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  1. Nero182

    Quick Question

    Thanks Man I had to order it with out knowing if it would work but now I know so thanks man . Now maybe I will go for a bluetooth keyboard any ideas guys? Are just the Official one?
  2. Nero182

    Quick Question

    I am going to buy the Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter so I can hook my Macbook up to my computer mointor I would like to know if my wireless mighty mouse would still work if I had the laptop closed and I was using my computer mointor? Like would the bluetooth still be active? Thanks I need a Quick Reply Please.
  3. Nero182

    Best Newsgroup Program?

    Hey guys I looking for a good but easy to use newsgroup program to use on my MacBook also maybe free tho don't mind paying. I remember using GrabIt on Windows but they do not make a Mac Version off it. So can anyone help. Thanks
  4. What is the best way to Clean my new Macbooks Screen.
  5. Nero182

    Apple Online Store Shipping is so slow.

    Oh I upgraded to 1 Gig of Ram so that is Probs Why.
  6. Hey guys will I have just converted to Mac when I order my MacBook on Saturday their. It didn't ship till Yesturday and it will not be in my hands till the 29th of June a Week today. Why do they take so long to ship things? BTW Soz if this is the wrong area for this but I wasn't sure were to stick it.
  7. Nero182

    UK PPL iTunes Music Store

    FIXED Well sorta. I have found out when I have my Nivida Firewall at Low,Medium and High it does not let me access. Nvida Anti Hacking Turned on and Windows Firewall on it works and when the Nivida Firewall is turned off it does work. So It must be something to do with the Nivida Firewall which is odd.
  8. Nero182

    UK PPL iTunes Music Store

    Well it seems that I can get on the internet lol :oops: So I don't know what esle would be wrong I will check my Firewall :wink:
  9. Is it me are is the UK iTunes Music Store Down? Maybe Finally UK TV Shows for the Video iPod :shock:
  10. Hey, I ordered my new 5th Gen iPod for Xmas tho I got it today which I was not expecting because it was sunday. Well I opened it aswell has my Universal Dock just to see if all was there and was working . And I am loving I put about 20 songs of mine and it sounds great and cannot wait to listen to the MacCast on the go . Tho I am nearly scared to touch it lol so I need to find a nice case I would like a see thorugh one cause mine is black. So anyone no any good cases?
  11. Hey Guys I have been thinking about getting a New iPod I feel like a change from my 15gig 3rd Gen iPod Which is over two years old. Tho I would like to know if I went ahead and bought one would there be a new model come out a few weeks later. Cause I would like to stay the most up to date for awhile. And any more advice you guys can give about the 5th Gen iPods.