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  1. rlangschultz

    XCODE 2.2

    I just wanted to ask how many people are using XCODE 2.2? Or even 2.1. I love it, better than Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Although I have to use it at school... I want Apple to put PHP development back into XCODE though. I think that was a feature they should not have removed. Also I would like to see a better way to integrate Interface Builer with XCODE something like VS.NET but with an Apple Twist...
  2. rlangschultz

    ibook g3 modification

    I am looking to turn my ibook g3 (500 maybe) into a desktop server using Fedora Core 4 (PPC) I want to know if anyone is doing case mods on such old hardware. Let me know...
  3. I am a web developer, as well as a student of Information technology in Tulsa, OK. Being a web developer can definitely pay the bills if you have a strong client base or work for a web development company. Here in Tulsa there aren't to many web development companies, so freelance was the way to go so I have my own private company. I bought an Alienware laptop about a year ago, then an iBook G4 (1.33ghz, combo drive, 768mb, Airport Express). I found myself using my iBook G4 more than my Alienware laptop because Windows XP Professional took to long to boot up with all the server that were required for me to run to develop my ASP.NET and MS SQL Server 2003 web sites. I have recently aquired a new taste for a LAMP development suite. Plus writing WebObjects code in XCode 2.2 is much easier than eclipse. Great design interfaces, and stable architecture of an iBook is as good if not better than a 2.6ghz alienware laptop anyday. So I sold it...
  4. rlangschultz

    No Sleep for iBook

    I would like to change the sleep patterns that my ibook g4 uses. I don't want it to sleep when i close the lid but rather when i manually put it to sleep. I compile large XCode Apps on my machine and the system halts if the laptop shuts. My PC (Alienware) has a setting to allow me to do this. Any OpenFirmware commands to do this maybe?