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  1. sk1d

    Monitor colour has very orange hue

    i had the same problem, only it was a bluish tint give this a try it worked for me http://www.tuaw.com/2006/03/29/fixscreen-a...hing-color-bug/
  2. anyone ever have problems using a microsoft bluetooth mouse on their imac? mine keeps waking up from sleep after about 10 minutes and seems to freeze up when using the microsft mouse and sometimes it won't wake up at all. Anyone know if it's the mouse or something else?
  3. sk1d

    iMac G5 Logic board problems

    I had the same problem with mine, the logic board was replaced 3 times, power supply and bluetooth once, and mine still kept crapping out on me so apple eventually gave me a new intel one.
  4. sk1d


    i have a 12' powerbook and since upgrading to 10.4 the fan goes non-stop and it still got ridiculously hot, since 10.4.5 the fan doesn't go unless i'm really stressing it and the temperture is back to normal. as for speed i haven't noticed much of a difference, but then again i never was anal enough to count the number of bounces on launch
  5. sk1d

    DVD Regions

    i beleive vlc will play the dvd no matter what your region code is set to in the drive you could also rip the dvd to the drive and use vlc or mplayer to play it
  6. sk1d

    I am going to get an ibook, should I buy extra RAM?

    Hey guys, i'm also looking to add ram to my powerbook, I'm just wondering where you guys would recomend getting the ram from. the sites on here i've seen are crucial and datamem, are there any other reputible stores? and ones that ship to Canada would be nice
  7. sk1d

    Mac Virus

    So this morning when I tried to send an email using Apple's Mail program using the email address from from my ISP (Shaw), I get an error message saying that my IP is being blocked. It then offers an option to try sending it through my gmail account which I also have set up in Mail, and this works. So I Call my ISP asking them what's going on here. THey tell me that this is the sober virus, I tell him I'm running a mac, I don't have the sober virus. The guy insists it's a virus because this is exactly what that virus does. He tells me to run a virus check and that there's nothing else they can do. So I do that with ClamXav. It comes up with nothing. I call them back again, get someone else and he again insists its a virus. I once again explaining that this is a mac, that I don't have a virus. He then says he'll pass it on to the senoir tech guy there and that he'll call me back tommorrow. So, does anyone know of this virus that is affecting both my Powerbook on 10.3 and iMac on 10.4? Or is there something else that's blocking my access. I do have a router but I haven't changed any settings there, are there any settings to change there? I have PC connected to my network running Windows, but i scanned that for a virus but ti didn't come up with anything, so then I turned it off just incase, but my IP was still being blocked. So ohh great wise mac community, please help me out here.
  8. sk1d

    Reliability of I-books and Powerbooks

    i totaly agree with that survey, my powerbook (12 inch 1.33GHz) which is a year old has already had the harddrive and display go bad, both which were under the one year warranty, which got me nervous so i bought the applecare, but according to that survey all that's left is for my logic board to go bad, so as long as that happens ( might have already happened since some of my function keys don't work) i'll make my money back. Compared to my windows copmuters the hardware doesn't seem to last as long but the software is a lot less of a pain anyone know why a power supply would go bad on a PC after three years? it's happened to 3 of my copmuters now.
  9. sk1d

    Motorola Razor V3?

    i don't know if you're willing to consider any sonyerricson or nokia phones, but i've used both with my powerbook and they work well together. haven't had any experience with with a motoral phone
  10. sk1d

    What is your favorite browser extension?

    MileWideBack it lets you click on the left side of the screen to back a page, you have no idea how much faster it is than going all the way up to the back button, and when you're browsing with the mouse it's a pain to hit delete or cmd <-
  11. sk1d

    Favorite podcast

    You guys are boring!! Try listening/watching some of these 1. CBC Radio 3 2. RocketBoom 3. Tiki Bar TV 4. Keith and the Girl 5. TWiT 6. MacCast (There's domething about Adam's voice that just puts me to sleep, which is great for an insomniac like me)
  12. sk1d

    Powerbook Function Keys

    tried both those suggestions but they didn't work, thanks anyways any other ideas??
  13. sk1d


    smae thing that happened a couple years ago when the power went out in ontario and a huge chunk of the states, not much will happen. it's a pain in the ass but there won't be anything spectacular like a nuclear power plant melting down or a massive stock market crash, i know it sounds boring, but then again, it might be the perfect time for the aliens to attack, wait are we talking about the web or all networked computers, cause if it's the latter, then we're all doomed, i hope i won't freeze cause if it gets to -20C here and my thermostat goes because it's networked to my computer......ahh bugger, back the caribbean just wondering, can you regift a gifted itunes song?
  14. sk1d

    Faux right-click on the PowerBook?

    i don't know if you're using iscroll for scrolling on the powerbook, but if you have two fingers on the trackpad and push the button at the same time it acts as a right click
  15. sk1d

    Make your phone look like a mac

    download the themes to your computer, then send it to your phone using bluetooth, or use the pc cord for the phone which you have to buy seperately since all the phones this works on have bluetooth