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    location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    I don't have an Images subfolder under Library. Is this a default path in the Sierra OS?
  2. Robin in Short Pump

    location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    I thought I updated my photo in my user profile on my new MacBook Pro. Indeed, most of the time I see the new photo on my lock screen, but once in a while the old, horrible webcam photo appears. Where can I locate this old photo and get rid of it forever? I Googled, found some crazy-deep path that must have applied to an older OS version, because the folder was empty. Robin
  3. Robin in Short Pump

    location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    Hi Seth, I'm going to need more detail than that. I found a VAR folder but it's not in Library. I'm not finding a path like that.
  4. Robin in Short Pump

    Setting up Touch ID on MacBook Pro

    I just bought a MacBook Pro. I enabled Touch ID when I initially set up the computer. I restored from the clone backup of my old computer (same OS-Sierra) but I guess because the old one didn't have Touch ID, it overwrote that, or whatever. In any case, it's no longer set up. Now I want to set it up again and I'm running into a problem. It tells me auto login must be turned off (which it is, I log in with a password or my Apple Watch). I Googled around and if I understand what I'm finding, I have to turn off Filevault first. Is decrypting my files (temporarily) a big deal? (ie does it take a long time?). I don't know what it entails. And then of course, when I'm done, I'd have to turn Filevault back on and encrypt them again. Has anyone been through this before? Thanks Robin
  5. We use Apple Pay whenever and wherever we can. We've been to 4 local Panera Bread locations and Apple Pay doesn't work at any of them (for me, anyway) or success is spotty. One location told me, after I'd had yet another payment declined, that oh yeah, you have to use the other terminal, this one doesn't work. It's not my card, it always works when I use it manually. Panera is the only place my Apple Pay doesn't work. So do I contact the retailer? the bank? Apple? What incentive does the retailer have to make sure their terminals work right? I assume they have some way of knowing how many sales are paid for with Apple Pay, but if my card is declined every time, would they know that I'm trying?
  6. Robin in Short Pump

    Need video conversion help

    My daughter sent us a .mov video from her iPhone. My mother wants it on her digital picture frame. The frame requires MP4 files. After trying several free apps, most of which placed watermarks on the video, my husband was able to make the conversion with Handbrake, but the video needs to be rotated 90degrees. For some reason, Handbrake changed the orientation from vertical to horizontal. Did he miss a setting in Handbrake? Or is this normal? Is there another app out there that will rotate it? I tried bringing it into PS CS5 extended, but I think all I got was the first frame. Thanks for your help. Robin
  7. Robin in Short Pump

    Outdated OEM software

    Thanks for your response, John. I was concerned about the lack of serial number. I don't expect Apple to offer any support on this old version, I don't expect to be able to use it as an upgrade path (which probably doesn't exist with this product line, anyway). As long as I can run it, I'm ok with it. Robin in Short Pump
  8. Robin in Short Pump

    Outdated OEM software

    I just bought a sealed copy of iLife '09 from a vendor with a very good rating on eBay. It is an OEM version, not to be sold separately. Text on the CD is in English, but the packaging is in Spanish. There is a sticker on it that says "Warranty void if removed" and is dated 2/15/2011. Is it legal for me to install this? Robin in Short Pump
  9. Robin in Short Pump

    Audiobook vs Podcast behavior

    Let's say I've got a few MacCast episodes on my iPhone and I'm trying to catch up. When one episode ends, the next one starts up automatically. I want this behavior when I'm listening to audiobooks we have imported into iTunes from discs. It's not happening. When one disc ends, I have to manually start the next disc. This is not what I want to do when I'm driving on the freeway. Is there a setting in iTunes that we're missing? My husband is my resident iTunes "expert" and he says podcasts and audiobooks work differently, but even he cannot figure out how to make the audiobook discs just play from one to the next. Thanks for your help! Robin in Short Pump
  10. Robin in Short Pump

    Audiobook vs Podcast behavior

    I would expect that 47 hours of listening time is not what I'd want to put in one file. So even if it broke that down to 4 files (and I'm presuming that I still have to start each file manually, nobody here has said yet that you don't) 4 times in 47 hours is better than once every hour which is about what I'm looking at now. Thanks for the Audiobook Builder recommendations, I'll go get it for my future books. Robin in Short Pump
  11. Robin in Short Pump

    Audiobook vs Podcast behavior

    As I said, we've been inputting the discs into iTunes, combining tracks on each disc, ending up with one file/track/episode whatever you want to call it, for each disc. We rename each disc so that they're consistent and numbered, and run one of Doug's Applescripts for iTunes, make bookmarkable, which makes them look like audiobooks to iTunes (rather than music) and puts them in the audiobooks folder. And then we put them in a smart playlist and sync to my iPhone. My husband mentioned the Audiobook builder app to me last night and I will explore it. Can you listen to the whole audiobook without stopping with that app? In the meantime, since we've already imported all 40 discs and I sure don't want to do that again, is there anything else we can do to make each of these "tracks" play without stopping? Thanks Robin in Short Pump
  12. Robin in Short Pump

    Problems with Parallels 4 build 3810

    I had no problem upgrading from Parallels 3 to 4. When build 3810 was released, I had a problem where the installer just hung up (for hours) and after a couple-3 tries with the same result, I gave up. I couldn't find an acceptable answer on the Parallels forums or anywhere else. Ever since then, every time I start Parallels I get a pop-up box telling me I need to update to 3810, when I click install I instantly get this message "Unable to connect to the Parallels update site. Check your internet connection and try again." There's nothing wrong with my internet connection. So after a couple of times of this, I now cancel the "install" and enter the virtual machine and have no problems thereafter. The next problem I have with this is when I'm starting Parallels and I'm NOT connected to the internet. I get a pop-up box telling me my copy of Parallels 4 is not registered (it is), yada yada yada. I cancel out of that, enter the virtual machine and have no problems thereafter. These are merely annoyances, true, but when I go to "about Parallels" it tells me I'm running build 3810! It's crazy. The reason for this post is 1) to find out if anyone else has this problem or something similar, and 2) to find out if I should be able to install the next update (whenever that's released) without having a good install of 3810. That's presuming I won't have any problems with the installer next time LOL. Robin