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  1. macSibbern

    OpenOSX Wintel 2.0

    It seems like OpenOSX has released a new version and they are beginning to actually ship "their" OpenSource Software...
  2. macSibbern


    I had the same problem earlier today and I was kind of stuck in a certain mail... Everytime I reopend mail, tried to delete the message or select another one: Mail.app just crashed! Then I got the message that there was an upgrade to Flip4Mac... After installing it I didn't have the problem with Mail.app anymore! And with Flip4Mac I really was able to view all the funny .wmv files before I delete them ;-))
  3. macSibbern


    Helo folks, In his last podcast Adam talked about Flip4Mac and that he doesn't know how well the actual version performs... I usually don't use WindowsMediaFiles, but sometimes a friend of mine sends little funny attachments in his mails to me... Many of those I was able to play vwith VLC, but some even that great App couldn't handle! So I tried the last Version of Flip4Mac and until now I didn't have any problems with wmv files no more. All the little funny videos played back... Anyhow, I don't use wmv very often, it's just nice to be able to view attachments before I trash them ;-)) Greets, MacSibbern
  4. macSibbern

    OpenOSX Wintel 2.0

    Hi Adam, You mentioned Wintel 2.0 from OpenOSX in your last show... I have found some articles about their claims beeing able to run Wintel Apps on Mac OS X for Intel CPUs with almost native speeds, but: I also found many articles around the web where people told the followong complains about OpenOSX: 1. They only sell OpenSource Software that the OpenSource community developed, 2. They don't seem to be able to ship Wintel 2.0, there are some people telling they already ordered and paid for Wintel 2.0 and OpenOSX just doesn't deliver anything. 3. Some people call Wintel 2.0 vapourware as OpenOSX didn't prove their claims! So can anybody tell what's true and what's untrue? Does anybody know if Wintel 2.0 really works and is deliverable?
  5. macSibbern

    New Macs Theory? Your opinions please!!

    I am almost sure the iBooks will be at least a little redesigned, because: - Apple is really into Widescreen Displays, - the iBook is the only Mac without a Widescreen Display (despite Mac mini and eMac) ;-)) - 1024 x 768 Pixels Resolution is way too few when the iBook has to compete with other (Wintel) Notebooks in that price range and with the same Chips inside!!!
  6. macSibbern

    Qestions about wating to buy MACBOOK PRO!

    Apple are moving for March, so I would expect April at the latest. Adobe are loosing a lot every day they don't have a Universal running for Intel customers. Is it really that much Adobe is loosing???? I really often hear from graphics professionals that they are still using OS 9! So why do you think Adobe would use that much money? Surely they wnat to get out their Universal Binaries as soon as possible, but they don't have so much to loose as Apple (beginning a transition and not beeing able to supply the professional applications)... Adobe has professional customers that are used to rely on their systems and software for some years. For them it's more important to have great features and not to support the newest CPUs... I think they needed some time to get AltiVec optimization in their Apps..
  7. macSibbern

    New Macs Theory? Your opinions please!!

    I hope you're right with the PowerMac's design overhaul, but I could imagine that Apple just uses the PowerMac G5 Tower Design an integrates some new stuff to it... The iMac and the MacBook Pro just seem to give enough hints on future deisgns... Considering the PowerMac G5 Quad I could imagine Apple showign us a Dual Core Duo (or more Cores) Intel based MacDesk or MacTower Pro in the actual PowerMac G5 Case! I really hope they will offer a little more mounting space for additional harddrives and perhaps something like the new raid features intel is integrating in their chipsets! I would appreceate it even more if Apple would integrate something innovative and usefull as RAID3 or RAID5 like Netcell's RAIDXL or SyncRaid in their new Pro Models. I believe we'll see somtehing new from Apple for Professionals and Prosumers around NAB 2006, but it seems to bee looking like the already known designs...
  8. macSibbern

    The I love my Mac song is great

    Daphne send me an email and told me that the I love my Mac (Tiger) song now is available in the iTunes Music Store (even in germany) So I purchased it, as I promised ;-)) You can get the song here: I love my Mac
  9. macSibbern

