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  1. Hi, I have given my son my old iPhone 6 since when I got the new 7 pus. Here is the problem: He will be in the middle of a game and then all the sudden the game shuts down and the screen just turns into different colors. So, he turns it off and back on and it asks for a 6 digit code when he only has a 4 digit code set. This is the second time it happened. The first time we had to wipe the phone back to new and re set it up, then we did a restore from the last backup. The second time it happened we were getting ready to go through the process again and all the sudden the touch ID worked and it came back on. Any thoughts? Originally started using iOS 10 and is now upgraded to 10.1.1 when this second instant occured Thanks, Larry
  2. Hi, I am getting ready to transfer data on to my new hard drive from a failing one in my early 2008 macbook. I have a good clean copy of the drive on super duper. Do I need to have the operating system on the new hard drive before dragging and dropping the super duper clone on it? Running mountain lion 10.8.3 Thanks
  3. larrycherrin

    How to verify cloned back up?

    I just made a backup from Carbon Copy Cloner & I want to verify it's a bootable. How do you restart your mac from that particular drive the back up is on? Thanks