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  1. Not really a New Mac Geek, just not active in the forum

  2. JoshNippon

    Things I wish the iPhone would do...

    Custom alert sounds for different events. Just like.... wait for it..... OS X!!!
  3. JoshNippon

    Reading PDF on an iPhone or iPod Touch

    Just use AirShare. You can read PDF and almost any Office file as well.
  4. JoshNippon

    Hacking .3gp or AAC file tags

    I live in Japan and use iMode as my wireless internet protocol. If you're not familiar it's cHTML based. You can Google it easily. I've found out how to convert a segment of a track to the right format and get it to my own site for DL. The problem is I need to figure out how to get into the tags of the file so I can tag it for Ring Tone: Available Any ideas? Thanks in advance peoples.
  5. JoshNippon

    Red iPod nano

    Obviously Bono would be all about it.. it's HIS campaign, (PRODUCT) RED. He rounded up all the companies including Gap, Motorola, and of course Apple, along with several others.
  6. JoshNippon

    Rip audio from AVI file.

    BRILLIANT! I love it! EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks heaps :!:
  7. JoshNippon

    Rip audio from AVI file.

    I'd like to rip the audi from an AVI file and save as MP3 or AAC. Any ideas? I'm clueless. Thanks.
  8. I tried the Bonjour for XP solution from a similar post just a couple below this one, and it worked fine. My HP PSC1350 is connected by USB to my iMac. I loaded the Bonjour app on the Wintel and it offered to install the iMac printer as soon as I launched it.
  9. I am trying to share my USB local printer on my iMac (iSight 10.4) and access it via wifi with my Gates & Co. XP notebook. I tried adding a network printer but it doesn7t see it, I thnk b/c it's not set right on the OS X side... :? All I have done so far is set printer to sharing. Is there anyting else I need to worry about on the OS X or Wintel side to get it to work? Thanks in advance.