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  1. deanpence

    Are you upgrading to iLife '06?

    I got mine about the same time--Wednesday afternoon EST.
  2. deanpence

    Please could somebody post a screenshot of Linux?

    Here are a few of my various initial attempts at an xfce4 desktop. I used xfce4 on several Gentoo Linux machines for over like 2 years before I switched to Mac.
  3. deanpence

    Anyone know of a good IT Ticket software?

    RT (Request Tracker) is sort of an industry standard for ticket tracking. It's very powerful but very complicated, and tickets can get out of hand (like any ticketing software) when queues are not maintained regularly. I used it at a job a few years ago, and because of the lack of maintenance, it was awful. Now I work for a place where they know how to run it well, and it's terrific. The default install is pretty generic, but I think you could configure it fairly easily to have custom fields for each ticket (customer name, customer phone, machine type). I'm not an RT admin, though; I'm a Linux admin; I just use RT, and as a user, I'm more than satisfied with it. http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/
  4. deanpence

    I get logged out every night.

    Hi all, Every morning when I get up, my Powerbook has logged me out. I can't seem to find any settings that would cause this to happen. Anyone know what's going on? I have power management configured never to sleep when the adapter's plugged in. And I have no automated "log me out at xx:00 am" setting. Firefox used to prevent this from happening because it would prompt me if I wanted to close multiple tabs, but since I've been using Safari, it happens every night.
  5. deanpence

    Other Podcasts

    This is horribly self-indulgent, but I publish a podcast if you're interested: The Cornhole Show It's very rude, silly, and sometimes thoughtful.