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    MacWorld 2006

    I wouldn't count on it, but we will probably see a low end iMac in that price range. It probably won't come at MacWorld, but whenever the Intel iMacs come out.
  2. pwbeninate

    Data Recovery

    VirtualLab is a good choice for deleted files. There is another good one called Stellar Phoenix (i think) but you need to put the hard drive into a Windows machine to use it... Not very practical.
  3. pwbeninate

    Music for film

    You may want to check out: http://icompositions.com/ http://www.flashkit.com/index.shtml http://www.findsounds.com/ http://www.mbamusic.com/ http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/
  4. pwbeninate

    Other Podcasts

    Digital Media Tips and Tricks 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks Tips form the Top Floor MacTV Photo News Today Photoshop TV Secrets of Digital Imaging Security Now Systm the DV Show TWiT
  5. pwbeninate

    Steve Jobs Named Best Leader of 2005

    Apple wouldn't be where they are today without Jobs. Just take a look at the Linux community: With no central driving force behind it they just muck around never really getting anywhere. Apple, under the direction of Jobs was able to take a Unix base and build the world's most advanced operating system on it. Just one example of his strong leadership.
  6. pwbeninate

    10.3 cd

    Best thing to do is use disk utility (on the machine that can read the CD) to make a disk image (CD/DVD Master). Then you can burn the image to a blank CD and boot your iBook from that.
  7. pwbeninate

    Microsoft going.......Apple?

    Sure is! There was a discussion on www.digg.com about this. Some said that it wasn't an iBook, but clearly it is.
  8. pwbeninate

    VPN client software

    The client you need depends on the VPN you are connecting to. The VPN vender generally provides the client.
  9. pwbeninate

    Kind of Urgent

    I don't have my iPod on me right now, but I'm pretty sure there is an option for "Repeat." It's probablly in Settings or Extras.
  10. pwbeninate

    Backup Software

    Silverkeeper is a free and simple backup solution.
  11. pwbeninate

    Anyone know of a good IT Ticket software?

    Here is a free web based solution. Haven't used it myself, but it looks promising. http://www.troubleticketexpress.com/