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  1. I got the newest dock and cables. All OEM Apple products. I can't remember if I got a manual with mine.. will have to check. Or I probably just through the manual away, thinking who needs a manual for an ipod dock... Is there by any chance an online manual that I can download? I'll keep playing around thanks. Pity about the interface thing though. that would have been a nice touch.
  2. Hi Folks I have the universal iPod Dock with the Audio and Component video cables, but for some reason I am not able to see the video play on my TV. I know my cables are connected to the right inputs. Are there some limitations on the ipod as to what it sends over the Component video cables? The sound plays fine. I have the 120Gb ipod Classic and have tried to play video podcasts with no success. I was hoping to actually get the same kind of interface displayed on my TV as I would in Front Row (effectively using my ipod as an Apple TV). Could anybody help me out? Thanks Anton
  3. ActionAnt

    Sync sent items over POP3?

    Thanks, I found a solution which works for me although it is a manual process. In Outlook Web Access, I move all my Sent items to my Inbox. They then download to my inbox in Mac Mail afterwhich I move them again to the Sent Items Folder in Mac Mail. This seems to work fine for my purposes.
  4. ActionAnt

    Sync sent items over POP3?

    Thanks I'll give it a couple of tests after tonights backup.
  5. ActionAnt

    Sync sent items over POP3?

    By "everything" do you mean calendar as well? Is there a risk of losing my mail in Mac Mail by deleting the current POP account and creating a new IMAP account?
  6. ActionAnt

    Sync sent items over POP3?

    Hey everybody I have a question which has been bothering me for quite a while, but since it hasn't been a priority I haven't done much about it until now. I have an Intel Macbook Pro and use Mac Mail for my email. Mac Mail is setup to connect to my company's MS Exchange email server via POP3. Sending and receiving email from Mac Mail through the Exchange box works without any hangups. Often tho, when I don't have web access on my Mac, I access my emails from the Outlook Web Access to the Exchange box. Received emails get downloaded as normal into Mac Mail when I go online with my Mac later in the evening, but what about the emails that I send using Outlook Web Access? How do I download my sent emails into Mac Mail's Sent folder? Thanks for your help. Anton
  7. Hi folks This is my first post and would have introduced myself, but didn't see an introduction thread... So my question is this; I have a 120 GB Ipod Classic and would like to know if i can sort the album art in cover flow. At the moment it seems that the album art is sorted by Artist, but this gets frustrating when an album is a compilation of different artist because it shows up many times. I would rather like to sort it by Album so that I only see the album once. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks in advance AA.