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  1. Recently, I had to install a new harddrive in my 12 in G4 powerbook. Since then, when I try and connect via airport to my desktop by using the keyboard shortcut (shift-apple-K), nothing happens other than the "Go" menu flashes. To reach the shared drive in my desktop, I have to click on my powerbook drive icon, and then on the network icon to see the shared drive under the network icon. If I use the shift-apple-K combo when the harddrive window is open, the shared drive icon is replace by another network icon to the right of the right of the network icon - and the right network icon does not link to the network drive. I have a clean install of 10.4 which is updated to 10.4.10. I tried re-applying the updater but there was no change in the behavior. Something is broken with the networking but I can't seem to find what is different compared to before I replaced the HD, when shift-apple-K would link to the network drive. Thanks, dytis
  2. Recently, I've tried to get HamachiX to install on my G4 Powerbook. However, when I try to add the system services, I find the below error. Anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this problem? Thanks
  3. dytis

    Add note to Mail message?

    Ok, so I searched around some more and found MailTags, which pretty much filled my need (http://www.indev.ca/MailTags.html). It adds a side panel to Mail where I can type a note, and better yet it allows the note to appear as the subject line of the message, so I can see my note just by looking through the list of messages. There are also other features like linking messages to iCal and projects, keywords, etc., but I didn't look into these features as I just wanted to add a note. Seems to be stable and well written. I've used it now for a couple of weeks and not encountered any problems. dytis
  4. I'm looking for a way to append a note onto Mail messages so I can document follow up information about the message - not to send back to the sender, but for my own use when I look at the message again in a year I have the follow up info attached to the message. There was apparently an program AppendNote in the past, but it's from 2003 and the download site now blocks downloads. AppendNote seems like what I'm looking for but I couldn't find an equivalent. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. dytis

    1st gen iPod low-level format?

    Because I couldn't find any other solutions, I eventually formatted the iPod with DiskUtility. DU warns you that you will disable some (unspecified) functionality on the iPod, but I forged ahead - the unexpected pauses in the middle of songs had gotten too much for me to take. DU formatted the hard drive, and the iPod mounted on the desktop. When I used the restore function (several times) in the new iTunes, the software went though the motions but never actually restored the iPod software to the iPod - the iPod would just mount as an firewire disk. I ran the software updater manually which did restore the software, and then used iTunes to restore the iPod. However, there was no effect on the pausing. The pauses don't happen at a predictable time, so it seems like sometimes things are OK and sometimes not. I assume that there must be some hardware problem in the iPod, which is too bad as it is still a useful device.
  6. dytis

    1st gen iPod low-level format?

    I thought of this, but read several posts in various places that this was not a good idea - apparently the iPod restore software will not recognize the iPod as an iPod after it's been formatted as a hard drive with diskutility.
  7. I have one of several hundred purchased tracks that suddenly stopped playing - on my desktop machine and both iPods. When I click on the song, nothing happens in iTunes - the song highlites, but doesn't play or generate any message. On the iPods, the play will immediately skip to the next song in the list when the track comes up for play or when I click on the track. According to iTunes, I played the song 2 weeks ago, and I have a backup DVD of the track from June. I tried to use the "Restore" function in iTunes but that never seemed to work - instructions say put disk in with iTunes open, and a dialog will open to allow you to restore, but this never happens. Maybe because I made the DVD with the previous version of iTunes (seems like Apple should have though about this, but maybe not. The restore instructions for iTunes 6 is different than iTunes 7). Anyway, the tracks are on the DVD which does mount in iTunes, so I deleted the troublesome track from iTunes and dragged the song back into the library from the DVD. iTunes copied the song back into my library, but it has the same behavior - will not play. The backup was from a time that I'm sure that the song would play OK, so I'm at a loss to explain why the new copy will not play. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, dytis
  8. I have a 1st gen iPod from 2001 that I still use daily. However, it has beginning to pause or skip occasionally, even when on my desk. I assume that the disk is having trouble reading data from the drive. I've restored the iPod with the apple utility but there was no effect in the pause behavior. I assume that them must be some bad sectors on the disk causing problems. Is there any way to perform a low-level format on the drive, and would this help the skipping? Anyone have any software repair suggestions other than the Apple software? I would rather not invest too much money in this, as it is a old, abused iPod. Thanks, dytis
  9. dytis

    Airport video playback hesitates??

    The mini is actually connected to the basestation through wired ethernet. I turned on the airport in the mini just to test the peer-to-peer. There must be less over head with the peer-to-peer, though, as it plays OK. I don't believe the peer-to-peer is secured from what I can tell, though, and I don't want to leave the airport turned on on the mini. I also don't know what kind of range it would have, either, as I didn't test other than a few feet away from the mini. I also tried playing back some video via iTunes over the wireless network, and it woked pretty well - but the files are significantly smaller with the iTunes videos.
  10. dytis

    Airport video playback hesitates??

    No, as I said in the original post I'm using WPA 2, and turning off the security completely did not solve the problem. Thanks though, dytis
  11. dytis

    Airport video playback hesitates??

    Which show? And why does creating a peer-to-peer network avoid the problem (other than leaving the basestation out of the mix)? Thanks
  12. Hope someone can help with this. I have an eyeTV device hooked to a Mac Mini that records shows to an external firewire drive. I also have a 12 PB that I (try to) use to watch the recorded shows. I have the eyeTV software loaded on the PB, and mount the drive with the recorded shows on the desktop of the PB. When I connect via my hardwired etherenet, playback is fine. However, when I connect with the airport, playback hesitates about every 3 seconds, so much that it's really not wachable. I've tried turning off the WPA 2 security (no effect), increasing the multicase rate (perhaps a small decrease in heistation, but not much), using inteference robustness (much worse), changing the channel (no effect) to try and alleviate the hesitation. Interestingly, the mini also has an airport (both g cards) and if I create a peer to peer network, playback is without hesitation. Anyone have any ideas about how to discover the cause and fix the problem? I would really rather watch the playback via the secured WiFi network.
  13. dytis

    Word Framework X broken?

    Ok, so I figured out the problem. I thought that the permissions to the Framework X file were the problem. However, it was the permission for the users/XXXXX/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office X identies/xxxxx files that were the problem. The identity file needs read/write privileges to prevent the error on opening Word.
  14. dytis

    Word Framework X broken?

    I recently decided to follow the advice to make my daily log in account a non-administrator account, and set up a second administrator account. However, now when log into my standard account and open Word, there is an error box about being an error opening the Framework X file. This file must have something to do with teh address book, which does not appear to work. When I log in as the Admin, Word works fine so the error must have soemthing to do with permissions. I tried repairing permissions a couple of times without effect. Searching around on the net indicates that if the Framework X file is locked, it will generate this error, but my file is not locked, which makes me believe it has something to do with read/write permissions. From the file info, my non-admin account has read/write permission for the Framework file. Any ideas? Thanks, dytis OSX 10.4.5
  15. dytis

    Wireless Trackball or other Mouse Substitute

    I, too, have wanted to use a wireless keyboard to control a Mac connected to a large TV, but havn't found a good solution. Some of the PC media center computers have keyboards that have an integrated scroll ball in the keyboard, such as this HP device: http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping...e1/category_PDP I've not been able to find one of the keyboards sold seperately, nor what technology they use to connect to the PC. At some time, I believe I've seen a keyboard with a mouse pad integrated in the bottom (like a laptop), but don't recall if it was wired or wireless. I also couldn't find anything like this when I looked recently. A single keyboard/mouse combo would be the best solution, if there is one that would connect to a Mac.