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  1. philroy

    Allow LAN but restrict Internet?

    Thanks, John. Apparently parental controls has come a long way since the last time I looked at them. The last time I bothered to check, I didn't have much control, so I didn't even bother to look in that direction. My solution was to basically just shut off internet access altogether for my preteen son. I'll do some digging ... Thanks again, -- phil --
  2. Hi all - My family's stable of Apple devices just grew by one today when my 7-year-old daughter purchased an iPod Touch with Toys R Us gift cards and birthday and Christmas money. Understandably I don't want her having full access to the internet, so I have her blocked at our Airport Extreme base station. As I understand it, timed access on the Airport Extreme is either all or nothing, but I was wondering if I had missed something. Is there a way to allow her access to the LAN without allowing access to the internet with the Airport Extreme, or would I have to start looking at other solutions for that? If it's not possible with the Airport Extreme, does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this? Thanks, -- phil --
  3. philroy

    Need hard drive advice for iMac G5

    I placed my order for 2 Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB drives today -- 1 for the iMac, and another as a backup/clone drive. Now I just need to get an enclosure for the backup drive (currently I'm torn between a NewerTech miniStack v. 2.5 or v. 3 from OWC similar to the v. 2 IDE/PATA miniStack that I already have or another enclosure that has at least FireWire 400). Point is, for no more than about $250 (assuming I go for the $100 v. 3 miniStack), I will be able to keep the iMac running for the foreseeable future. As you can tell, I try to squeeze every drop of usefulness out of my machines. Thanks for pointing out that the total cost of ownership and the usefulness of a Mac over its (usually long) lifetime is well worth the seemingly higher price on the front-end. That's a fact that I just can't get through to my Windows-loving brethren. -- phil --
  4. philroy

    Need hard drive advice for iMac G5

    Thanks again for the help, John!
  5. philroy

    Need hard drive advice for iMac G5

    Thanks for the advice, John! Do you know anything about that Samsung drive? I'm tempted to just go with a WD or a Seagate, but I found a really good deal on that Samsung. Where exactly is this jumper located? Sorry to hear about your G5 iMac. I have already replaced the power supply in mine, and I thought that was the problem again this time. The kids will more than likely inherit this one as a full-time game machine for them once I upgrade to a new iMac. Thanks again for your help! -- phil --
  6. Hi all - Well I found out today that the Maxtor 6B250S0 250GB hard drive that came with my 2005 20" iMac 2.0GHz G5 (ALS) is beginning to fail (at least that's what the S.M.A.R.T. status is telling me, and it would explain why my fans have been going absolutely crazy lately), so I'm thinking it's time to replace it. Fortunately it hasn't completely died on me, and I have a fairly recent backup even if it does. I wanted to get advice from you guys on what drive would work best for the G5 iMac. I was looking at the Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB and 500GB drives as a replacement since they seem to have lower power consumption, but I saw a deal today on the Samsung Spinpoint F3 and wondered if it might work. Any recommendations? Any idea what drive would be a safe bet for the iMac? I want to make sure I don't get something that is going to run too hot. I'm not really ready to pull the trigger on a new Mac, but I would like to do it soon, so I'm torn with whether to get a larger (1TB or bigger) drive for this machine or a 500GB drive. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help, -- phil --
  7. philroy

    Backup Strategies

    Hi all - I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but here goes. I am going to be updating my 2GHz G5 iMac (mid-2005 ALS) to Leopard in the next few days, and having access to Time Machine has given me a reason to rethink my backup strategy. Currently I am doing a clone backup of my 250GB internal SATA HDD to an external 200GB IDE/PATA HDD in an OWC NewerTech miniStack v1 FireWire/USB enclosure. I haven't yet hit the 200GB limit of the external drive, but it may not be too long before that's the case. Here are the goals for my backup strategy: external clone of my system drive TimeMachine backup of my system drive -- what's a reasonable size for TM backups? possible weekly clone of my system drive for offsite storage use external enclosures that maximize my desktop space -- stacked miniStacks? I realize my current 1-backup-drive system already has one flaw, that being that it violates jwz's backup strategy rule of having the clone drive be of the same size and type as your internal drive. Given these parameters and the fact that I don't want to break the bank -- I'd love to get a Drobo, but I just can't justify the expense right now -- what would be your suggestions for a backup strategy -- drive sizes, enclosures, kinds of backups, etc.? Would it be worth installing a larger internal drive and determining external drives from there? Thanks for your help, -- phil --
  8. philroy

    Installing Tiger on iMac G3?

