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  1. vintagegeek

    iPhoto issues and transfer

    I have an i7 MacBook Pro and iPhoto takes too long to boot to screen where you can begin doing things. I'm running 10.9 Mav by the way. I'm over 7000 photos now. I've reached the point where I may just have to create multiple libraries. Just don't know how I would sync to iPad and iPhone from 3 libs. Have to research that. I wish I knew what iPhoto is doing at boot up that takes so long. Perhaps there'd be a way to bypass something.
  2. vintagegeek

    Facebook won't load in any browser

    Have you tried clearing all cache? Also, setup another account on your Mac via Accounts preferences. Login to that account and see if your problems stop. Having a fresh, untarnished account has helped me often. If it works without issue there then it's not the browser per se.
  3. On my iPhone all the Video Podcasts are automatically categorized as Videos instead of Podcast so you have to go back and forth. Is there any way to change the default handling of Video Podcasts so they go to Podcasts instead of Videos? I subscribe to about a dozen Video Podcasts so I need a default setting. Can't change them one a a time everyday. Running iOS5 on iPhone 4 (right now). Thanks
  4. vintagegeek

    Events Syncing to iPad

    When I upgraded to 4.2.1 on my iPad my Photo Events are in no particular order. They use to be in alphabetical order. Anyone know of a fix for this? There are no preferences on iPad or in iPhoto 09 for sort order.
  5. vintagegeek

    iPads and Airline Sites

    How do the airline sites fair with the iPad? USAirways, United, America, Delat etc.
  6. Here is my problem: many times I add just add one photo at a time to iPhoto. It creates an event for each import. Is there a way to 1) disable iPhoto from creating events or 2) collapse multiple events into 1 bigger event. I've tried giving the same name to multiple events but iPhoto isn't smart enough to group them into one event so I get 5 events titled "Family Pics 1970s". If there was a way to drag and drop pictures into an event on the left panel (like for albums that would be of some help). Also, since I have so many events...is there a way to select all in the syncing menu and then deselect the ones you don't want synced...if you say select all its checks them and greys them out. The selection drop down menu for events really sucks in my opinion. Its all or none or by months in the past. The interface for syncing is awful...its should be a listing like in the finder, where you can drag and select the albums or events you want to see synced. The scrolling up and down on a laptop is really a screwy exercise.
  7. vintagegeek

    iPad Movies - Streaming and Heat

    Hi. Does anyone havany observations regarding heat from the iPad after watching a movie or a streaming video? p?
  8. Is there anything special I need to know to direct connect my AppleTv to my MacBook. I assume an ethernet cable and change some settings on the AppleTV. I want to be able to transfer a lot of video content quickly. Thanks Chris
  9. vintagegeek

    Mac Mini very slow

    If you literally just installed it today it may be reindexing your entire drive. This sucks up cpu and takes hours. Do you have a CPU monitor on the system to tell you how much is being used? You can try Menu Meters or iStat Nano. This can tell you if your cpu is being really over used. You may also want to look at the programs that start up when you login and the Activity Monitor to see what programs are running. It may be trying to run old programs not compatible with Snow Leopard. VG
  10. vintagegeek

    Software Update & 10.5.7

    You are not alone in the bar stopping at 75%. I cancelled the update a number of times. Then I just finally left it on for 20-30 minutes and it finished. VG
  11. vintagegeek

    Time Machine Backup for MacBook

    I have a MacBook and I just plug my 500GB USB external drive into the MacBook once per day. The MacBook sees the drive and will run the backup. I would not do this over a network. Infinitely slow. When I want to eject the USB drive I usually turn off the Time Machine in the preferences, which I have open so I can see the progress, then I eject the drive. No real issues in the last 6 months. VG
  12. I heard about Connect360 from Tim Verporten's podcast and it struck a cord since I've wanted to play movies from my MacBook through my HDTV without buying another piece of hardware. Here are my notes on how we did it. Pretty simple if your xbox is already on the Internet. Want to Play your media from your Mac Computer to your TV. Use Connect360 from NullRiver. [ http://www.nullriver.com/ ] I wanted to do this since I only had one HDMI port on my HDTV and my sons xbox had claimed it. I’d love to have a Mac Mini but it has no HDMI and with the Apple TV there’s the xbox HDMI conflict. Anyway, all you need to do is connect your xbox to your router (I wired it directly with an ethernet cable). Then download Connect360 from NullRiver. Unzip it. Then double click on the connect360prefpane from the unzip. This will ask you if you want to install Connect 360. Yes is obviously the answer. If your xbox is already on the Internet for xbox live your router already knows about it. So with your xbox on, double click the connect 360 prefpane icon so it appears on your desktop. Then click the start button. It will find Music, Video and other items in your Mac and iTunes Lib. It will only list a few so you can demo it. All items will become available when you buy connect360 and register it. From here you open the Media selections on the xbox, select videos or music. You select and play using the xbox controller. You do nothing with the Mac computer. If this is the first time your connecting the xbox to the Internet via your router you’ll have to go through numerous xbox menu selections and account setup with xbox live to get to the point where you can actually play the movies from your Mac. My son did all of this for us since this was the first time we allowed him with the xbox on the net. I’m sure all this is documented in the xbox world somewhere. He didn’t need a manual. Somehow he just knew. Through this process he had to download xbox video upgrades to allow movies to be played. They are all free. The xbox menus were easy to follow. Once all the downloads were done we could play the items in the libraries. My MacBook actually showed up as a Device to Connect to for media. Select it and everything is there. After sampling the movie “8 Legged Freaks” from my iTunes Lib and a few other items from my Mac I elected to buy and register. This went flawlessly. You can pay with Paypal. You instantly are taken to NullRIver where your activation code appears on your screen. Just copy and paste this into the Connect360prefpane screen within the register function and your instantly activated and Connect360 begins to index all of your libraries; movies, photos and music. Then you’re off and running. Couple things: Make sure you know or ask your kids how to manage the video and music player controls via the xbox handheld device. It actually becomes quite second nature. If you've played DVDs via the xbox then you already know. Also, we first tried to connect xbox to our Airport Express Access point via ethernet cable and thought we could hop to the Apple Extreme Router and then the net. No can do. We received “not connected” type messages from the xbox no matter what we did. We’ll buy a wireless adapter for the xbox soon to eliminate the cable. I’ll update the blog after we try it. One last note. We actually did all this through a standard definition SDTV television and the picture is just great.
  13. vintagegeek

    Mail is crashing after firmware update install

    You may have a couple of different issues. If it's a new MacBook call AppleCare or...you should check the Apple forums on Apple's site. They have a couple sections dedicated to the Firmware Upgrades by computer model. VG
  14. vintagegeek

    Windows writer

    Try out Parallels for Mac. I assume you have a version of Windows you can install. That way you don't have to reboot.
  15. vintagegeek

    No audio in QT or Real Player

    As far as audio goes you should add the PERIAN plugin to your system. You can usually find it at mac.majorgeeks.com. However, I've found this does not always work with some AVI files and sometimes I have to resort to using VLC...which I'm finding surpasses Quicktime in so many ways. For Apple being known for Audio and Video they sure fall short with Quicktime. Now, if you want to get your file converted for iPod - mp4 from that AVI format with audio go get iSquint. It is free and I have used it a number of times to successfully convert the AVIs with audio issues to mp4s with audio. Its free and very fast too. VG