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  1. Roll

    Where is the 128Gb iPad?

    Thanks I knew I wasn't going nuts. I know its a low key release but no mention on the main part of the site, in the tech specs or on the compare models section let alone the store seems really odd!
  2. Roll

    Where is the 128Gb iPad?

    Or did I just imagine that Apple released one today? Nothing on their site or store. No resellers seem to mention it. Not really in the market for one just now, just very curious to find out more and strange I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Hi, my Intel Mac has gone back for Applecare repairs and I am using my G5 PowerPC tower running 10.5.8. Can I install the GM 4.2.1 on a new iPad directly from this machine? I read on the dev site that you need 10.6.4 for the SDK but will the iOS update install without hassle using iTunes 10.1 with no SDK present?