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  1. pwbeninate

    Wanted: Cloud storage without the syncing!

    You might also want to check out Bitcasa. They offer unlimited storage without the need to maintain a local copy. I've tried it out and found it generally unpolished, but functional. So if all you need is a big dumping ground, it may work for you. http://bitcasa.com/
  2. pwbeninate

    New Baby

    Congratulations! The 13" MBP is a great little Mac. I used one as my main Mac for about 2 years and loved it!
  3. pwbeninate

    Looking for tips on used Mac Pros

    hey mark, i've got a mac pro i've been considering selling. quad 2.66, 5GB, RadeonX1900 512MB. it's about 4 years old now, but still in perfect working condition. let me know if you are interested.
  4. pwbeninate

    Texting app for ios?

    Personally I use Textie. Works great and the ads in the free version aren't too annoying.
  5. pwbeninate

    WWDC 2011; What did you think?

    Not sure I agree with all of those: Dropbox "Docs in the Could" is very different from Dropbox. While Dropbox gives you online storage space for arbitrary files, iCould (at this point) requires apps to include Docs in the Could support. You can't just dump files on it. There has been not mention of continuing iDisk functionality. I'll still be using Dropbox. Sparrow I think they still have the corner on the lightweight mail client. Mail is moving that direction, but the interface is still quite different. Sparrow is really tailored to Google Mail, while Mail remains more generic. Facebook They refuse to cooperate. Where is the iOS app??? RIM Partner??
  6. Sounds like what you did was bind the mac to AD. If you aren't familiar with that process, there are some Quick Tour videos here to give you an overview: http://www.apple.com/business/theater/server.html
  7. Sure, definitely post your findings here. You may be able to save someone pain in the future
  8. Is your Mac bound to AD? Does it resolve to the Windows DNS servers? Here are some DNS tricks that have solved similar issues: http://www.macwindows.com/snowleopard-filesharing.html#070810a Also make sure your Workgroup name in System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> WINS matches your AD domain name or Windows workgroup.
  9. pwbeninate

    RSS/Newsreader apps that stay in sync

    I know the feeling. I don't like using Google services, primarily because they make money on my information. However do some things much better than anyone else. That said, I have a google reader account with all my feeds in it. I read the feeds in NetNewsWire (both on Mac and iPhone). Everything stays in sync very nicely. Plus when I'm on a Windows or Linux box I can still fall back on the Google Reader web interface. Works out to be a pretty nice solution all around.
  10. pwbeninate

    Forums on iPhone?

    IPBoard forums are faily usable in mobile safari. nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.
  11. pwbeninate

    Building a Mac Desk

    Cable management is the biggest thing for me. Nothing fancy, just need a system that 1. keeps things tidy - hides ugly cables 2. allows for frequent reconfiguration i don't really have a good working solution right now, so i'm interested in what you come up with.
  12. pwbeninate

    Boxee, Roku, etc., what I want to do is....

    There are a lot of great resources out there for doing this sort of thing. Just do a search for "mac mini home theater". (or Theatre, if you prefer )
  13. pwbeninate

    Boxee, Roku, etc., what I want to do is....

    Yep, as long as the MBP is on the same network you can use screen sharing. That Apple remote can be used in any application that suports it. FrontRow, Keynote, etc. But you can't control things like Finder or Safari with it.
  14. pwbeninate

    Boxee, Roku, etc., what I want to do is....

    Probably, but not necessarily. You could use screen sharing from another mac to control the mini. Or use a media center app, such as Boxee, with a remote. That's the nice thing about the mini - tons of options.
  15. pwbeninate

    Boxee, Roku, etc., what I want to do is....

    A Mac mini is probably the way to go.