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  1. Hi all, For users who may have been using Twist, the on my way/eta app, you may have noticed it's stopped working. The software developers have closed and shut down. Is anyone aware of an app that does similar things to Twist (basically share my eta with people I select and automatically update my estimated time of arrival if I am delayed and let them know when I get close or when I leave etc) - without interaction from me (texting or using iPhone whist driving is illegal here)? I've looked and some possible candidates aren't available in my iTunes store (Australia). Not a fan of Glympse (tried it before and after Twist - it's not what I want), Scout for iPhone is US only (and seems to involve a subscription service which I don't want). Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Which RSS Reader are you going to?

    I was using Reeder but since Google turned off it's reader thingy, I've been without a reader. Don't know which to try, I did install Fresh Feed and it's pro version but not yet liking it (can't export out of Reeder as far as I can work out), the free version of Fresh Feed won't import (I have to input each rss feed manually so not liking that), the Pro version isn't importing my google feed and I can't grab it from Reeder either with the Pro version. Would like a drop down menu form with notification centre compatibility, what would others suggest?
  3. RSS Menu extension for Safari 6

    The bit where you select a feed and get the 3 options - although perhaps my feeds are all empty. For example, in another news reader (ireader), shows that there are 10 unread articles in feed://news.com.com/2547-1_3-0-5.xml but I can't seem to get that to appear in the rss extension. I thought I may have missed a step in the installation, that is all. I'm also still looking for a suitable replacement for Safari RSS reading ability (I must admit I did like having all my news, info etc all being in one application). I also think I'd like to use the notification centre to get all my notifications for new articles/stories appearing in feeds.
  4. RSS Menu extension for Safari 6

    Can you list a step by step instructions? For some reason I can't get any audio for your video (even when I download it and play it though something else) - I don't know why it won't play audio.
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to set a mail message to high priority via an applescript? I've googled a bit and I've read that it's not possible. Background: I have a old iSight hooked up to my mac and a motion detecting program running. When it detects motion I want it to email me (I'd also like to look at using messages once it's out of beta to send an sms via applesript but that can wait till Mountain Lion comes out) using mail and set the message to high priority. I can get it to send an email message using the script below but would like to set the priority to high. Or should I look at creating an automator script and do it that way (if that makes sense). Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. James. tell application "Mail" set theNewMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"Motion detected at home!!", content:"there is a url here", visible:true} tell theNewMessage make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {address:"blah@blah.com"} send end tell end tell
  6. Hi All, I resorted to marking the emails high priority when I receive them at work. The alarm app (Witness by Orbicule if anyone is interested) sends a message to my mobile device (a work provided iPhone). But due to work turning off the data part of the plan, I only get the messages when I'm in range of a wireless network I have access to- *pout*. I'll look into the sms applescript after Mountain Lion comes out because I may get a personal iPhone (but much later in the year) after iOS 6 comes out. Thanks for the suggestions. CYa! James.
  7. How does one determine what application or process is using the iPod? I've got a classic (5th gen I think) iPod that occasionally I can't eject either from the desktop (despite the option being turned off) or from in iTunes because another application is using it according to iTunes and the Finder. How do I work out what that application is so I can turn it off or stop it from accessing the iPod so I can eject, sync or restore it?
  8. Ignore ping settings?

    My mind is a bit vague but I thought I remembered a setting to ignore ping requests (or something similar) in OS X. Can anyone remember if there was, and where I can find it now to turn it on? (or if not, what happened to it - I think it was a check box rather than a command).
  9. Should I try to delete iTunes' settings to see of that fixes the problem? Which file should I remove? Perhaps the settings file is playing up.
  10. It is switched off. Although sometimes it forgets and goes back to manual music management and disk mode. As I then reset so just the top 2 options are set, turn off the movies and tv shows it wants to erase and sync my music because it says that it is synced to another computer. Sometimes I just want to eject the ipod and head out and don't have time for it to erase and sync. It's like iTunes forgets the settings. It doesn't happen every time but it happens enough that it's annoying. Sometimes after having plugged my iPod into a speaker system (alarm clock, though the adapter at the bottom) it has this problem.
  11. Hmmmm, sometimes it appears to be an app that should be unrelated to the iPod. Is there an app/on line resource that may tell you what is going on or who likely culprits are?
  12. Mac aquariuam Kits

