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  1. Walter Koch

    Video on MBP

    DolphBucs, Thanks for the response. [Next dumb questions in a series I'm sure] A DVD player would hook right to my MBP? and then handbrake would rip it to the hard drive? Walt
  2. Walter Koch

    Video on MBP

    Hello everyone I have another newbie question for you. I have a camcorder (panasonic) mini DVD and wanted to know how to get the video to my MBP so that I can try Imovie ('08). On with the questions. Can I put the mini DVD in my super drive? Wasn't sure if it would get stuck because it is smaller. I know on a regular "slide out" drive there is a smaller circle in the tray where it fits. The camera also has a AV out port (no firewire or usb ports unfortunately) could I use this to import the video to my MBP? If so what type of cord would I need and would I be able to buy it at Radio Shack? Thanks in advance for any help with this and if this is in the wrong section let me know. Walt
  3. Walter Koch

    saving more than 1 episode of padcast on ITouch

    Jlambo, Thank you for your response. I have all ready tried syncing only checked songs and videos, it will only save one episode at a time as I remember it. I would like to be able to save 3 or 4 episodes to my Ipod so I can go back to them with out having to hook up my Ipod to my computer and re-synch it everytime I want to change an episode. Walt
  4. Greetings, I have recently begun listening to coffee break spanish podcast on my itouch (2g). I am trying to find out how I can save more than 1 episode to my Ipod at a time with out saving all of them to my ipod. I manually check around 3 episdoes at a time but when I synch it, it only saves the most recent one. Not sure if there is a way to do this or not and when I used the search function I didn't find anything. Walt
  5. Walter Koch

    Down load folder on dock

    DolphBucs, Thanks for the input, I all ready am listening to the maccast and the typical mac user, I will have to try Leo's MacBreak Weekly as I all ready listen to his Tech Guy show. I might check out the book as well. Walt
  6. Walter Koch

    Down load folder on dock

    Apple Geek, Thanks for the tip. I figured it would be something simple. I will try this when I get home. yes I meant a apple retail store. Walt
  7. Walter Koch

    Down load folder on dock

    Hi all, I am a new mac user. I recently purchased a "old" MBP 15" and am trying to learn to use it and get the most out of it. On the dock at the far right there were 2 folders/stacks?, Downlods and another (can't remember the name of it) somehow I either deleted these or hid them. (I know this sounds stupid) Any idea how to get them back? I used the search function on this forum in the hopes of not bothering you guys and gals with a dumb question but did not find anything. Also I was considering signing up for the mac classes at my local store $99. Is this a good deal? I guess the classes are an hour each and depending on availability you can take one each week for a year. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Walt