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  1. gwmac

    should i buy mobile me

    have been a mobile me member x many years. not sure why but that is another question. anyway, i've heard about the conversion of mobile me from paid to free for quite a while now. now that i have 4 days left on my current year before i have to fork over the 100 dollars again, i can't find any uptodate info. should i buy it now? i sort of use mobile me. i don't want to give it up, but don't want to give up the money if will be free soon. thanks gaby
  2. gwmac

    mobile me

    just to finish the story from my end. bought .mac from amazon at 68 bucks. got a box with a serial number. went to me.com/activate where i was given three options. 1. start new account. 2. activate an expired account. 3. renew current account. i renewed my current account and i now have another year. no reason to buy from apple. seems pretty non green from a company that states that green is a goal to make amazon waste paper, boxes, gas for the truck all just to get me a serial number for 32% off the apple price. they should let the whole thing proceed electronicaly. anyway, thanks to all who helped.
  3. hello all i am trying to create a web page for the express purpose of putting pdf's of my talks on it for others to access. some open to the public, and others, the rights to which do not belong to me, in a password controlled environment. so i've i am a novice at this and i have looked at iweb (creating a site on my .mac account as a test) and squarespace and wordpress.com as ways to do this and none of them have a way to publish pdfs that i can figure out. all i can do is link to some external site like issuu for example and place my pdfs with them but that seems slightly not so elegant. so my question is where is the defect? am i looking at the wrong sort of software and if i get dreamweaver or some such thing that will fix it, or do i have a deeper misunderstanding of websites and "blogs" and there is no way for me to do this using the blogging tools i have evaluated. any thoughts would be appreciated. btw i am not looking to spend gobs of money here so any solutions that involve that are out of bounds. many thanks
  4. gwmac

    mobile me

    thanks all. will buy from amazon. seems like an odd decision for the boys (and girls) from cupertino but what are you going to do.
  5. gwmac

    mobile me

    here is my stupid question. i have mobile me. it is time to re up. apple wants 99 buck for renewal. amazon sells mobile me for 69 smackers. if i buy mobile me from amazon can i apply it to my current mobile me account? thanks as a secondary thought, why is apple charging 30 dollars more then amazon for an apple service?