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    Google Plus?

    Would very much appreciate an invite for google+ if anyone has extras. Thx. Neils@mdjd.com
  2. nsteinmetz

    Repair aluminum cinema display

    I have a 30" vintage 2006-2007 apple aluminum cinema display on which backlight brightness won't adjust and which shows flickering. Apple wants $499 minimum to send it our for repair. Does anyone know a third party repair source that might be less expensive but up to the task. I suspect that at worst the problem would be a monitor logic board replacement, although it could be a lesser backlight power or control component.
  3. nsteinmetz

    Drive docks, network attached storage etc.

    I've had similar difficulty booting from an external Firewire/USB enclosure (Ultra mini portable) using a clone made with Carbon Copy Cloner that was recognized by Tiger as a potential start-up disc. At first I thought the problem had something to do with CCC, but I then put the same hard disk in a LaCie Firewire enclosure and it booted normally. I think this represents a firmware problem in the Ultra Firewire module, but I have been unable to find an update to fix the problem. Too bad, since this is a small, light-weight enclosure that would be good for travel.
  4. Although Wiebetech does offer a $150 Firewire dock for bare IDE drives, it is rather bulky and is more expensive than most Firewire housings that can serve the same purpose. What I am looking for is a lightweight, inexpensive firewire version comparable to the $25 Newertech USB 2.0 adapter cable for bare disks. My primary need is for 3.5" IDE,but I note that the Newertech product actually includes bundles ATA and SATA and 3.5" and 2.5" adapters in their $25 product.
  5. I have used carbon copy cloner to create rotating bootable clone back-ups using bare ATA drives connected using a USB 2.0 to ATA adapter similar to the Newer Technologies USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter mentioned on the Maccast except that mine is ATA only (only an issue if you need to use a SATA drive since the speed is limited by USB in either case). This works well for me except that my iMac G5 won't boot from a back-up drive when it is connected via USB. I have confirmed that the cloned drives created with a USB adapter are bootable when they are placed in a bootable Firewire enclosure, but this requires purchase of a suitable enclosure (some brands won't boot due to firmware issues) and is inconvenient. Does anyone know if there is a comparable firewire to ATA (+/- SATA) adapter available, and if so whether it supports Firewire booting?
  6. nsteinmetz

    K7.net and Safari

    After hearing about K7 on the Maccast I signed up for an account and have run into a problem listening to messages on the K7 web site using Safari. When I click "check for messages" on the voicemail.K7.net web site, I get an error message saying "Cannot open the file. Verify that the path and filename are correct and try again." I can save the message to disk and it plays externally in Windows media player, but the embedded windows media controls within the web page are not functional. Unfortunately the K7 site does not address this issue in their FAQs and does not seem to offer other tech support. I am using an iMac G5 with OS 10.4.3, Safari 2.0.2, and have reinstalled Windows Media Player 9.0 for Mac OS X. If Adam or other users have had success with K7 voicemail using a similar setup, I would appreciate any advice as to what I need to do to make it work. Thanks. Neil Steinmetz nsteinmetz(nospam)mdjd.com