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  1. RedZeppelin

    Stop iPhoto from opening when I connect my PSP

    Thanks. I found the same info when I Googled. I was just hoping a Mac guru would have a work-around.
  2. Every time I connect my PSP to my Mac, iPhoto opens automatically. Is there a way I can prevent that while still having iPhoto open automatically when I connect my camera? Thanks.
  3. RedZeppelin

    Need help with Safari style sheet

    Awesome! Thanks a million!
  4. RedZeppelin

    Need help with Safari style sheet

    I'm trying to come up with a Safari style sheet that hides the "Spam" folder from view in Gmail. I found a sheet that works with Firefox and Opera, but it doesn't work for Safari. Can anyone help me find/write a sheet for this? FWIW, here is the code that works for Firefox: @-moz-document url-prefix(https://mail.google.com), url-prefix(http://mail.google.com) { #ds_spam b { display: none; } } Thanks!
  5. RedZeppelin

    mini display problems

    Well, I would think that too if it weren't for the fact that A) the monitor is only a few months old, and (more significantly) B ) the same monitor is connected to my X-box 360 and I've never had so much as a flicker when using it with the X-box. I'm almost positive that problem is either with the mini or the DVI cable, but if it were the cable I don't think simply unplugging it and plugging it back in would solve the problem.
  6. RedZeppelin

    mini display problems

    I have my mini connected to an Acer 22" widescreen monitor via DVI cable. Under normal circumstances the display is brilliant, but lately I have been having lots of problems. First, the display began failing to appear after a reboot. I'd hear the startup chime and the mini sounded like it was booting up normally, but the display would remain dark. Usually a few reboots would eventually bring back the display. The the display started occasionally showing a bit of static that looks like the television used to when mom ran the sweeper while you were trying to watch cartoons as a kid. I've found that I can usually correct the problems by simply unplugging the DVI cable from the mini and plugging it back in, but it's getting very annoying. Any idea what may be causing it and how/if I can fix it? Thanks a million.
  7. I'm trying desperately to find a solution to my online music previewing dilemma. I recently started using an online music site called eMusic. Like Amazon and other sites that sell music, they offer short previews of their songs. After previewing a lot of music lately on my Mac, I find I'm running into headaches regardless of which method I use. Here's what I've run into so far: Option 1: Preview using iTunes. If I open the preview clips in iTunes I get two headaches: 1) I have to go back and delete all of the preview entries in my library when I'm finished, and 2) When a preview finishes playing, iTunes automatically starts playing another track. Both of those problems were annoying the heck out of me, so I switched to... Option 2: Tell Firefox to open the preview clips in Quicktime. That solved problem number 2 above, because Quicktime will only play one preview then stop until I click another, but it brings up another headache: every preview clip I open via Quicktime leaves a desktop icon. So after previewing a bunch of song clips I have a desktop full of music icons that I have to delete. I tried using Safari instead of Firefox and I get the same problems. Please help! Is there a way to fix either of the options above so I can have pain-free music previewing, or is there another option I haven't thought of yet? I just want to be able to preview music quickly and easily with no library or desktop cleanup afterwards. Thanks.
  8. RedZeppelin

    System Maintenance software

    I'm currently using YASU as my main system maintenance program, but the one thing I don't like about it is there is no option to shut down after running it. Does anyone know of a maintenance program that gives you that option? I'd much rather start the program and then walk away as opposed to start it, log back in, then shut down for the night. Thanks.
  9. RedZeppelin

    iMic popping and cracking

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in the Hardware or Software forum since it deals with both. When I record a line-in signal via my iMic to Garageband I get constant pops and cracks in the recording. I can even hear it when I'm monitoring the recording. But when I record the same signal into Audacity it sounds just fine. Why don't the iMic and Garageband like each other? I did a GIS on the subject and found suggestions to update the iMic's firmware, but I can't find a firmware d/l on the dev's website, so I'm guessing those posts are old. Anyone have any idea how to fix this, or am I just going to have to forget using iMic with GB? Thanks.
  10. RedZeppelin

    DVD to AAC?

    I had no idea you could do that. Clever! I was also thinking about going the analog route and just recording the audio from my dvd player into GB real time. Heck, that might even be faster, considering how slow my wimpy mini is at ripping DVDs. It took about 8 minutes to rip a 6 minute track.
  11. RedZeppelin

    Very stupid Garage Band question

    I'm sure there is a way to do this but I haven't figured it out yet. How do I configure Garage band to open with my desired settings every time? I only use it to record vocals from my mic, and every time I open GB I have to delete the piano track from the default GB project, create a new track then set it to vocals with no effects, then turn off the metronome clicks. That gets old quick. Do I have to just create a new blank project with those settings then save it, or is there a "save settings on exit" command, or can it be done at all? Thanks.
  12. RedZeppelin

    DVD to AAC?

    I don't have a video iPod, but I'd like to put some songs from a few concert DVDs on my iPod. Is there a utility (or combination of utilities) that will let me rip single DVD tracks then convert them to audio-only AAC files? I know I can use Mactheripper to rip individual tracks to video files, but I can't figure out where to go from there. Thanks.
  13. RedZeppelin

    Review of Camino 1.0 from Wired

    I tried Camino because I was so disappointed with Safari, but even with Camitools, Camino doesn't handle adblocking and flashblocking nearly as well as Firefox. It does everything else well, but I'm just so spoiled from using Firefox that it drives me crazy now to see webpages full of adds and flashies, regardless of how fast the page loads.
  14. RedZeppelin

    Macs ARE more expensive.

    From what I've read, the Core Duo is approximately equivalent to the AMD Turion 64, which itself is only a bit faster than the Pentium D Dual Core (I'm no expert, though, so I could be wrong). You're probably just splitting hairs comparing the 2.8ghz D and the 1.8ghz Core Duo, as well as missing my entire point. I give up. :? /shrug
  15. RedZeppelin

    Macs ARE more expensive.

    You mean something like the Dell XPS400 with Pentium D dual core 2.80ghz processor, 19" Flat Panel monitor, 1 Gig ram, 160GB hard drive, 128MB ATI Radio card, and dual layer DVD burner for $999? I think you could probably find a webcam and wireless and bluetooth cards for well under $300. That's not even factoring in the cost of Apple care, which you would be insane not to get with an iMac given the cost of replacing the screen if it goes out. It's close, I'll grant you, and closer than it has ever been in the Mac/PC wars, but I stand by my argument. Apple has obviously recognized that a lot of potential buyers are scared away by the high prices, thus the "budget" iMac and mini machines. The only reason I have a Mac at all is because of the low priced mini. Now that I know the pleasure of using a Mac, I'll be willing to spend a few hundred more on my next Mac than I would for a comparable PC. That is the message we should be preaching to potential switchers, which was my original point.