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  1. karinlord

    SMS notification for voicemail

    Yup, Rogers is publicaly traded. I will definitely look into the stock thing. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. karinlord

    SMS notification for voicemail

    I run a 3G iPhone on the Fido/Rogers network. If I miss a call, I get the "... missed call" on the login page of the iPhone. That is fine - and helpful. Unfortunately, I also get an SMS from Fido/Rogers for each voicemail left. This means when I get to my phone I have to go into SMS and cancel however many SMS's I have floating around letting me know about each voicemail left. It is a completely redundant time consuming exercise. I called Fido/Rogers to have them stop this service (already got rid of the "WhoCalled" service which does the same thing which had the effect of giving me 2 SMS messages for every missed call). I was informed by customer service and tech support that my request was "impossible" and "no one would want to do that because then they might miss a very, very important phone call". I was told I would not be allowed to speak with anyone about my concerns, that I could leave a complaint, but would not be allowed to dictate the complaint, receive a copy of the complaint, nor expect a call-back on my complaint. I was told that I could drop VisualVoicemail and then would not receive the SMS message (although then I was told that was a feature of regular voicemail as well again because "no sane person would want to miss an important message" and "if we did that we would get lots of complaints of people missing messages"). From my review of the discussion boards this does not seem to be an issue on the AT&T and other systems - so it is something that Rogers/Fido is doing. Anyone have any ideas on how I can stop these unhelpful and time wasting SMS messages? Is there some app out there? Some process? Any ideas? Thanks all!
  3. karinlord

    how to have multiple address books?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys . I was hoping I had just missed a bit of software somewhere that could help me out - but it looks like I will have to go with the alternate account approach as I really don't want all these names in my core address book.
  4. karinlord

    how to have multiple address books?

    Thanks Huskermn, but I am really looking for a program to give me multiple addressbooks (like we can have multiple iPhoto Libraries) as neither Pages nor Numbers handle labels within their own programs (unlike Word/Excel). Both utilize Address Book (a mySQL database I believe) to store the information.
  5. I am part of a club, and want to enter the club members into an address book so I can print mailing labels. for a variety of reasons I do not want to put the club members information into my main address book. Is there any way to set up separate address books? If there is nothing in the Mac OS X system, is there additional software I can get which can manage this? Thanks
  6. karinlord

    A Few Quick Questions

    You don't have to go through each one individually to convert them to Pages. Instead you can set Pages to be the default to open all your Word documents and leave it at that. If you later open a Word document and look at in Pages, the default is to then save that document in Pages form (unless you force an export to Word). You do end up with a Word and Page's version of the documents opened - but if you have a lot of documents, and most are of historical value, this is a more practical way to go. All your new documents will be Pages, the old ones will be Word unless opened for some reason in Pages, and a few will be duplicated. To set Pages to be the default to open Word documents: 1. Control Click on any document 2. Select "Get Info" 3. Under the "Open with" tag change your selection to "Pages" 4. Under that click on the button saying "Change All". For the mail issue check out this resource: http://guides.macrumors.com/Moving_Email_f...k_to_Apple_Mail
  7. karinlord

    Problems with Parallels!

    You can also ask your question on the Parallels forum boards at: http://forum.parallels.com/
  8. karinlord

    Disk repair?

    Sometimes it does. I believe the record reported on "Security Now" by a listener writing in was 3 months. I have no idea why the listener let it go that long, but he did, and had pretty much full data recovery. Most of the time it is hours or a day or two - but it can be longer.
  9. karinlord

    Office 2008 vs iWork

    Thank-you. It is working now. And I added a little automator so that when I click on the icon for Pages it also executes the autosave script (same for Numbers and Keynote).
  10. karinlord

    Office 2008 vs iWork

    I am using iWork'08 and Leopard fully patched. No dumb questions - just potential of problem between directions given and my ability to use those directions accurately <g>. So I went back and clicked on the "autosave iPages" script I have saved in Applications. I got a little white and black checked beachball which goes away if I click on any open window. I have confirmed the script is running (icon shows in dock). I have opened Pages to a blank page and left it running for more than enough time - but no save screen comes up.
  11. karinlord

    Office 2008 vs iWork

    Thanks for doing this up Graham. I did try the applescript floating around the boards for autosave but found it a bit iffy. So I followed your instructions, turned on "enable access" for assistance devices Cut and paste your script into ScriptEditor Did File->Save As (called it autosaveiPages), saved it in Applications as a File Format "Application Bundle" and had only "Stay Open" option (I am guessing that is what you meant by "stay in background option" - I couldn't find that), and unchecked Startup Screen So then I ran a test. Opened Pages, and typed in a line. I did save the document manually, then added another line. Waited 15 minutes and hit "force quit" (to mimic a system or program shutdown without a manual save). Then I reopened the document. It did not come up with the additional text which I thought would have appeared with the autosave script you wrote. Where am I going wrong? Thanks.
  12. karinlord

    Office 2008 vs iWork

    While I think iWork '08 is great - and have been using for work reports and graduate papers, it does not have an autosave feature. It is important to be aware of this and get into the habit of saving manually on a regular basis.
  13. karinlord

    Text Wranger

    WebCT is a dark and evil land as far as I am concerned. There used to be "satisfaction surveys" after each of my courses which asked questions about the prof, assignments, discussions, and online interface (i.e. WebCT). I notice the school has now dropped the section asking about on-line interface. Given the amount of troubleshooting I did for fellow students I can make a fair guess they no longer wanted to hear the complains. For the longest time only 1-2 year old versions of online browsers would work (it completely choked on Firefox, and actively recommended using Explorer 6 as little as 9 months ago). My current issue is being unable to download the templates and paper examples for my upcoming comprehensive exams. I do not think I should be forced to boot into Parallels/Windows in order to access my coursework - but that was the case until recently. So Graham, if you get your courseroom management system working nice, let me know. I'll make introductions for you to my university for the sake of future students!
  14. karinlord

    iCal problem in Leopard

    Hello Scott, I see you have been bouncing around various forums including Apple Support looking for an answer on this. I think if all these places are not able to help (and our usual gurus have not responded to you here) I think a call to AppleCare might be your best bet.
  15. karinlord

    Leopard Airport Wireless Network Printing

    Have you tried doing a complete reinstall of Leopard? For various reasons I am on my 3rd reinstall. The first was the Tiger to Leopard change over which had serious issues with Azureus causing ongoing kernel panics. Eventually that was fixed by 10.5.2. I then hosed Leopard fiddling about with too many things resulting in a second re-install which somehow "went bad" (great technical term there) during the installation process - the outcome was all kinds of issues (such as you described). On AppleCare support advice I did a complete reformat-reinstall and since then things have been fine.