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    Can photos with borders be ordered from iPhoto?

    okay, it is a few hours later and I realized that this is in the wrong forum. Can a mod please move this into the software forum? Sorry everyone.
  2. I was wondering if it is possible to order photos using the Kodak service built into iPhoto and get photos with a small white border? Has anyone ever tried this or know how to do it? Thanks
  3. mjarski15

    Best iMac Configuration?

    2 gigs of ram should be fine (I have no complaints) and again I would upgrade the video card (remember apple loves eyecandy that takes a lot of GPU power) and everything else stock should be fine. Even if you want to stick with the stock video card you would be fine, you can always upgrade it later yourself (I'm pretty sure you can). And if you need a bigger HD later you can get an external one. Either way it is a great computer and you will love it. Good luck and if you have any other questions just ask.
  4. mjarski15

    Best iMac Configuration?

    what do you use your computer for mainly? Reason that I ask is because if you are going to get into any home movie editing with iMovie you may want the larger hard drive and better video card, if you are just using the computer for web, email, occasional photo editting then the stock options should do (always upgrade the ram though). I have the computer that you are getting, love it by the way, and got the upgraded video card, 2 gigs ram, 500gig hd, and stock processor. I think 2 gigs ram is plenty unless you are going to be using pro apps a lot (ie FCP), I got the larger HD because I want to get more into iMovie, which is also why I got the better video card. Personally if you are between the processor upgrade and the video card upgrade, I would go with the video card upgrade. Hope this helps. Good luck with the new purchase
  5. mjarski15

    SMS and iChat

    This was a cool little tip that I found today, I don't know if it has been mentioned here before so if it has, I'm sorry. But with iChat appearently you can text mobile phones (in the US only) via the AIM network. Once iChat is open, just hit the Apple+Shift+N key together and then type +1 then the area code and phone number (ie. +12223334444). Just thought that this was a neat tip that I wanted to share. later
  6. This application isn't out yet but I for one can't wait. The ability to sync your ical with google's calender program and then to any other user's ical, and no need to pay $99 (.mac). Go to the programmers blog and check out the demo video they have up, the app looks like it is going to be great. Just wanted to share.
  7. mjarski15

    How do I share itunes libraries between users?

    I currently have the setup the original poster is describing and did it a little differently then the above post. I share my iBook with my fiance so we wanted two separate accounts but to share the same music. Originally all the music files were in my home folder (similiar to your situation), so I moved my music folder within itunes to the shared directory ( your HD/users/shared/itunes music). I didn't have to move the entire itunes folder. By not moving your entire iTunes folder you keep your personally info about itunes within your own home directory. Then open itunes, goto iTunes preferences > advanced and change the location of you music folder to Your HD:Users:Shared:iTunes Music. You DON'T have to consolidate your library as the above posted did because by moving the music folder you already moved all of your music files. The last thing that you NEED to do is change permissions of the itunes music folder in the shared library. Because both users on my computer are admins I set the users (via GET INFO) to the owner- myself with read and write permissions, group - admin with read and write permissions, and others - read only permissions (if you have children on the computer they probably don't have admin priveleges so set OTHERS to read and write permissions) and click the button on the bottom to apply to all enclosed folders. If you don't do this, other users will have issues saving music to that folder (like from the itunes music store). Then once you set up your new accounts, open itunes go to the preferences > advanced and change the music location to the users:shared:itunes music directory. One thing that I will warn you about is that the itunes library doesn't live update your new music files for other users. For example if I download a new song from IMS the song is automatically in MY iTunes library and the file is physically in the iTunes music folder that is being shared BUT my fiance's itunes library will not show the new song until see adds it to her library (via File add to Library... in the menu - and you don't have to search for the exact song, just choose the whole library and itunes is smart enough to add just new stuff). Also if you have alot of user accounts and a few iPods you may run into a problem were you run out of available accounts to authorize to listen to your IMS purchases. Sorry about the length of this post, this is what I have been doing since 10.1 or 10.2 and I don't have any problems not even when doing upgrades (you just have to check the permissions every now and then). If you have any questions just post. This was probably the worlds longest 1st post.