    Does anybody know of any company that ships iMac (and older all in one macs) aquarium kits internationally? (By international I mean ship to Australia). There is a guy in Australia that does the all in one mac kits but he is on the other side of the country and won't ship them anywhere (says that risk of kits being broken is high). I'd have to take the macs there personally and bring them back - bit expensive just for aquariums/terrariums. I have a blueberry imac that has past its use by date (well it won't start and the original owner just wanted to get rid of it) and a couple of really old 12" macs and want to have a go at turning them into terrariums or aquariums.
  13. Mac aquariuam Kits

    I'd look at getting one but it's not useful in Australia. (I don't want to have extra transformers/adapters etc)
  14. Is it correct to say that it won't work on a Mac Pro Early 2008 model? It looks like the answer is no. Does anyone think Apple might look at working so it will work on the older machines?
  15. Parental Control issues

    Anyone had any problems with parental controls and a way to fix the following. I've set up an account for a 6yo (was 5 when I first set it up) after he woke the computer up one morning whilst I was still asleep and found some pictures of him in iPhoto and managed to post them on facebook (I don't think he knew what he was doing - and he's never repeated the performance - wrath have no fury like an annoyed uncle but I digress). I've only allowed the dvd player, calculator and a game he likes. No internet or other programs. Surely this should stop other programs wanting access or permission to be used. I recently upgraded my hard drives and all over again things like little snitch, google upgrade or something, about 20 items (maybe more) suddenly wanted always allow, allow once or ok. If I click ok the message goes away but comes back soon after, if I allow once it goes away till the message comes back or he logs in next time. I shouldn't have to do the always allow because I never allowed whatever the application that wants access in the first place. Any suggestions?
  16. Parental Control issues

    Tech tool pro isn't the only one that pops up. There are others, this time it was the first and I just logged out before the others appeared. Even Little Snitch wants permission. I can deleted the programs that have been given access (remove them from the protected account, and then write down all the ones that appear).
  17. Parental Control issues

    Just tried logging in with only the managed account logged in (from a start up), and it did ask for permission. It was asking for Techtoolpro agent or something. I logged out before other messages appeared. It appears to still be asking for permission. Should I take a shot of the message screen to give clues to what it might be?
  18. Parental Control issues

    I'll try it with just the parental account logged in. In the past I'm still logged in but not the active account.
  19. Parental Control issues

    I'm not worried about browsing the web etc, nor hours that he can use the computer. All that has been fixed. What I'd like to do is stop the applications that I use trying to get permission to run whilst he is using it. He can only play dvds, play a game he likes, and as off this past weekend, use pages to practice writing/typing. Some apps which I have not selected, ask for permission, and I'd rather the system stop them from running or not display their alert boxes. I've already got Simple finder etc set up. I may be still logged in whilst he is using it but he can't get into my area and doesn't know my password.
  20. I'm having trouble connecting to a specific website that I used to go to regularly but not 100% sure when the problem started. The website is www.playbillvenues.com, its the site of a group of entertainment venues. I used to be able to visit and see information there. I'm looking to find out what may be causing the problem. I have an airport extreme (Simultaneous Dual-Band) base station. My housemate has a pc and he is on the public network (because his toshiba refuses to connect to the private network that doesn't broadcast), my mac is on the non broadcasting private network. My housemate's computer can see the website, but when I connect to that network, I still can't see it. My iPhone can't see it when connected to either network either but can view it when not on the networks (ie it can see it when using the phone network). How would I check or find the problem? When I sent the mac there, the furthest it gets is "Loading "http://www.playbillvenues.com/", completed 0 of 1 item" in the status bar - that's in safari but the result is repeatable in Firefox and Chrome. I'm able to ping the address but that's only just started to work after I put in a dns server on the mac (I had thought it was using one rather than the router's ip number). Any suggestions/help etc would be greatly appreciated. CYa! James.
  21. Having problems connecting to a website

