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  1. Sendlater plugin for Mail has disappeared and been replaced with Mailbutler. This app offers some great features and I am happy to pay for software but this is outrageous! If you have more than one email account you need to upgrade to a pro version of more than $5 per month per email account with a minimum of 10 accounts! Sorry for not knowing the exact price as it will only show you after you install and create an account and doesn't reveal it on their website. But ++$50 per month to add some features to my Apple Mail ??? I have searched for alternatives but so far have come up empty handed.
  2. I was able to reach the developer Feingeist via Twitter. After I send them some crash reports and gave them the account I was able to install it and activate it without trouble. The new business model is that you can use it 30X per month. Above that you have to purchase a license at $5 per month. Mailbutler does include some other very neat features. But still it pisses me off that a Plugin that I bought was broken with a upgrade of OSX and now we are forced to buy a new version...
  3. Going back to Mavericks

    Its not Yosemite. You need at least 4GB of memory for 10.9 or 10.10 Most likely your HD is going south....
  4. After the disappointment that I cant manage the servers running the previous versions of OSX server from my upgraded desktop. I upgraded my office server to 10.10 Yosemite with OSX Server 4.0 I am still not able to connect. I can remote desktop into the server without a problem (both are on the same LAN with the server on .local). But the Server app is not able to connect. Actions taken so far: Update software on desktop to 10.10 and Server 4.0 Update software on server to 10.10 and Server 4.0 Verified connection by pinging IP and .local Verified to connect to the drive and screen sharing via local network Rebooted router + switch Rebooted desktop + server If you manage OSX servers for clients, keep a system on 10.9 around so you can still keep your business running. Upgrading the server needs to be done on site with display, keyboard and mouse connected. Does any one else experience the problem of not being able to connect to the server despite being up-to-date on both sides?
  5. OSX 10.10 Yosemite Server 4.0 problems

    I figured it out; reset the keychain. Accept the new certificate issued when you login.
  6. Hi, I recently I have encountered a number of Macs that are in trouble with Safari and Chrome. The problem is a very persistent pop-up claiming that the computer is infected etc etc etc Many of them leading to the Mac keeper site (I always end up uninstalling that crap) Non of this worked: Reset Safari Uninstall Flash Remove all Extensions Remove all Website Data Remove all internet plugins I spend quite a bit of time in the system and user library removing all possible .plist, cashes and other files that could possible be related to this problem but had no luck. What did work was: Opening the package content of Safari Downloaded and installed combo update 10.9.5 Delete Chrome and all the related data in the User Library Reinstall Chrome I wander if there is a more effective way to cure this problem, I have the feeling this might be jus the beginning.... Looking forward to your replies, Rogier
  7. Persistent pop-ups in Safari and Chrome

    Thanks, Looking trough the list of recommendations of "The Safe Mac" I think I did all of that. Not a fan of installing Sophos / Alvast and MacScan as would have to uninstall it again from every machine. I will give "Adware Medic" a try the next one I encounter. Usually these issues are fairly easily resolved by resetting or deleting a certain file. But this one took me over an hour of sifting trough the entire system. Only to be resolved by a blunt method of deleting and reinstalling the browsers. Hoping to find a more effective solution by identifying the file causing the trouble. Smiles across the wires, Rogier
  8. iCloud keeps forgetting password....

    Does the question come from the Mail.app or from iCloud? In Mavericks the best way to reset passwords is via: System Preferences > iCloud System Preferences > Internet Accounts In Mail.app: Preferences > Accounts > Outgoing Mail servers: Remove any iCloud or old .mac, .Me smtp settings. Keychain: Search for any keys that are related to the account with trouble. Remove any redundant key's. Keychain First Aid > Repair Keychain Hope this helps, Rogier
  9. Hi, Today I was asked to set-up Apple mail. Easy enough. However it turned out the the person had multiple iCould accounts and wanted the various .Me email accounts in Apple Mail. Easy enough to do account No1 though the iCloud preference pane. But what to do with the other .Me accounts? I tried to add them as iMap accounts but that did not work... Any one solved this problem? Looking forward to your suggestions. Rogier
  10. Multiple .Me accounts in Apple Mail

    Yeah I know, I only need to enable the Mail for the other .Me accounts. Creating multiple users is what I ended up doing but not really the solution I am looking for...
  11. Multiple .Me accounts in Apple Mail

    Ok. Well I tried that on various occasions but it doesn't work. It wil ask for a incoming mail account. I have tried to skip it and let iCloud take care of it to no avail. Then I copied the server addresses as known from the set-up for this 2nd account from an other laptop. This failed as well....
  12. Multiple .Me accounts in Apple Mail

