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    London Mac Geek needed

    We're a small group of mac geeks working in and around the west end of London. We're getting very busy and we need a new trainee mac geek. Please see the jobs section of our site for details. http://www.rmstudio.co.uk
  2. RMStudio

    Target Disk Mode OSX Tiger Upgrade

    Yep I've done that a few times mostly without problems, once though on a 17" powerbook I started it up again and it came up with a no entry sign rather than the friendly apple logo (permissions problem) I seem to remember that being a problem with the HD though rather than the method.
  3. RMStudio

    boot from raid in tiger

    I have a few tiger servers with raided startup discs with no problems.
  4. RMStudio

    iBook G4 motherboard in iBook G3

    No way, not in the 12" anyway.
  5. RMStudio

    You've got...

    Hello How often does the pesky email get sent? is it every time you send and recieve or just once a day? Does it happen if the mail programe is not running? Also, do you have any Rules active? Ric
  6. RMStudio

    Running a second keyboard and mouse?

    Not sure it helps but have you thought of using Chicken of the VNC to control the other mac? This would allow you to run two different Macs but just one Keyboard and Mouse. If this doesn't help, yes you can attach two mice to the same system, in the same way that you can have a tablet running and still use the mouse. This can cause no end of amusement if you plug a mouse into your mates computer and occasionly move it around when he's working.
  7. RMStudio

    Connecting to University's FTP

    Oh yeh, thought they'd fixed that in an update of OSX.
  8. RMStudio

    Quark Unknown Error [-51]

    Has anyone seen the "Unknown Error [-51]" in Quark? I have a user that keeps getting it when he tries to save a document to either an AFP volume or locally. I've tried. Repairing permissions, Running Cocktail, fsck -f, Diskwarrior, Techtool Pro, Deleting the prefs. The last stage is to re-install the software. It doesn't happen on any other application or machine in the studio. This happens on the save as and the save menu items. Help would be much appreciated. Ric
  9. RMStudio

    Connecting to University's FTP

    you could try going to the GO menu in the Finder, click on connect to Server. Where it asks for server address type in ftp://"YourIPorFTPSiteAddress" and press connect. It should ask you for a user and password and you're away. Otherwise, download Fetch or Transmit and use them. Ric
  10. RMStudio

    f;slfjeifj;;eioij (HELP!!)

    I'd rather just use Firefox than reinstalling the whole system, but if you do, when you install the new system please please please don't install Norton. Its just rubbish.
  11. RMStudio

    Finder won't startup???

    I agree with bombadil , I've had the same problem on several of my macs and booting into safe mode once sorted it out. If I were you I'd boot into safe mode (hopefully it'll boot) then restart and do a fsck -f check then once its running normally download and run the pilot in Cocktail. I find doing an archive and install makes for a bit of a messy system and you often have to re authorise software like Quark and Creative Suit.
  12. RMStudio

    Xserve Question

    http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/appl...ntools1047.html Thats a link to download the server admin tools, if you have an earlier version you may have to search round the site to find the relevent one though. These sit on your local mac (on my macbook pro in my case) then you can connect to the server as jackt said by IP and password etc. They're are pretty self explanitory if your reasonable technical, I learnt everything from playing around on mine.
  13. RMStudio

    remote desktop at work

    hello I use ARD at all my clients offices to view servers mainly and individual macs if the need arises. Creating a new account isn't going to stop him seeing that account. I have a sysadmin account set on all of the machines I look after. This has admin privileges. It means that even if e.g.. Edward had an account on his powerbook, and he created a new account for his girlfriend Sarah I can still view her desktop as well as his. He should really send you a little package that you install onto your machine to set all of the relevant settings for ARD. This can be set to add a special admin user for viewing etc. Have you ticked the box "Show when being observed"? This'll put some little binoculars in the menu bar of your mac. If he is looking at your desktop the binoculars will appear in a screen. This is also a menu item that allows you to communicate with him I think. You should also know that with ARD he'll be able to run all sort's of reports on your mac, such as the time you've spent in each application! joshr's idea is a great one. You could also use a USB stick or iPod to store all you're bits on.
  14. Why on earth would you sort the Recent Items menu in Finder Alphabetically???? Surely it should be chronologically? Does anyone know how to change this?
  15. Not to worry, we'll chat another time.
  16. RMStudio

    How to Create a DVD from Avi's

    Will quicktime pro convert them? I think it will. Don't have any avi to check I'm afraid
  17. RMStudio

    PowerBook will not work on battery!

    Any chance you can try a different battery? If the same thing happens with the new one then I would have thought its the PMU. Make sure you've reset it.
  18. RMStudio

    Macbook battery/charging question

    I think I have a dud too. Mine won't even charge if its plugged in and I'm using it in some situations. No where near as good as my PB.
  19. RMStudio

    Run 2 Adobe Apps

    Don't think so, I have the same set up and no matter how hard I try I can't replicate your problem. Have you tried re-installing the apps?
  20. RMStudio

    OS X VNC

    I have to disagree, Apple Remote Desktop is the best, Chicken of the VNC is the best free one.
  21. RMStudio

    How to Choose SEND FROM Account in Mail.app

    No, but if you only want to send from one address, put that email address in the from portion of the account setup. You can make one more prevelent than the other too by moving it to the top of your accounts list
  22. RMStudio

    MacBook Pro : Speaker Distortion

    I have the same issue although i didn't know about it when I bought one. The right speaker is terrible. I'm sending mine back, but till then I've put all the sound on the left speaker.
  23. RMStudio

    Monitoring a desktop over internet

    There is a built in VNC server on macs. Go into sharing turn on Apple remote desktop, in the screen that appears, tick the box that says allow VNC viewers to see this mac and give it a password. If you're not in the same subnet (or house probably in your case) you'll have to forward port 5900, (think thats the one) to her computer from her router. You don't have to open any ports on your maching or modem. Then from her machine type "Whats my IP" into google and find out her external IP address, that's the one the you type into the host field. You should also be aware that unless she has specifically asked for an static IP from the service provider her external IP will change from time to time. Hope that helps a little.
  24. RMStudio

    Port Forwarding

    Another silly question, are trying to go to that address from inside your firewall? Coz I can get to it fine. You'd have to set up DNS for it to work from inside the firewall. I get this JTS Home Introduction This is the homepage of my personal web server, JTS. It has awesome things that I make. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get Port Forwarding to make it publicly viewable. I may eventually figure it out, though. Is that correct? Ric