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  1. Hi folks, I'm new here but a quite long time MaCast listener. Here's my problem: I use my ATV to watch movies and series on large screen TV. I use it even more since i discovered Boxee a few months ago and the possibility to stream content, even avi files directly to my TV. Recently, after reinstalling Boxee from scratch for some reasons, i had this curious network behavior that i can't get rid of. First i must say that i use an Airport extreme router, a standard account on my mac with no administrator privileges to avoid anything installed on my mac without my agreement and an external hard disk to store all my video content. So i managed to share a directory on my external disk, let say "medias" with few subdirectories to access it with SMB share protocol. When i map it from Boxee or XBMC, it detect my Imac where it find the administrator public folder and a "medias" folder from my external hard drive that is just fine. The problem occurs when i use Boxee and want to access back to my files, most of the time, my media folder has vanished leaving me with just the administrator public folder available? It's sometimes even worse and it give me a "no sources availables" message. I'm almost sure that it's not Boxee or XBMC related but something wrong with my network. Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated. Thank's! Rejean