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  1. bob.stephen

    Screen Brightness Utility

    Hey does anyone know if there is a way to reduce the brightness of my macbook pro's screen to a further extent then the minimum brightness setting on the keyboard.
  2. I have an old family computer and it gets slow when everybody is logged on I was wondering is there is some kind of auto logoff feature that logs off after a certain amount of time being idle. or program for it i could use. thanks
  3. I cant seem to upgrade my macbook pro (2.4gz, 4 gigs ram, 8600 gt 500mb). when i try it always says no drivers are compatible with detected hardware. Does any body know how I can get new driver or find a way to run gta 4 via steam on boot camp xp 32?
  4. Will my macbook pro (latest model before new case design) be 64 bit compatible with snow leopard? Will i be able to upgrade to 8 gigs of ram? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hey i was wondering if there is an app that lets me remotely control my ipod touch from my mac so I can play music on my stereo across the room. It would be like turning the ipod into an airport express. I know I can control my mac with the touch, I wanted to see if i could do it the other way around. Thanks
  6. i want to know if there is an app to extend the capacity of of your music collection on your iphone by connecting to a network drive or something like that. would like to know if there is a jail-broken way to do this ass well. thanks
  7. How do I use web sites that only work with internet explorer. Are There any firefox plugins for fix this, or do I need to borrow a friends Pc.
  8. My ibook g4 has a broken dvd drive and I need to reinstall. any ideas. Thanks.
  9. bob.stephen

    install os 10 from network drive?

    Thanks for the info, but how will i install osx from my imac onto my target drive?
  10. Is it possible for me to install os x for my laptop from a network drive set up on my imac. The reason I want to do this is the disk drive on my ibook is broken and i need to reinstall os 10.4. if this is possible could you tell me and if how? Thanks, Bob Stephen
  11. bob.stephen

    ipod thinks its charging EVEN WHEN UNPLUGED

    My ipod is a 5g 60gb video, I dont have apple care, I don't belive it is under warranty. I have owned the ipod since xmass 05 and did not buy any coverage for it. I have tried the 5r's on my particuler ipod and they have allways worked before this new problem. I belive you misunderstood my problem. When I remove the ipod after ejecting the disk image and removing the cable from the ipod, the ipod will read in the top battery symbol that it is still charging as if it were still connected to my ibook. Keep in mind that this is the same ipod behavior as if it were ejected from the finder or itunes and is charging. The ipod will not update battery status because the ipod belives it is still charging and when not put to sleep by holding the play/pause button the screen will turn to the large battery symbol and says it is charged. I'm sorry for the miss communication. thanks
  12. My ipod will mount and eject but it still thinks it is being charged when unplugged. I have tried all of the standard fixes like restoring firmware and firmware rollback.
  13. Can anyone tell me a program that i can use to splice two video files together. The video files are in mp4. Thanks
  14. I love The CCC app but i noticed that I can only use the external to boot on my mac that I cloned. I would like to be able to boot the volume on my familys imac wile i have my ibook in for servise. I know Adam says you can do this. It does not seem to work for me. If anyone knows about this application it would be of great help. Thanks sorry i did not mean to post this twice.
  15. I was wondering if it would be posible to do connect my usb hard drive to my airport base station to use on my local network as aremote hardrive. Thanks