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  1. Ok, so I am going to sell my 1G iPod touch to a friend of mine so I can have some money to buy the new 2G one. I just have a few questions:

    1. I know that with my backups of my iPod touch to my computer I can just plug my new touch in and everything will be re-installed on it. But I don't have to buy the 2.1 upgrade AGAIN do I?

    2. If I leave all my songs on my old iPod, what will happen when he syncs it up to his computer? - He is on Windows XP (not sure the SP) and I know he will have to reformat it but - will erase all the songs, or is there a way he can transfer them to his computer?, Will he still be able to retain the 2.1 software or will he have to buy it on HIS account for it to sync to the iPod?)

    3. Anything else I need to know?


    Thanks for your help.


    Apple Geek


    I assume you're using a mac to sync your ipod so when he goes to plug your old one into his computer it will have him reformat it for windows erasing everything.

  2. Hey there, I too am a full time web developer and designer ( and I still love getting feedback and tips for my own sites ). Looking over your site which seems nicely put together and thought out, there was just a few constructive points I could give you:


    W3C compliance.

    This is ever increasingly more important, make sure, if you can, that you site matches up to their validator, looking at your source I don't think there will be too much editing for you to do before it validates as XHTML compliant. Check out how you did at:



    Logo Design

    I think you've got the right approach here, just by spicing up the logo, your entire site will have a completely different feel. Having a smooth slick logo means everything to a new user.


    Try smoothing out your vectors a little and going for something slick.*hoho word repetition* I recommend something white without the embossed oval. If you're keen I can help you on the photoshop side of things.



    Just some quick tips for your CSS file, which on the whole seems pretty neat.


    make sure the 'a' class refers specifically to a:link or a:hover. You might also want to add in a:visited.

    They should be in this order:

    a:link, a:visited { }

    a:hover { }


    Dont forget that height 100% is a little buggy on most browsers at best, and your filter for the drop shadows isn't w3c standards compliant, you might want to look into alternative ways of generating that.


    Also, with your center wrap, make sure to include text-align:center; in there too, it'll help older browsers know what to do with the site. If you're doing that then also add in to your content div the clause: text-align:left; to ensure text doesnt splurge into the center uncontrollably.


    One last logo/css tip

    Try putting in the image as a background image to div, using the clauses display:block, background-image:url();, background-position:center top; etc. You can pop a link round it or include a javascript onClick() function.


    On the whole though, I would say top notch. Job well done :D


    Good luck with the site, hope it all works out!




    *edited for some spelling mistakes, probably missed some more as well :P


    WOW! Thank you very much for the help, SkippyChalmers


    I hAve taken most of your suggestions, and if you want to take a peak at the newly redesigned version, it is updated and ready for new critique.


    Thanks again! I will be slowly adding all of your suggestions as I get more time on my hands, but as of now, the site does not validate with the w3c checker for some reason... i dont really understand why... If anyone who knows that tool better than I can check it out...maybe they can explain it to me?

  3. Thank you for your very helpful advice. I will definately start spicing things up....but I kind of need to know what Im going to do first. I think I am going to get the new logo in place today, and then base the rest of the design from there.... is that a bad idea?


    thanks tho for your help!!!


    edit: we have the exact same number of posts as of now.

  4. Hey...


    I am starting a website that is going to be released to the public pretty soon called yourprizefree.com ;


    I know that so many of the users in this forum are experienced and talented web designers/surfers, so I was wondering if some of you could sign up for the site and help me test for any bugs/logistical errors. I will reimburse you for your efforts...


    the website is http://www.yourprizefree.com


    Even if you arent a webdesigner, I would like some feedback from an end users' perspective and sort of logistical or maybe even typography errors...


    At first glance, you may think this might be a scam, but it isnt...you have the admin of the site on this forum which you can contact at any time.


    I am going to ask you to submit support tickets if you notice something wrong with the site...


    Best of all....its free.... (And you will be given extra points for helping me and spreading the word!)




    (Also...feel free to PM me or email me at any time if you have some questions.) :rolleyes:

  5. I accidentally deleted last week's episode of 24 before I finished watching it. Does Fox sell their television shows online yet like ABC and NBC are doing now with iTunes?


    wasnt their a website that you could view all of them for free on? They were in QT format and completely free....there were a bunch of other TV shows there too like greys anatomy.

  6. I would be more of a fan of Payperclick advertising from a source such as YPN! Yahoo Publisher Network) on the forum and website instead of during the podcast. I noticed SUCH a difference with the download speeds with the new server!!!


    It was awesome!!


    What host are we using now?

  7. Have you tried listing your parts on eBay kenneth!?


    Also...you should be more specific about which parts you are willing to savage.


    If I were you I would make a complete list and then list prices as well.

  8. You can download 17 episodes of 24 and episodes from many other TV shows from here. But just so you know, i am not condoning (cough) pirating (cough) even though these are free...


    Enjoy everyone!


    You realize that is extremely illegal, right?

  9. How come I don't see any stickers on my apple products?


    Cause you like dont have apple products except like an iBook G3 combo drive...thats makes a lot of noise when you try and eject it in study halls.

  10. That is pretty pathetic.....youre posts are confusing, illogical, lame, uninformative, untrue, not helpful and spawned out of the top of your head. Dont ever waste your time (or anyone elses) making posts like these.