    Sync with Motorola SLVR L7

    I have tried a little more with my SLVR! As I mentioned above, my first one was a Vodafone (Germany) branded. By the way, Motorola answered and just told me: "Buy the PhoneTools for Windows or ask Apple for iSync support.... My dealer took the SLVR back when I told them my Bluetooth troubles. He said Vodafone (Germany) is well known for stripping down Bluetooth capabilities nowadays... So I was hoping for my unbranded SLVR... Today I just got it... and still, my PowerBook (Mac OS X 10.4.4) doesn't recognize any of the SLVR services... When I try to send other data to the SLVR (Pictures and Tunes) the Mac refuses to send it because he can't check the services. Because I can send the data to my Nokia 6630 (Vodafone Germany branded) and from there to the SLVR, the fault seems to be on the Mac's side. If my PowerBook would recognize the SLVR's Services or would not check those and just send it should work! Transferring data from the SLVR to the Mac always works! With iSync via USB I also had some trouble and found some solutions: - with the Vodafone branded SLVR and Mac OS X 10.4.3 I had to switch the phone to use the phone's Phonebook, - with the unbranded SLVR and Mac OS X 10.4.4 I had to switch the phone's USB connection from MemorySlot to Data/Fax Connection (SIM or PhoneMemory doesn't seem to matter her) in order to get reliable iSync connection via USB Because I banned all my Wintel Boxes (as servers) to my cellar when I switched to the Macintosh I hadn't found the time to test Wintel Bluetooth Connection with the unbranded SLVR until now! So what's to do? - I have to apologize Vodafone for suspecting them to "misshandle the Bluetooth part of their SLVR Firmware" - Apple has so check their Bluetooth Implementation simply because Nokia to Motorola Data (File) transfer works, Mac to Motorola not!!! - I have to check if Wintel to Motorola also works! - If it does I have do decide if I really will buy a Mac mini as MediaCenter in my living-room in the near Future (Perhaps around 01.04.2006) or (the least wished) AOpen Mac mini Plagiat (with Windows, iTunes, Salling Clicker) and switch from iPhoto to GraphicConverter and RSync to have all my digital content there... (By the way, does the AOpen has GigabitEthernet?)
  10. macSibbern

    Having watched the Keynote...

    If only it were true. We'll see in just a few months... Meaanwhile the rumor mill is catching up on iBooks and Mac minis specualations...
  11. macSibbern

    New iMacs and MacBooks - Good and Bad

    As far as I know the Core Duo is the Processor. Centrino is a label you are only allowed if you use Intel's whole Centrino bundle which contains now of: A Core Solo or Core Duo CPU, An Intel Chipset (don't remember the exact name) And Intel's WIFI Chips... So the MacBook Pro uses the same processor that is now contained in the new Centrino Bundles! That is not good. I want a desktop processor in my desktop. Do you want even less than 3 hours of battery life then? If it means that I get more power, than yes. But the former iMac G5 also just had a mobile processor built in! The IBM PowerPC G5 Apple used wasn't just effective (or cool) enough for beeing built into a PowerBook! Just the PowerMac G5 have real Desktop CPUs, so if you need that power, get such an Apple!!!
  12. macSibbern

    New iMacs and MacBooks - Good and Bad

    As far as I know the Core Duo is the Processor. Centrino is a label you are only allowed if you use Intel's whole Centrino bundle which contains now of: A Core Solo or Core Duo CPU, An Intel Chipset (don't remember the exact name) And Intel's WIFI Chips... So the MacBook Pro uses the same processor that is now contained in the new Centrino Bundles!
  13. macSibbern

    Having watched the Keynote...

    I believe in a Mac mini revamp, or smoething like the Mac mini, the rumored new digital hub with perhaps TVR and Front Row support. And I think there will be some new content announcement , something like more videos, perhaps feature films in the iTMS...
  14. macSibbern

    Keynote - Steve Jobs Health

    Or perhaps just dry air. He almost drank 2 full bottles...
  15. macSibbern

    New iMacs and MacBooks - Good and Bad

    I assume that the iBooks will get Intel Core Solo CPUs within the next month or two... Apple really had to do soemthing for the PowerBook, the last updates were really disappointing and the rest of the industry just flew away! But Steve just announced 1 MacBook Pro (in February) with 15" Display and there are still the 12" and 17" Models missing. In my view this was just an announcement to show off that Apple is capable! I guess there will be further upgrades and announcements shortly after the MacBook Pro becomes available So I think this release was just for the early adaptors and because everbody was longing for Intel Macs... As the lately renewed iMac G5 line the first MacBook Pro will become obsolete very soon!