    Thanks, roog! I have a little more work ahead of me than just popping in the drive (since the 2 machines are still gutted with pieces lying in a cardboard box), but it gives me an idea of what to expect for the OS install.
  9. philroy

    Installing Tiger on iMac G3?

    I'll have to double-check, but I don't think either of the G3 iMacs (bondi blue and strawberry) have FireWire ports. Also, there was only one hard drive in the parts I was given, and it does not have an operating system on it at all. I do have an OWC Universal Drive Adapter cable -- http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20Wor...uting/USB2PATA/. Could I install the OS from the G5 to the G3 drive using the cable and then install the drive in the G3? -- phil --
  10. Hi all - I "inherited" an iMac G3 with a G4 processor upgrade from a friend at work (actually I got 2 of them from him, with only enough parts between the two to build one machine). I am about to upgrade my iMac G5 to Leopard, which will leave me with a Tiger license I can put on the G3, but since the Tiger install is on a DVD, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to be able to do the install on the G3. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Covert DVD to CDs? External optical drive? What are my options? Thanks, -- phil --
  11. philroy

    home accounts software

    Lucas - The post that joshr referred to is mine, so I thought I would provide a list of the applications I'm currently looking at. I haven't really formed any opinions yet, but I'm trying to stay away from Quicken after having been a long-time Quicken for Windows user. MoneyWell - not really a full-blown accounting or personal finances package, but more of a cashflow/budgeting application; looks quite nice, though iBank - so far it seems to be the Quicken replacement for the Mac MoneyDance - this one is also similar to Quicken in many respects Cha-Ching - slick looking app, but I haven't had a chance to really give it a serious look Hope that helps, -- phil --
  12. philroy

    Finances/Bugeting software

    Thanks for the suggestions, josh. I tried a very early beta of Cha-Ching once, and it didn't offer the features I needed at the time. It's probably time for me to give it another run.
  13. philroy

    Finances/Bugeting software

    Hi all - I searched around in the forums, and it's been over a year since anyone asked about software to track finances and budgets. I'm a pre-switch Quicken for Windows user from way back, and I actually tried using Quicken Mac 2005, but for one reason or another, I just never kept up with it (something that would not have happened in the Windows version I was using). I think the biggest issue was that there seemed to be way too much "friction" when using Quicken Mac, so it was just way too painful to keep up with it every day, which played right into my lazy nature when it comes to my finances anyway. So, does anyone have any recommendations for good Mac financial software? It seems lately that my accounts are bleeding money, and it's time to get it under control again, and I just don't have the courage to spend $60+ for Quicken Mac just to get frustrated with it again. Hey, I gotta figure out how to save money to buy all those new Apple products somehow, right?!? Thanks, -- phil -- P.S.: I'm running a PPC-based iMac ALS, so running virtualized Quicken Windows isn't an option for me.
  14. philroy

    iPod Dock with USB & FireWire

    Actually, I was mistaken. The dock is one of the ones that uses the USB/FireWire iPod connector cable and is not "hardwired" into the back of the dock. Not that I think that matters, but I just wanted to make sure I accurately described the dock.
  15. Hi all - I have a USB/FireWire iPod dock that I use in FireWire mode with my 4GB iPod mini. This is the old version of the dock where the cables are "hard-wired" into the dock. The USB cable is not connected to my iMac. My wife just got a 2nd-gen iPod nano, and I was wondering if I could connect both the USB and the FireWire cable to the Mac. Does anyone know if this would cause problems, specifically in regards to the power used to charge the iPods? Any idea if the iPod mini would recognize the FireWire connection instead of the USB connection? Thanks for your help, -- phil --