    Thanks for your input. But I am talking about adding to Apple Mail in OS X 10.7 and not on a iOS device. Still looking for a solution :-) Rogier
  13. Models build after "Early 2010" don't have a Universal build. This is because the Apple has started to use different Intel chipsets for the processor and graphics. During the installation the specific drivers are automatically installed and the OS X configured for that particular hardware configuration ("build"). Therefor you cannot boot reliable from an external drive from an other machine if this machine is a different "build" then the one used to create the boot drive. Worse case you will get a instant kernel panic or at best various issues and stalls... Hope this helps, Rogier
  14. I made a short video showing the imaging of a 115GB OWC SSD drive with a updated 10.6.8 OS with iLife and other common apps. After the drive has been installed in this older Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo with 4GB of ram you will see how fast it runs and reboots under 60 seconds. Adding an SSD drive and more Ram is the best way to update a Mac and will keep you happy for a number of years saving the money of a new Mac. Check it out: Rogier
  15. Hi, I have to copy a large number of document templates created in MS Office 2011 that need to be copied from a desktop to a laptop. Copying the "Microsoft user data" folder did not work. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rogier
  16. Migrate MS Office 2011 templates

    Thanks I will give that a try.
  17. Missing features.

    Have been playing with the iPad all day. Its awesome! However a couple of things are really missing: 1st: In order to back-up files with traveling iWant to be able to save created files to my iDisk. iWork only seems to work with the iWork apps. I can see many people using the iPad as their only computer and therefor never sync they data to a computer. A disaster waiting to happen as we often see with iPhone users who are not backing-up their iPhones frequently ending up in tiers at the Genius Bar when they learn that all is lost and that a SIM card doesn’t hold 16GB of baby pictures… 2nd: Please let us save downloaded files like PDF’s to the iPad (and/or iDisk). 3rd: Please create a way to print directly from the iPad. The current suggestion to email to yourself and print it is just silly. For the rest I have little to complain. These things are awesome! Rogier
  18. Missing features.

    We tested the iDisk App right away and could not find a way to save to it. Hope Apple will fix this a.s.a.p. With regards to the printer issue I can see what the limitations are to print directly from the iPad. Just see how much space all the drivers take on your OSX system and how much pain printer drivers cause (HP is the worse…).
  19. Time saver

    Adam has mentioned a couple of times an application that he uses to save time answering emails. I have a need for such an application. Any suggestions? Rogier
  20. Time saver

    Ah that's it!! Thanks!!!!
  21. Can't see Apple TV

    I can't make it show up on any of my Mac's! I have checked the settings in iTunes. I have opened the fire wall :-( Re-set the device. I have connected the Apple tv via an Airport Express that is connected to a Linksys router. Also I have tried to do it "simple". Just tried to connect directly from a MB Pro 2.2. to the Apple TV. Still can't see a connection from either end. BTW does this work???? Connecting directly from Mac to Apple TV or does on need to have a network i.e. Airport extreme????
  22. iTunes Remote

    After listening to Adam's recent podcast I am wondering if the Apple TV is the right thing for me. What's most important for me to do is to play the music that is on the Mac in the office in our living room. I have an Airport express however its kind of awkward to run into the office to change the music... I recall to have seen a (wireless?) device that has a display and dial to controll the iTunes content on my mac. There were adds all over the place but now I can't find it. Who can point me in the right direction? THANKS! Rogier
  23. Hi, I just bought 2 Maxtor Maxline Pro 500 hard drives and want to install them in my G5 Dual 2.7 Ghz Powermac. Plan is to put them in RAID in order to create one fast 1 TB drive. Any concers regarding the Jumper settings? I was told not to worry about it but I rather check on this forum :-) Other advice regarding my plans is more than welcome! Smiles across the wires, Rogier
  24. Fastest HD solution?

    Currently I am using a 67Gb 10.500 rpm Raptor for my programs and a stock 250Gb for strogage. I need more storage space and want to buy some new hard drives. The idea behind using the drives seperately was the hope for faster running programs and retreiving data. However when I for example want to open a song in iTunes its often takes a couple of seconds (feels much longer) before the song starts playing. Please mind that I have a (very) large iTunes Library (+ 42 Gb). Same problem goes for my (very) large iPhoto Library (+35 Gb). What if I would buy two new 7200rpm 16mb 500Gb drives and pair them in raid0 ? Or should I just keep the drives seperate like I am doing now? If I opt for the raid0 option, does it make sense to create a partition for the programs? I am aware of the lack of back-up with raid0. Plan is to put the existing drives in an external enclosure for back-up purposes. Beside the fact that I burn dvd's back-up's from all my images, music and critical data! Looking forward to the reply's :-)
  25. Fastest HD solution?

    Hmm I am reading all over that it should offer a much faster data transfer. Since I am dealing with large foto files (the iPhoto thing is just an exple) for my phtography it might be helpfull. I am using a Dual G5 2.7 with 2 gig ram.