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    MacHeist Bundle *AMAZING DEAL!*

    Pretty depressing if you ask me... http://daringfireball.net/2006/12/macheist_lousy_tshirt
  2. jmaziarz

    MacHeist Bundle *AMAZING DEAL!*

    The developers are getting my money either way. They may also stand to gain another user with the license I don't need. All I am asking is for a few bucks in return. Everyone wins. Someone gets a license to a great piece of software, I get a few bucks back, the developer gets my money plus a new user. How is that piracy or unfair to the developer? It doesn't really matter, I'm buying the bundle anyway.
  3. jmaziarz

    MacHeist Bundle *AMAZING DEAL!*

    I think I am going to purchase the bundle. The thing is, I already have TextMate. It is a wonderful application, I really like it but don't need two licenses. I already have NetNewsWire, I don't need another RSS reader. Is anyone else in this situation? Does anyone here have a need for these apps? EDIT: Looks like it is possible to "gift" each app if you don't need it for yourself. Would anyone be willing to exchange "gifts"? I'll give you an app I don't need for a PayPal donation? PM me if you are interested.
  4. jmaziarz

    iTunes 7 missing podcast bug

    Adam, In response to a listeners issue with converting podcasts in iTunes that turn up missing after the conversion. I have found that this is due to the way iTunes organizes files in its library. By default, files are organized in iTunes by Artist then by Album. So after converting the most recent MacCast for example to AAC from MP3, it can be found (using the finder) at ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library/Adam Christianson (Mac Geek)/MacCast - For Mac Geeks, by Mac Geeks/MacCast 10.26.2006.m4a To convert a podcast in iTunes *and* have it show up in the iTunes Podcast library as a new track do the following: 1. From the Preferences -> Advanced Tab: UNCHECK "Keep iTunes Music folder organized". 2. Convert podcast by selecting it in the Podcast library and using the Advanced Menu option or the contextual menu (right-click). 3. Once the conversion is complete, select the podcast in the Podcast library again (if it is not still selected) and view it in the finder using the keyboard shortcut Command+R (or from the File Menu or the contextual menu). 4. Drag the .m4a file from the finder to the Podcast library and it will be added to iTunes as a new podcast along with the original file. 5. (Optional) Enable "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" again. Hope that helps. Thanks for the great work. -Jer Cumberland, RI
  5. I am running Mail v2.1 (Intel) on my MacBook Pro. I have one IMAP account configured. The only problem I am having is applying a rule that performs the action: "Mark as flagged". This action simply does not work when applied to existing inbox messages or new messages. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Thanks ~Jeremy
  6. jmaziarz

    Audio editing software recommendations

    Great suggestions. Sound Soap is definitely a top quality product when it comes to removing noise (their demo movie is very informative). Peak and the other products are far out of my price range though. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  7. jmaziarz

    Audio editing software recommendations

    Thanks. My initial post mentions what I have already tried, including these two...
  8. jmaziarz

    Audio editing software recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendation but to my knowledge GB does not do any of the things I need.
  9. Any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive (~$60US) audio editing application that has Universal binary support? I have about 65 hours of recorded lectures that I would like to clean up and create a library of MP3s from. Important features I am look for besides low cost are: 1. Markers - Ability to marker large audio file and split based on the markers 2. Noise reduction filter - To remove background hiss, etc. 3. Universal support - To run on my MacBook Pro 2.0Ghz w/2GB RAM I have tried Sound Studio 3 (couldn't get noise reduction to work), Audacity (not Universal - very slow when it doesn't crash) and Amadeus II (not Universal - very slow). Of the three I tried, Amadeus II looks the most promising, if it were only Universal. Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Jer
  10. jmaziarz

    Personal Finance App for Mac

    Great advice, thanks!
  11. From the show notes: I did a search and did not find it mentioned anywhere but it is important to note. In this press announcement when Tivo says 'Series 2' they are refering to ONLY the standalone boxes and NOT the DirecTivo boxes.
  12. jmaziarz

    Financial Software

    See this thread.
  13. jmaziarz

    Personal Finance App for Mac

    How would you compare Quicken (Mac) with MS Money (PC)? Was importing your data easy? Is there anything that Quicken does/doesn't do that you were able/not able to do with MS Money? Thanks in advance for your reply. This will probably be very helpful when I attempt to make the "switch". 8)
  14. jmaziarz

    Personal Finance App for Mac

    Let me just start by saying that I don't even own a Mac (yet) but have been doing research over the past few months in anticipation of my first Mac (waiting for Intel based) purchase. There are tons of personal finance applications of OSX but it seems to me that the majority of them are either to basic or to bloated. The general concensus that I get is that Quicken is bloated, very buggy and difficult to use on a Mac. This worries me since I have been a user of Microsoft Money since 1998. One applications for OSX that I frequently see mentioned in response to questions like this is Liquid Ledger. While it is not super-feature rich, it does have support for MS Money imports and multiple currency. I would be curious to hear experiences from anyone who has made the switch from PC -> Mac and MS Money -> Liquid Ledger.