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  1. alpharay

    aTVFlash ? Anybody try it yet

    Too bad. I just listened to Leo Laporte from MacBreak. He used it in his AppleTV. He said he could even order Pizza from it. There is ssh turn on; so I guess you can upload the file directly to the AppleTV.
  2. Here is the link http://www.applecorellc.com/index.php It will not void your AppleTV warranty. Anybody ? thanks ray
  3. alpharay

    Internet Sharing - Router to Router?

    hahah.. is a good fight. Once you get the network working it is very cool; WDS may be slow. I don't really know for sure; but I have heard anytime you extended the wireless network, the bandwidth will drop. However, the setup I have is not that bad. Basically, I just treat the Express as a external 802.11n adaptor. It does not broadcast anything wirelessly, it just bridge everything through. Of course we are here in US, the speed is slow anyway, what different does it make. I will get some real data next time too. ray
  4. alpharay

    Internet Sharing - Router to Router?

    Hey, I got it working. So now, I have my Extreme as Base and Express as Remote and wired to my Mac Mini. All are sharing the same "n" network. Few key point here. 1) you are setting up WDS network. The Extreme is your Main Station; and the Express is the Remote. 2) write down both Airport ID numbers. You need them to reference each other. So the Extreme will put the Express' Airport ID as wireless client; and Express will put Extreme's Airport ID as Main station. 3) I am not sure about this one; but I set to allow the Main station's wireless network to be extended. 4) Here is the key. From the Express, set up the wireless information to match your Extreme station. You are NOT setting a new wireless network, you are "joining' the Extreme's network. After a minute for both devices to find each other, you will have a wired network to your Express. Pretty cool. The next thing I will try is to have the Express to hookup to an ethernet to ethernet router. No more 10 clients limit. I should be able to hook up my PS3 and Wii to share the same "n" network. The only concern I have is performance. The external router will help; but I will not know for sure until I give it a try. Stay tune for that result. ray
  5. alpharay

    Internet Sharing - Router to Router?

    Sorry, the WDS page is actually meant for the original poster. I think it will help him understand the network. Graham, you are making me very curious now. I think I may go get the new express and try it out tonight. I will report back tomorrow. stay tune. ray
  6. alpharay

    Internet Sharing - Router to Router?

    Really ? I am counting on this to work; I will know it by Friday. I heard that it will work for Airport extreme station only. Part of WDS I guess. Oh.. here is the link. It might help. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=107454 ray
  7. alpharay

    Internet Sharing - Router to Router?

    Actually that is not true. It is strange; but that ethernet port is for both WAN and LAN. So to answer the original question. Yes, you may use either express or extreme to do the same thing. You will need another router to hook up with the express and then you can really do whatever you want (wired or wireless g network) Keep in mind that, the express is not as powerful as the base station though. I am about to do the same thing with my ps3 and wii. Let's me know if it works for you. Otherwise, I will try this next week as well. Oh. here is the faq http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=108038 check out question number #5 good luck ray
  8. Just want get some feedback. I want to use the new Airport Express with my Mac mini; so that I can enjoy the 802.11n network at home. Or Should I just get a 802.11n adaptor and connect it directly to my Mac mini ? (in term of performance) Here is another question. Let's say the Airport Express works out well. I am thinking I can hook up a router to the Airport Express and then I can use regular ethernet cable for all my other equipment (like PS3 or Wii). This way, they are all using "n" network. Anybody tried that ? or should I stick with "g" network at home. Any problem you can see here ? I don't know if the Airport Express is "strong" enough to support that kind of network setup. thanks ray
  9. alpharay

    Web Cam

    I have Clique HUE HD camera. They used to sell in Amazon; but I think it is out of stock now. Here is the link. http://www.amazon.com/HUE-Red-Mac-Webcam-C...5034&sr=1-4 It is unbelievable good quality. Hope it help. ray
  10. alpharay

    802.11n on Mac mini ?

    Dude, thanks. I always forget about OWC. ray
  11. alpharay

    802.11n on Mac mini ?

    I agreed most of the things you are saying here; that is why I am looking for external 802.11n adapter for my mini. However there is still a big different between using "g" and "n" network. The internet download speeds will play a role to it; but the speed of delivering contents from the router to the device play a role as well. That is the same reason why you use direct cable to get faster result.
  12. alpharay

    802.11n on Mac mini ?

    Yeah.. that is disappointing. I thought I can paid $2 to get the 802.11n to turn on. Anyway, is there anybody try using an external 802.11n adapter for Mac ? I just bought an Airport extreme, I am using it mainly for my Apple TV; but it will be nice to get all my Mac on the same "n" network. thanks ray
  13. yup, use DVI will work; but keep in mind DVI does not carry audio signal. You will need to forward the audio to either your TV or stereo system.
  14. alpharay

    MacBook Bluetooth Won't Turn Off

    that is weird ? I am guessing here. Make sure there is no bluetooth device accessing your mac (or connect to). Also try to fix all your access privilege. The login user account will not have "root" access automatically, maybe somehow your apps is owned by root now. I am just guessing.. Oh.. try this, create a new user and see if that work for you. At least you know if this is account issue or something else. good luck. ray
  15. alpharay

    802.11n on Mac mini ?

    I head all the Core 2 duo has 802.11n support. Is that true ? I can't seem to find that info for Mac mini. thanks ray