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    Modem compatibility?

    Dear All. As anticipated, the reason I have been 'hors de combat' for a couple of days is because I tried a reset and re-config of the DSL-320T using the Time Capsule . Arghhh! It worked - once! I am now back on the old Extreme on the iMac because I WAS getting contention as you suggested ("another device is using the same IP..."). Soooo... I have been searching the web for similar reports and this was interesting - looks like the DSL-320T doesn't work - http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=7221005&tstart=0 (How interesting that Apple do not seem to mention this issue anywhere - and it seems to be quite common - they just leave the issue Open) So - then I tried looking for an X-Modem M3 - discontinued! Any other ideas please? Seems silly having this expensive TC just sitting there :-( cheers, TerryB
  2. When my SuperDrive started giving me grief I went out and bought a LaCie DVD drive. Works fine BUT some of the DVDs burnt by the Superdrive are not being "seen". The ?Super?Drive (which still appears to work with things such as original install discs) won't read them, neither will the LaCie. Can anyone tell me how to get around this so that I can get these (backup!) files back please? I have Disk Warrior which appears to go off and read the disc contents OK but of course can't replace the directory - so what to do? TerryB Northumberland, England
  3. TerryB

    Firefox log-in failures?

    My Log-in via Firefox just sits there -one clicks on sign in but there's not even a screen refresh, and yet Safari works fine! I think that this, plus the fact that Safari has some better integration via Services (especially with "Things", which is a favourite) means that I may go back to using Safari as my default browser. Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5 TerryB Alnwick, Northumberland, England
  4. TerryB

    Recovering data files from a DVD

    The Superdrive is definitely NBG. Other discs from the same batch are OK. The original problem still exists - how do I get my data off the DVD? Unfortunately my neighbours here are PC (!) Arghhhh! TerryB (VERY dark here now!)
  5. TerryB

    Recovering data files from a DVD

    Sorry 'bout the delay - couldn't (and still can't!) get signed in via Firefox - no maccast cookies found, so this is via Safari. As usual I don't think I've been very clear: The DVD/CDs that I can't read on either drive are the ones created in its dying days on the problematic Superdrive. I haven't had any probs with the LaCie drive (as yet!). Naturally, some of the files that I really wanted to save were on those DVDs; only 3 such DVDs luckily (!?). They were burned using the iTunes option (probably v8). TerryB Deepest, darkest, Northumberland, England
  6. TerryB

    iTunes Library "hiccup"?

    Tried that :-( and yes I do use Live Updating. I normally delete using the option to "Move To Trash" - so these files just aren't there, even when I check for them using Spotlight (which shows them in the Trash!). ANd in response to Ignoracious's welcome input, I have tried rebuilding these playlists on a number of occasions with the same results. Strikes me that something in the ITunes database is not being deleted, as though it keeps the old item in the catalogue and just removes the pointer?
  7. TerryB

    iTunes Library "hiccup"?

    This seems to occur a lot. I delete some tunes and the Smartfolder insists on showing them as being there - until I try to access them - when it says it can't locate them; shows an"!" I have tried running "Consolidate Library" a couple of times to no avail. Is it me? TerryB
  8. TerryB

    iTunes Library "hiccup"?

    Hmmm - thanks for that. I DO quit and relaunch iTunes probably a couple of times a day on my iMac G5, but this still occurs. I noticed it there again today! The files just do not exist on my HD but iTunes thinks they are there - until they are highlighted in the iTunes list THEN one gets the "!" cheers, TerryB, Northumberland, England
  9. TerryB

    Have I been got at?

    Luckily(!) I keep headphones plugged in on my G5 iMac under OS 10.4.8 ' cos when I boot up, the first item of sound to be played ccomes out at full blast. (No headphones on - phew!} Is this a hack? It only seems to have started, along with other strange sounds, after updating to 10.4.8 Ideas please? TerryB Northumberland, England
  10. TerryB

    WebCam - Isight finished?

    Have I lost it? I searched on the Apple websight for iSight - needing a webcam for my (non Intel) iMac and got no results. Has this been discontinued? If so what should I use - or is ther nothing? TerryB, Northumberland, England
  11. TerryB

    WebCam - Isight finished?

    And to everyone else for help on this topic. I now realise that that the Logitech Pro 5000 that I was given, which is only for the PC, is going to cost me a LOT more than £40, even on eBay !! Eheu! So - does anyone happen to know what these so-called Hazard Substances are supposed to be which have been outlawwed by that un-elected bunch of Job-fillers in Brussels? TerryB Sorry 'bout the spelling and grammar in that! BTW - I also have the "banned" Extreme base station, purchased with my iMac in 2005! Can I expect a visit from the SAS?
  12. :? As a "switcher" I find myself confused about modem uses. I have an iMac G5, 17" with an Airport Extreme Base Station which is connected via its ethernet port to an ADSL modem. This all works fine for internet connection. This model of the Extreme base station also has han internal modem, as does the iMac. On my PC I was able to use the autodialler to make telephone calls from my PIM directory via the telephone line OK whilst still connected to ithe internet on DSL. :oops: :?: How best to do this using the current configuration? Can I use the modem in the Extreme base station, thereby avoiding more ugly wires floating around? Or would I have to connect using the iMac telephone connection and use a long cable? Can't find anything on this searching the Apple Support site. Thanks in anticipation. TerryB
  13. TerryB

    Problems with Tiger

    ( I am a recent switcherto an IMac G5 since March, so still learning} I had two problems: 1. I had a hell of a job upgrading to 10.4 because my Bluetooth mouse decided to pack up at the same time and the installer would not allow me past that phase! It took hours of phone calls (under Applcare!) to actually get someone to agree that there was a problem with the Bluetooth card and to get it fixed. Once agreed however, the service was realyl fast. 2. I am still running some "heritage" s/w from the PC under Virtual PC (7.0.2) and I have been getting complete lock-ups necessitating a Force Quit since I installed 10.4 (currently 10.4.3) Otherwise things are fine....