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  1. So I have an iMovie for iOS question I'm hoping to get some help on. Apple replaced my daughters iPhone recently and we restored everything from backup. So far it looks like everything restored EXCEPT her iMovie Projects. We have all the videos and source files, but NONE of the projects are there. She stored the project file locally on the iPhone (not on iCloud Drive). I have looked through the entire backup file using iMazing and I can see nothing that indicates where the local iMovie projects are stored. It's not a devastating loss for just annoying. At this point I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. Seems like if you want to keep your iOS iMovie projects (and back them up) you have two options. 1) Store the project files in iCloud Drive or 2) Export the project files from iMovie to iTunes or iCloud Drive manually. They are NOT backed up automatically iniCloud backup nor are they backed up if you do an iTunes backup. Does this seem correct?
  2. Start up MacBook Pro 2011

    So what was the ultimate resolution of this? Did it end up being the cable?
  3. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    John makes a VERY good point here. You can make all the cases you want for why the technology is better, simpler, easier, and will save you money. At the end of the day it's the people who have to benefit (or feel like they're benefiting). Most end users probably won't care if they lose productivity because they don't know how to use a Mac (and aren't interested in learning). The beast you know and all… I assume you're just making the case for Macs being an option? These days there are very few reasons (beyond IT not wanting to support Macs) why you can't run a mixed environment. The one exception is if you just have an application or system that 100% doesn't support Macs. For many things though, office documents, email, etc. it should be just fine.
  4. upgrading a 24” iMac to an SSD

    Wow. Yeah totally makes sense the magnets would be an issue when trying to place a screw or stick a screwdriver anywhere near there. I'm guessing at the depot or the Apple Stores they have a special tool just for dealing with this,
  5. downloading albums

    Hey Chris, sorry for the very late reply on this. Is this issue happening for Apple Music albums or is this stuff that you own and have uploaded? I have had this happen and always fixed it by selecting all the tracks in the library, for both "albums", and then choosing 'Edit > Get Info…' (Command+I). You will get a warning that you are about to edit multiple items, but just click 'OK'. Now just go through and make sure 'Album Title' in the 'Details' tab and the 'album' values in the 'Sorting' tab are all EXACTLY the same. Make especially sure the 'sort as' value for the album in the sorting tab is set. When you click OK the album should be all back together in iTunes. Good luck.
  6. Who do you contact when Apple Pay doesn't work at retailer?

    Apple does have an Apple Pay section on their support site. I would say start there. There does seem to be a link on that page, near the bottom, called "Help me with Apple Pay" with a link for customers. Clicking that starts a help "wizard". I don't know if there is path to get you connected with a real person. If that doesn't work also at the bottom the same screen is an "Apple Pay Feedback" section and link. It does take you to a form and one of the options is, "I'm a customer and Apple Pay did not work as expected", so maybe that will work. Personally I can tell you at more and more retailers I'm being told Apple Pay doesn't work. This includes some retailers where I've used Apple Pay in the past. To make things worse, often the clerks will also add, …"but Samsung Pay works". It's annoying. I think Apple has a SERIOUS Apple Pay issue at retail. It's all fine and great that they have bank and credit card company support, but if it doesn't work at the point of sale then the whole thing is a failure. Apple really needs to become a better partner with retailers in my opinion.
  7. That time of the year!

    Hey, thanks man. Another year gone by quick.
  8. Podcasts that us MacGeeks listen to

    It's been a while, so I'm going to update some of my list: Reply All StartUp Invisibilia This American Life The Laracasts Snippet (Laravel/PHP programming)
  9. DNS on the router or the computer?

    No @Waldo Pepper. If you manually enter the DNS addresses into the Network Setting in System Preferences on the Mac (under Advanced…), then those are the DNS setting that will be used (not the ones from the DNS router). It's actually one way you might get around DNS filtering/blocking on specific network. For example here is how its looks configured locally on my Mac for using the OpneDNS servers: Just remember that these are set per interface, so if you also use a wired Ethernet connection you'd need to set them there too. All this said, at home I have the OpenDNS setting set up on my router so that all Macs/Devices in my home network are using OpenDNS. The main reason is because my cable ISPs DNS (Cox) has proven to be slow and unreliable in the past. That, and OpenDNS does automatic blocking of know hacked and attacked websites.
  10. AppleID is OUT of control

    Wow, that sounds like a major PITA. Unfortunately due to all the heightened hacking and spyware/malware attacks on OS X and iOS this seems to be the world we're heading toward. Still I too am not a big fan of any company "forcing" security and protection measures on customer. Give me the option, but don't force it. If someone wants to be careless with their security/privacy then it's their choice.
  11. Reverting to earlier iOS?

    Just for clarity @Huskermn that warning is in regards to the next point release of iOS, so you should be safe going from 10.3.X to another 10.3.X. It's when Apple moves to 10.4 that they will drop support for old 32-bit apps and they will stop working.
  12. Text Wrangler vs Visual Studio vs bbEdit

    I VERY much agree on the " there are better editors" statement. I'm a big fan of SublimeText and really Xcode is pretty awesome and free.
  13. which Macbook Air

    Ok, I've adjusted some of the storage limits a bit so hopefully you can upload now.
  14. which Macbook Air

    Thanks for all the updates @johnfoster! Let me look into why you're being blocked on uploading files. Possibly a limit I have set in the forum settings.
  15. Bluetooth Continuity/Handoff

    Hey @Francis_Reyes, I tied doing this on my old 2011 MacBook Pro and was never really successful, but it's supposedly possible. The tool that was recommended is https://github.com/dokterdok/Continuity-Activation-Tool. It looks like they say this is "mostly working" with macOS Sierra. When I tried it I remember it being really important to get the correct dongle as only certain ones seem to be supported. If you do try and get it working can you report back here to let us know? Thanks.