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    Rare Lime Clamshell iBook

    Hey everyone! I've got an older and super rare key lime green clamshell ibook that's maxed out and ready for a new owner. I currently have it up for sale on eBay, but if it does not sell there I would be willing to take offers here. All of the information on the laptop can be seen here Thanks!
  2. appleinfl

    Rare Lime Clamshell iBook

    It will from Tiger, but Leopard requires a G4.
  3. I have a Mac Mini with a 1.5Ghz Core Solo, 80GB HD, 2GB RAM, and Snow Leopard. Let me know if your interested.
  4. appleinfl

    Clamshell iBook's

    Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, they will run classic fine. I would happily install a copy for you. Just PM me. Thanks!
  5. appleinfl

    Clamshell iBook's

    I currently have a few used but in good condition iBook Laptops available for sale. All of them are ready to go with wireless cards, charger, battery, ^GB hard drive, 192MB Ram, Mac OS X 10.3, Microsoft Office, iTunes, iPhoto, Etc. I have both Blueberry and Tangerine available. Will come with a Charger and a working battery. They do have a few cosmetic issues such as an ID# from the school I got them from written on the bottom and some have small cracks around the apple logo beneath the display. If your interested, I can email you pictures of a specific one and you can be the decider
  6. So here's the deal, I need money to go marine science camp this summer. So I need to sell my Airport Extreme and Lacie 300GB brick hard drive. Both items are about a year old and are both in perfect shape. I still have the original packaging and manuals for both. I take good care of my stuff. I'm including the Lacie HD that I use for backup and sharing files on the network. This is an incredible deal! The airport is worth $192 with tax and I bought the hard drive for $100. I'll sell the Airport only for $160 and the Hard Drive for $65.
  7. appleinfl

    Powermac G4 Tower

    Selling my gently used Powermac G4 tower that I no longer use. It still runs great with Tiger and Office. Has a 400MHz G4, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD, CD/DVD Drive as well as a zip drive. I can send pictures if you'd like. Just make me an offer. Thanks!
  8. appleinfl

    I need an iMac G4 Logic board

    The logic board in my iMac died and I am in desperate need of a new one. I'm looking for a 17 inch 1Ghz board. Let me know how much you want for it. Thanks!
  9. appleinfl

    iMac G3 Blueberry

    Selling my beloved slot-loading iMac G3 with 350MHz G#, upgraded CD-RW drive, upgraded Ram to 768MB, upgraded HD to 20GB, Includes OS X 10.3 Panther as well as iLife. I even have the original CD's and documentation. I replaced the keyboard and mouse with a white apple pro keyboard and mouse set a while back. I can also include this for a little extra. Price negotiable. if you have any questions. Thanks!
  10. appleinfl

    iMac G4 17" LCD

    I have a display pulled from an iMac G4 1Ghz machine. I can't verify if it works or not, but I'm guessing it works fine. No scratches on LCD. This will work ONLY on 1 or 1.25 GHz models. The connector is different on the 700 & 800 MHz models.
  11. appleinfl


    I have an original apple mouse for a Macintosh classic that I'd sell for $10 plus shipping.
  12. appleinfl

    iMac Blue Delmation won't start up.

    Nope. Any Idea where I can get a new logic board as I really want to get this thing running.
  13. Just got a used iMac G3 Blue Dalmation with a strange issue. As soon as I turn it on, I get the flashing question mark. The first thing I did was to boot it up in target disk mode. And to my surprise, the HD showed up on my PowerBook G4 when connected via FireWire. I was even able to boot up panther off of the HD in the iMac on the PowerBook. So next thing I did was to replace the HD and try to install OS X. The problem is that when I hold down the option key to select the install CD, it shows up but when I click on it and hit the select button, the CD disappears and it pops up a few seconds later. So I can't even boot from a CD. I've tried from both the internal CD drive and an external DVD drive. I've even replaced the PRAM battery & that didn't help. I have posted this on the apple forms as well but they were no help. Check my posting on Apple's site to see if I've already tried your soloution. Any help would be great as this machine is making me pull my hair out! thanks! Apple discussion is here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...65&tstart=0
  14. appleinfl

    External USB drive has become invisible!

    That's one weird issue. I've had problems like this with my Lacie drives before as well. Try copying all the content on the HD to the machine that sees it and reformatting the drive in disk utility. This should do the trick.
  15. appleinfl

    TV For Sale

    I've got a barely used 40GB TV that was given to me for Christmas last year. It's been barely used and still looks brand new. I'm looking for $200 but I'm willing to negotiate for a reasonable price. Still in the original packaging including the original wrapping on the remote. Please contact me at dylanbyrnes@gmail.com
  16. appleinfl

    pissed off!

    You could als use an app called Pacifist. This app will let you install any package without checking system requirements. It will work fine in demo mode. http://www.charlessoft.com/
  17. appleinfl

    Intel Mac & Fonts

    I Have A New Mac Mini & When I Open Word It Annoys My By Telling Me That Some Of My Fonts Are Damaged & To Delete Them I've Checked Them In Font Book But They Seem Fine. What's Happening?
  18. appleinfl

    Quicktake 150

    Apple Quicktake 150 For Sale. In Great Condition, Has Small Engraving in corner. I'm not sure if it works. I think it just needs new NiCad Batteries. Everything is included, including the box. Only the download cable is missing. I'm willing to negotiate the price but I'd like somewhere from $70-$99.
  19. appleinfl

    Duplicates & iPhoto 6

    Does anyone know if there is there any way to find duplicate photo's in iPhoto 6? If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks!
  20. appleinfl

    Amazing Site

    I just found an awesome site that has amazing desktops check it out at http://homepage.mac.com/dylanbyrnes/DB%20S...bsite/index.htm
  21. appleinfl

    Amazing Site

    If you look on the features tab of the ipod nano page on apple.com they claim hat it does hod 25,000 photos
  22. appleinfl

    Amazing Site

    What Microsoft one???
  23. appleinfl

    HTML Error

    Whenever I export a pages of word document to HTML for my website, Everything gets jumbled up once I open it up as a local page on my hard Drive or uploaded on my .Mac. Please Help Me!