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  1. 2farrell

    Found iPhone

    If you have an Apple Store nearby take it to them and they'll know what to do. Alternativly, call Apple and they'll walk you through what to do. It sounds like the phone has already been locked remotely? You can try doing a restore and at least the Serial Number would then show up in iTunes.
  2. 2farrell

    Multitasking while syncing!

    I have stumbled across a probably unintentional feature of the new iOS4. Background tasks still continue while syncing with iTunes. I had Pandora running and expected it to temporarily to halt but it continued to play music. You can't use the App unless you cancel syncing but I wonder what side effects there would be? I suspect one would be the App wouldn't be updated if there was one.
  3. 2farrell

    Who is sick of their iPhone?

    I have the odd dropped call (out of hundreds of calls a month) but I also spend a lot of time on it driving the 50K miles a year from North Carolina to customers around the SE US.
  4. 2farrell

    Purchase Advice

    Thanks for the info. I still haven't got one yet as my local Apple Stores are running out as quickly as they turn up. I don't want to order online as I'm usually on the road all week. When I call on the way home Friday I get told to check back Monday. I'm off mid June so I'll see what the order time is then. I suppose the upside would be some of the bugs would be fixed by the time I got mine?
  5. 2farrell

    How many Apple products do you own and why?

    It's funny Mac Mini isn't listed but Apple TV is. I have both but was curious why the Mini was omitted?
  6. 2farrell

    Purchase Advice

    Thanks, I do have an Amex Card (Platinum Delta Miles) so that is good advice. I'll take a look at my Amex terms, I'm not really clumsy but accidents do happen.
  7. 2farrell

    Purchase Advice

    When the iPad+3G comes out I will be getting the 64GB. However, I'm at a crossroads as whether or not to go to Apple and get Apple Care or go to Best Buy and get their Performance Service Plan (PSP). With Apple Care, it gives two years of support and normal defects but doesn't cover cracked screen if accidentally dropped. With Best Buy, it's more expensive than Apple Care but you get coverage if accidentally dropped. Downside is no Apple Phone Support Coverage after 90 days and if you make a claim which replaces the device then you have to buy coverage again. I've usually had good luck with Apple Care but I'll be taking this device on the road with me so hence my question.
  8. 2farrell

    Would you consider purchasing an iPad?

    When the 3G comes out I'll be heading down to the Crabtree Raleigh Apple Store to play with one. Something tells me I'll be walking out with at least one, maybe two if the wife is convinced (she still hates the name though).
  9. 2farrell

    Which iPad will you be buying?

    I'll probably get the 32GB +3G although I am keeping the possibility the 64GB would be an option given I travel a lot and would like some videos on it too. I have another 20 odd days at least since I'm just going to pick one up rather than pre-order.
  10. 2farrell

    What is your Favorite iPod?

    I'd have to second that.
  11. 2farrell

    AT&T Free Wi-Fi for iPhone Users

    Here we go again :- http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/internet...essing-wifi.jsp Hope this sticks. I'll try this out when I get to a hotspot but in the mean time anyone else want to check this out?
  12. 2farrell

    US iPhone in UK

    Well I finally JB'd my iPhone. Here's somethings I noticed. The UI seems faster with the non-Apple Apps store Apps installed. Also, Syncing seems a hell of a lot faster. Yesterday, 1025 photos took over 5 minutes to Sync. Today after I JB'd, it took less than 2 minutes.
  13. 2farrell


    I have noticed the same problem except what is really annoying, I have two dozen contacts with their own Custom Ringtones. I don't know why the Custom Ringtones aren't properly Sync'd to assign a special number code to each one?
  14. 2farrell

    US iPhone in UK

    Cheers guys.
  15. 2farrell

    US iPhone in UK

    Out of interest, what is the better, ZiPhone or Pwnage? Both seem to be straightforward but I read somewhere that with ZiPhone the iPhone can be un-Jaibroken if you need to take it in to Apple for repairs.