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  1. What browser are you using? I've never experienced that in Safari 4.
  2. pwbeninate

    iPads and Airline Sites

    I know United has a mobile site which works well on iPhone (don't believe they have one specific to iPad). You can even get an electronic boarding pass which works at some airports. Never tried that bit, but the mobile checkin works well.
  3. pwbeninate

    Using the Apple brand in non Apple products

    We have a furniture store here in America called Pottery Barn. They frequently use Apple products in their catalogues, but always remove/obscure the Apple logo. I don't believe Apple is "ok" with unauthorized use of their branding, especially when it's used to promote another product/service. For what it's worth, here is Apple's "image use agreement" for their press images: http://www.apple.com/pr/products/imac/09imacfam_agreement.html And here are their Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property guidelines: http://www.apple.com/legal/trademark/
  4. pwbeninate

    So, who are you?

    hey, why not. I'm 26 and I live in America. Virginia to be more specific. I'm the owner and Sr Engineer of Mac Network Consulting. We do Mac support (primarily servers) for small and mid-size businesses in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area. I've been married to my wonderful wife for 2 years. She puts up with my obsession over cars (specifically Suabru) and hockey (specifically Philadelphia Flyers). Also, I play some guitar in the little spare time I have.
  5. pwbeninate

    Mac osX scripting/browser scipting

    Check VLC. I'm not sure it can do what you need, but it has a lot of nifty tricks like that up its sleeve.
  6. pwbeninate

    Using the Apple brand in non Apple products

    It's an interesting situation. Apple do pay large amounts of money to have their products prominently displayed in TV shows and movies. However, I don't know that they allow their products to be displayed in other companies advertisements...
  7. pwbeninate


    I think they are trying to be like American radio broadcasters.... who shout.
  8. pwbeninate

    New MobileMe Mail version in Beta!

    It seems the rules settings now allow you to use a domain, such as @facebookmail.com, in your rules. I've set up a rule, but i'm still waiting to see if it works. I'll let ya know.
  9. pwbeninate

    Video hardware problem?

    No, I think Graham may have a valid point. The screen capture happens some time before the output is sent to the display. I don't know all the ins and outs of how that works, but I've seen a logicboard replacement fix similar issues in the past...
  10. pwbeninate

    New MobileMe Mail version in Beta!

    Just noticed that the "quick reply" feature seems to be gone. Am I overlooking something? That was one of my favourite features of the previous version...
  11. pwbeninate

    Video hardware problem?

    I suspect a bad video card/logic board. Might want to give AppleCare a call, or drop by an Apple Retail store.
  12. pwbeninate

    PC/MAC/HAMACHI - Please Help!

    Are you seeing this yellow triangle in Hamachi or FM10? Do you know what network ports the game uses? Are other services working over Hamachi? File sharing? Web server? If Hamachi is the method Sega recommends for doing this (which seems a bit odd to me...) I would contact Sega support for assistance.
  13. pwbeninate

    Great point concerning Apple's way of business

    That's really Apple's general design philosophy. The goal is to add simplicity, not necessarily features. That's why many Apple products (AppleTV, iPhone) start out pretty bare-bones. They start with a minimal feature set and add features as needed while refining the interface accordingly.
  14. pwbeninate

    Video Conversion

    in apps like VisualHub or Handbrake, you should be able to use the iPhone presets and change the resolution to fit in 1024 x 768. Haven't tried it, but I think it should work fine.
  15. pwbeninate


    Kinda funny how Americans can't imitate a British accent, but Jeremy Clarkson can nail an American accent
  16. pwbeninate

    Can't access me.com on iPad

    Yeah I hear ya. My guess is that Apple tested the MobileMe web apps on iPhone Safari, discovered that they don't work very well, but haven't gotten around to making an iPhone-compatible version of them.
  17. pwbeninate


    Don't come to America and pick up any of our accents. They are all rubbish. Like our cars. And our gov.... I'll stop now.
  18. pwbeninate

    Can't access me.com on iPad

    You'll need to create folders from the desktop Mail app (or any other mail app) or from the MobileMe web interface. I know the MobileMe web interface doesn't load on iPhone Safari and I'd suspect it's the same on iPad.
  19. pwbeninate

    New MobileMe Mail version in Beta!

    So i've been using the beta for a few days now. I really like the new interface. The compact view is great on a 13" screen. It's certainly faster than the previous version - even approaching desktop speeds! Lots of bugs... about 50% of the time, the page won't load at all. Probably just a back-end infrastructure issue that will go away as they throw more hardware at it. When the page DOES load, the newest message in the Inbox is automatically selected and marked as read. A bit annoying but not too serious. I really like the new Archive button. I wish the desktop Mail app had that button too... The feature I was most excited about has ended up the biggest disappointment... Rules. When creating rules based on an email address, you have to enter an entire address, not just a domain. For example, i want to direct mail from Facebook off into a folder, but Facebook sends mail from randomized addresses. I need to direct all most from @facebookmail.com to the folder, but they current rules don't allow that... frustrating... Overall, it's pretty promising, but needs some work.
  20. iWork's load times are better. and the iWork apps certainly feel more "mac-like" than the office apps.
  21. ah, good point. I forgot to mention that I do most of my actual typing directly into Evernote, then pipe into Pages/Word for final formatting.
  22. I much prefer to use iWork, but unfortunately I interact with a lot of people who use MS Office. iWork's import/export features are good, but not perfect. I still find myself using Word and Excel more than I'd like...
  23. pwbeninate

    Create Secure Ad-hoc Network for iPhone

    You can change the network name and security settings in System Prefs -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing -> Airport Options.
  24. pwbeninate

    Mobile Me to be made Free ????

    I'm a long time MobileMe/.Mac user. It's always been a great service, aside from a few glaring omissions such as server-side mail rules... As for MobileMe becoming free... Apple seems more and more to be positioning themselves against Google, and this would be one more step in that direction.
  25. pwbeninate

    Difference between 38 and 64-bit OS

    Here is an article from Apple-Insider about 64-bit. It was written before Snow Leopard was released, so I'm not sure how current it is... http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/10/28/road_to_mac_os_x_snow_leopard_64_bit_to_the_kernel.html