    Ahhh, I vaguely remember my isp getting me to do some config on the modem and the router as it was showing up as two items logged onto the internet (but this may have been the old Airport extreme - single radio one. Now I have the two radio one). The two logins had been happening since I first connected to my isp with a snow airport base station. Thanks for the help.
  22. Having problems connecting to a website

    I don't understand how changing to bridge mode can allow me to access the one website I can't when I could access it before when I had a guest network running. What could be happening, and how would I be able to have the guest network and be able to access the website? It has worked in the past but I can't recall if I had changed anything that would stop access? traceroute to www.playbillvenues.com (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 ( 191.100 ms 30.082 ms 5.883 ms 2 nexthop.nsw.iinet.net.au ( 70.301 ms * 29.610 ms 3 te1-1.syd-mas-bdr2.iinet.net.au ( 8.797 ms te1-1.syd-mas-bdr1.iinet.net.au ( 9.805 ms te1-1.syd-mas-bdr2.iinet.net.au ( 9.849 ms 4 te15-0-0.syd-mas-core1.iinet.net.au ( 12.692 ms te1-2.syd-mas-bdr1.iinet.net.au ( 9.853 ms te15-0-0.syd-mas-core1.iinet.net.au ( 9.878 ms 5 * te13-1-0.syd-ult-core1.iinet.net.au ( 9.336 ms * 6 as7496.sydney.pipenetworks.com ( 159.825 ms te13-1-0.syd-ult-core1.iinet.net.au ( 13.647 ms as7496.sydney.pipenetworks.com ( 39.350 ms 7 as7496.sydney.pipenetworks.com ( 1476.389 ms * * 8 te1-4.core2.bne3.server-noc.com ( 400.149 ms gi2-44.core2.wic.server-noc.com ( 67.763 ms te1-4.core2.bne3.server-noc.com ( 500.384 ms 9 te1-4.core2.bne3.server-noc.com ( 118.484 ms ( 105.852 ms te1-4.core2.bne3.server-noc.com ( 109.602 ms 10 * * * 11 * * * 12 * * * 13 * * * 14 * * * 15 * * * 16 * * *
  23. Having problems connecting to a website

    This is how the house network is set up. The ADSL comes in through the modem/router. This has a voip connection for the house phone. The modem is connected to an dual radio airport extreme base station via an ethernet cable to the WAN port. From here there are 2 wireless networks, a private (non broadcasting) internal network which has a couple of hard drives and a printer, and there is a public network. The mac is connected to the internal private network and the pc is connected to the public guest network (called "Non resident") as it can't connect to the private one when it's not broadcast (we've tried the option to remember the network even when not seen but the pc won't connect). When I connecte the cable from the modem to the base station, it only works when connected to the wan port, not the lan ports. The instruction manual says "Connect the Ethernet cable that is connected to your DSL or cable modem (if you will connect to the Internet) to the Ethernet (WAN) port." When I connect it to the lan ports, it flashes amber and the net doesn't work. I can surf the web to most web pages, but cannot get to the venue website on the mac or iphone no matter which network its on, but the pc can (but it can't connect to the internal network when it's not broadcasting - it can connect when it is broadcasting). The iPhone can connect when its connected only to the mobile phone carrier's cellular network. The mac could connect to the site a while ago but I don't recall making any web related changes.
  24. Having problems connecting to a website

    How can I setup two networks then with the same base station? If I turn off the connection sharing it doesn't seem to allow the two networks (one for residents and one for visitors). I don't use either of those apps. The cable is currently in the WAN port and I only have 3 LAN ports. None of these have changed since I originally set up the base station when I got it over a year ago (I may have got it earlier than that). And it still doesn't seem to solve the original problem of getting to www.playbillvenues.com.
  25. Having problems connecting to a website

    Also that change would remove my guest network. (And how do I post images here so you can see my settings? - I'm a bit rusty)