but the specs i found for your computer says its got 33MHz PCI slots, and as far as i can tell, definitely too slow and old to use the fastest raid available. there are raid cards you can get, but probably wont be any faster than the software raid you're using now.
  21. joe28753

    AT&T charges for any use of iPhone GPS

    well exactly, they cant charge for access to gps satellites, but all the gps does is tell the device the current location. on certain phones they can charge for the use of a turn-by-turn service which includes the data transfer required to get maps etc. like i said, i'm pretty sure its irrelevant on iphone because iphone has google map software using the required iphone data plan.
  22. joe28753

    Limit Folder Sizes

    not sure of how to actually limit folder sizes, but if you're just trying to span a bunch of files over multiple discs, try burning with Disco. i've used it a couple times for that.
  23. joe28753

    AT&T charges for any use of iPhone GPS

    i cant confirm or deny that that's true. all i can say is that the gps fee is not mentioned in any official press release as of yet, and usually when you talk to plain employees at a retail store with no actual inside knowledge, they usually have no idea what they're talking about. my guess is that the google maps/gps functionality is included.
  24. joe28753

    Apple Store or AT&T Store

    I think most the at&t stores sell iphones and can help you out with the family plan stuff, just not the kiosks at malls and such. But to be sure, just call them in advance.
  25. joe28753

    Apple Store or AT&T Store

    the apple stores will sell the iphones, with the only limitation being you must get the consumer data plan, as opposed to the enterprise data plan. also, they wont be able to activate a non-iphone even if it is at&t, so you're right, if you'll be activating your son's non-iphone, go to the at&t store.