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    Cooking software

    Software should probably be kept at room temperature. Cooking software will provide no benefit and may screw it up.
  2. macFanDave

    Show 199 - 2007.09.13

    Just a little variation on a theme: I made a Downloads folder and put it in my Public folder (not Documents as Adam mentioned.) This way, other users on my machine can have access to the files and apps I downloaded from the Internet. I prefer to install apps when I am logged in as an Administrator, but I almost always surf as an ordinary User. (I know I can install apps as a User if I enter the Admin userid/password, but I still like to log in as Administrator to do that.) Just a slightly different way to do things that some of you might find helpful.
  3. macFanDave

    Ring tones for iPhone

    I made my own ringtone with QT Pro by using "New Audio Recording..." and saving it as "Movie to MPEG-4". Then, I used MakeiPhoneRingtone to get it into the Ringtones folder (I bought one ringtone to set up the infrastructure. It may be just as easy as adding a folder called "Ringtones" in my iTunes Folder, but if there is any more secret mojo, my 99 cents will have been well spent.) I'm using iTunes 7.4.1 on a PowerMac G5 (2 x 2GHz) (This is a PowerPC, not Intel box).
  4. macFanDave

    Sudden loss of available drive space

    1) Use Monolingual to get rid of language resources you don't use. I've seen situations happen where someone has recovered over 2 gigabytes simply by getting rid of the language resources for ones he doesn't know. 2) Are you a .Mac subscriber who keeps a local copy synchronized with the iDisk out there in the ether? IF so, you may have suddenly lost 9 GB of local hard drive space since Apple has given us 9 GB more on the ethereal disk. The synchronized local copy may be "sparse", that is, it won't take up the whole 10 GB if only a small fraction is used. 3) Get rid of the Microsoft Office Test Drive and the iLife Trial. Don't screw with the "shareware" versions of these well-known programs -- buy what you like and install only the components you will use. 4) If you are not a developer and have no interest in becoming one, well, you suck! No, just kidding! A while back, Apple used to provide a developer tools disc in case you want to do that, but I wonder if they are just installing it anyways. If you have a root level folder called Developer (or something like that), and you don't want to use it, then you can recover several GB's by deleting that.
  5. macFanDave

    Top 10 Reasons to Switch

    about #3. I've been playing with Automator and it definitely makes scripting MUCH easier. Now that it is so much more useful (to a wider audience), I'll bet more third-party developers will embrace this technology. This could really distinguish the Mac platform once again from Windows and *nixes. History has shown that once Apple innovates, the also-rans start to copy it. Automator is going to be the most obvious feature that we are see being copied. (Spotlight is a great entry in the crowded field of desktop search and Dashboard is a great implementation of Desktop Accessories, but Automator is really unique, as far as I know.)