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  1. I used to use personal photos for my desktop wallpaper, but have recently switched back to using the stock options built in OSX...I do have a small (but very annoying) problem. When I use fast user switching from one user to my main account, the old wallpaper (personal photo) is on the screen very quickly before it switches to the current wallpaper (stock Apple). What might be causing this, and how in the heck do I get rid of it? I would be very grateful to anyone who might be able to help. Thanks, AK
  2. akemphues

    unrated songs in iTunes

    I have a playlist in iTunes that keeps all of my unrated songs together...this way I can keep track of the songs that I have yet to rate. My problem is that when I sync this playlist on my iPod and the go about rating songs while I listen to them on my iPod, the ratings never get transferred back into iTunes. Am I missing a setting or something? Why will the ratings I assign on my iPod not transfer back to iTunes?
  3. akemphues

    upgrading PB G4 processor?

    Is it possible to upgrade a G4 PB's processor? I currently have a 1.67 Ghz PB G4 and I just bought a Canon HV10 HD camcorder. I am worried that my processor isn't fast enough to allow me to edit and view the HD footage that I shoot in iMovie. Please Help!
  4. akemphues

    Does anyone like Statoo?

    I just recently ran across what looks like a very slick looking app called Statoo, which gives you several stats (time, date, current itunes track) in a transparent look on your desktop. It costs 12.95 and was wondering if anyone knew of a an app that was free and does the same thing?
  5. akemphues

    setting up BT

    I want to start using Bittorrent, but I am unsure how to setup my mac efficiently to do this. I have a 15" PB running OS 10.4.7 I was thinking of using a lightweight BT client like bitrocket or transmission, but I am very unsure how to setup my firewall and the rest of my equipment. I use an Airport Express. What is the best way to go about setting all of this up so I can get started?
  6. akemphues

    trouble ejecting Ipod

    I am having some trouble ejecting my Ipod from my PB G4. I am manually managing my music so I have to eject it every time I am finished syncing my Ipod. It doesn't happen all the time, but occasionally a dialog box will pop up saying that it cannot be ejected because it is in use by other applications. This happens even though I do not have any apps open. The only way I can get around this when it happens is to completely turn off the PB. Help!
  7. akemphues

    Quicksilver 101

    Does anyone know of a website that offers a Quicksilver tutorial of all the things it can do (and how to do them)? I currently have it installed and love it as a launcher, but I know that this is only scratching the surface of its capability. Thanks in advance.
  8. akemphues

    ripping DVD's and Front Row

    I'm running a 1.67 PBG4 and while I don't have the system in place yet, my eventual goal is to have a Mac Mini integrated into my living room as a media server. I have begun to rip my DVD collection onto my PB in preparation for buying the Mini and right now I am using Mac the Ripper, but I have heard that only certain file formats are recognized by Front Row and Video_TS files are not one of them. Is there another piece of software that I should be using to rip my DVD's so that they are ripped in a Front Row-enabled format (Toast, Popcorn, etc)? Also, I am interested by Toast, but I'm not familiar with all of it's features. Can it burn copies of protected DVD's? What else can it do?
  9. akemphues

    Disabling keychain access

    Does anyone know how to completely disable keychain access? I'm the only one that uses my Powerbook and I don't need it, but the enter password window keeps popping up everytime I open Safari or go to a different web page. Help!
  10. akemphues

    New tab button in Safari

    I know that there's a small application (might be a plug-in) that let's you add a "new tab" button to the address bar in Safari. I used to have it, but I had to recently do a new instal of OSX and it's now gone. Does anyone know the app I'm speaking off? Thanks in advance, AK
  11. akemphues

    Media Central?

    Does anyone know anything about this? It's an app along the lines of Front Row (media organization). Is it good, bad?
  12. akemphues

    Nano video hack?

    I've heard rumors of a hack out there that allows you to put video content onto a Nano...is this true and, if so, does anyone know anything about it? Thanks in advance for the info.
  13. akemphues

    what is quicksilver?

    I'm a recent switcher and still learning...what is quicksilver? It looked interesting, but I want to make sure that I will get use out of it.
  14. Has anyone encountered any trouble with this? I am running OS 10.4.3 and a HP PSC 1610 all-in-one and I am attempting to print addresses on to envelopes for holiday cards, but I am not having any luck. I'm not getting an error messages, but nothing is happening once I click Print! Very frustrating. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom. AK