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    Which iPad will you be buying?

    I can understand that. I probably would have enjoyed it too, a few years back. Getting lazy now
  2. pwbeninate

    Help - locked up

    Found this discussion on MacRumors: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=334220 Hope that helps!
  3. iPods/iPhones are pretty good at detecting improper chargers. My assumption is that, if the charger works, it's ok to use it. My wife has a 3GS, and I have an original iPhone. We swap chargers without any issues.
  4. pwbeninate

    iPhone tethering

    one can only hope... i've actually been using a Boingo account in the absence of tethering. i spend a lot of time at airports, so it works out well for me. just $9.95 / month in America. I'm sure AT&T will be charing more than that when (if?) they roll out their tethering.
  5. pwbeninate

    Which iPad will you be buying?

    personally, i'd rather spend a few quid more for a macbook, than deal with the problems of a hackintosh. but i'm sure there's something to be said for the experience...
  6. pwbeninate

    Which iPad will you be buying?

    But "Netbooks aren't better at anything!"
  7. pwbeninate

    Would you consider purchasing an iPad?

    It certainly looks like an amazing device... i just don't think i would get much use out of it. With a MacBook Pro and iPhone, I think i've got all my mobile computing needs covered
  8. pwbeninate

    Old addresses showing up in Mail

    You might also want to try clearing your directoryservice cache. Just run: dscacheutil -fushcache
  9. pwbeninate

    iMac closes unexpectedly.

    This sounds very similar to an issue that affected nearly every iMac G5. If it's still under AppleCare, you might want to bring it by an Apple store. They should be able to replace the logic board and/or power supply.
  10. pwbeninate

    Getting an iPhone, should I hold off?

    4G is pretty non-existant here in America. I highly doubt Apple would be including 4G support in the next iPhone.
  11. pwbeninate

    What is your Favorite iPod?

    Still using my 2nd gen iPod nano 4GB as my primary iPod. I prefer it to my iPhone because the physical controls make it easier to use whilst driving. Easy to toss in my backpack for walking as well.
  12. pwbeninate

    Getting an iPhone, should I hold off?

    I still have the original iPhone. No plans to upgrade until a new one is announced. 4G? 3GSX? My wife has a 3GS, and I get jealous whenever i use it
  13. pwbeninate

    Getting an iPhone, should I hold off?

    If you don't need one right now, I'd hold off until they announce something. Nothing like the thrill of a hot-off-the-press Apple toy
  14. pwbeninate

    I have invites!

    I have a bunch of Wave invitations as well. Honestly, you'll tinker with it for 2 or 3 days and then forget about it. Needs to be an open standard to be useful.
  15. pwbeninate

    Getting an iPhone, should I hold off?

    Here is a good site for checking average product refresh cycles. http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#iPhone iPhone is beyond the average refresh cycle, so chances are, a new model is coming soon. My guess is we will hear about a new model in Q1 2010.
  16. pwbeninate

    iBook G4 1.07Ghz boot problems

    Sounds like this could be a bad logicboard.
  17. pwbeninate

    iBook G4 1.07Ghz boot problems

    Can you boot to the OS install DVD? If you boot the iBook to TDM, can you access the files on it's hard drive?
  18. pwbeninate

    Snow Leopard Preview issue

    The latest iWork update seems to have resolved this issue! Sweet!
  19. pwbeninate

    Snow Leopard Preview issue

    Ran into an issue with Snow Leopard... I regularly construct a Pages document which includes various pages from a PDF document. The way I inset the PDF pages into Pages was: Select the appropriate page thumbnail in the Preview sidebar Hit Cmd + C Switch to Pages Get the insertion point where I want it Hit Cmd + V This would inset the full PDF page into the pages document, where i could then crop and mask away. But now in 10.6, when I hit Cmd + V in Pages, nothing pastes. I checked the Edit menu, and Paste is grey. Any ideas how I can insert PDF pages into a Pages doc?
  20. pwbeninate

    Advanced AppleScript

    Managed Prefs (MCX) is the best way to do this, but you'll either need the AD schema extensions installed in AD, or you'll need to be running the "golden triangle" setup. Or.... you could look into local MCX settings: http://managingosx.wordpress.com/2009/01/0...x-presentation/
  21. pwbeninate

    Crazy Mac Pro Problem!

    I think I have a similar problem on mine. I have to disconnect the display, boot up the Mac and wait for it to fully boot (I check for the login window via VNC), then connect the display. Not sure what is causing the problem, but I haven't spent much time on it since I rarely shut down the Mac Pro.
  22. pwbeninate

    Snow Leopard Heat

    I haven't noticed anything like that on my MacBook Pro. Could be the extra GPU utilization causing the additional heat...
  23. pwbeninate

    Snow Leopard Preview issue

    If i drag the file itself in, i only get the first page of the PDF. Can't find a way to select a different page.
  24. pwbeninate

    Snow Leopard

    I believe Photoshop CS2 is PPC only so you'll need to install Rosetta (it's in the Snow Leopard install options). But I'm still not sure if CS2 will work. CS4 is the only version which Adobe supports under Snow Leopard.
  25. pwbeninate

    Corbon Clone Copy

    I did an upgrade on my MacBook Pro this morning. Went very well. I'll be doing a clean install on my MacPro tonight or tomorrow. That will be more challenging, but shouldn't have any problems. I'll let you know.