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  1. ok first off i would like to thank everyone who helped me with my last post. i have just brought a in car cd dvd player ( Clarion 486VD) and i can also connect my ipod to it but cant seem to get the video clip to play but can only get audio on the cd player do i need to format it into to another programme. yes i have brought the right cord for it. i have transfered the format with handbreak.
  2. ally

    Videos on to iPod touch

    thanks got it to transfer to mp4 and its showing up in itunes library but now i cant copy it to my ipod any ideas
  3. hi Just brought a iPod touch second hand and im not sure how to transfer my videos from my computer to iPod as i did not get a user guid with it. And do i need to use any formatting program for it or dose it take avi?