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  1. As of this week, I now have a new baby. I was finally able to purchase my first Intel based Mac. I got a 13" MacBook Pro and I am loving every minute with it so far.

    Congratulations! The 13" MBP is a great little Mac. I used one as my main Mac for about 2 years and loved it!

  2. 3) Apple to developers: we hate you. Apple to partners: we crush you.

    somebody on Twitter points out that Apple just pissed on Dropbox, Sparrow, Instapaper, Readability, Remember the Milk, Facebook, RIM, & the carriers.


    Not sure I agree with all of those:



    "Docs in the Could" is very different from Dropbox. While Dropbox gives you online storage space for arbitrary files, iCould (at this point) requires apps to include Docs in the Could support. You can't just dump files on it. There has been not mention of continuing iDisk functionality. I'll still be using Dropbox.



    I think they still have the corner on the lightweight mail client. Mail is moving that direction, but the interface is still quite different. Sparrow is really tailored to Google Mail, while Mail remains more generic.



    They refuse to cooperate. Where is the iOS app???




  3. I thought about Google. Kind of feel like I'm joining the Dark Side. Are you happy with them?

    I know the feeling. I don't like using Google services, primarily because they make money on my information. However do some things much better than anyone else.


    That said, I have a google reader account with all my feeds in it. I read the feeds in NetNewsWire (both on Mac and iPhone). Everything stays in sync very nicely. Plus when I'm on a Windows or Linux box I can still fall back on the Google Reader web interface. Works out to be a pretty nice solution all around.

  4. Cable management is the biggest thing for me. Nothing fancy, just need a system that


    1. keeps things tidy - hides ugly cables

    2. allows for frequent reconfiguration


    i don't really have a good working solution right now, so i'm interested in what you come up with.

  5. Ok-that is definitely a good choice. I would need a keyboard and mouse also right? Thanks! Judy


    Probably, but not necessarily. You could use screen sharing from another mac to control the mini. Or use a media center app, such as Boxee, with a remote.


    That's the nice thing about the mini - tons of options.

  6. Are are sure your password was successfully changed? Did you get a confirmation email? Can you login with the new password? You'll want to be sure you changed your password with your bank, and didn't give away your password on a phishing site.


    When you got redirected to Google, was it to the actual www.google.com home page? or some sort of error redirection page with a search box? I know chrome redirects to an error page with a google search on it when you enter an invalid URL. Perhaps OpenDNS is configured to do something similar?


    Network Utility (or the equivalent command line tools) is a good way to troubleshot issues like this. Use the Lookup tap to grab the IP address that a DNS name (ie, www.mybank.com) resolves to. Then do a WHOIS on that IP address to determine if it's owned by your bank.

  7. I recommend Crashplan for offsite backup. Unlimited offsite backup (Crashplan Central) for all your machines is $100 / year. If your bandwidth is an issue, you can run the initial backup to a hard drive and mail it to them.


    Dropbox is great for syncing files across multiple computers, but their pricing structure rules it out as a massive backup solution.

  8. The printing feature is nice.... but I'd find it much more useful if I could print to Evernote. There is the ability to send a PDF from Safari/Mail to Evernote, but not a webpage or email... Maybe in 4.3... :)

  9. If you just want to remove your Boot Camp partition, you can use Boot Camp Assistant to do that.


    If you really want to remove BOTH partitions:


    1. Back up EVERYTHING

    2. Make sure everything is backed up

    3. Boot to your 10.6 installation DVD

    4. Open Disk Utility from the Utilities menu

    5. On the Partition tab, set the Volume Scheme to 1 Partiton

    6. On the Erase tab, re-format the volume as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

    7. Quit Disk Utility and proceed with the OS installation.