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    Apple vs. Windows Theory

    nice theory kenneth...i'd never be able to conjure enough of my brain power to think of something as witty as that....or be able to understand it.
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    Its currently under construction, because I think it was up yesterday..it just went down today I think the webmaster is working on something...
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    Please stop posting multiple times in a row, if you need to add something, edit your original reply. Thanks! Yes, This same user was on my forum, and my forum members are extremely upset with him and want him banned because he has a trend of posting very spammy comments just to up his post count. If you look at his post record...you might think differently or similarly.
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    you can all sign up for Teccion's Freebie package...or if you want to spend some money, you can get great features and support with out paid packages: http://www.teccion.com
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    How about $70? Tell me how much you got your Powerbook for and the "willing to pay" amonut might be higher and send me a picture and a recipt if you have a recipt of how much you got the Powerbook for. so I know its condition send pics to kensterator@gmail.com I just bought my PB so I don't think I will sell. However other possible sellers would need that info. PHEwwww.....wow...kenny...$70 for a powerbook....thats STEEEP!
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    Kenny....wtf are you doing???? I was surfing the Interweb when I found that you signed up for the forum.....is it to "u know what?" email me....
  7. please please please, View my forum, and, if you like it...sign up for it! THanks, http://amkouri.com/forum