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  1. iplayers

    Top 10 Reasons to Switch

    Ur List has brought me closer to apple
  2. iplayers

    Post Better Names for the MacBook Pro

    What about powerbook 2000 it has umph
  3. iplayers


    please help me im getting tired of re-installing windows every week a downloading 600 songs too. If anyone has any mac hardware ,Computer of course i would so appreciate it if you would sell it. Try to keep it under $400 or so im only small and cant get a job. Thx
  4. iplayers

    When you switched.

    Except the programmers And steve
  5. Hi Guys before i say anything i assure you this is not a site that sends spam i use it for ipods as well as mac mini and imac and i have had no spam. Right visit this link and register then reffer ten freinds to do the same and get a free mac mini. http://minimacgiveaway.co.uk/index.php?referral=154063 Also sign up to this and reffer some freinds to receive a free alienware PC its the best gaming PC Youll ever find. http://alienwaregiveaway.co.uk/index.php?r...?referral=45973 Enjoy ill be posting Games consoles iPods and more in the next few days the nano is only 6 refferals and the video is only 10.
  6. iplayers

    homemade mac quotes

    Post some of your own or fav mac quotes Here are some of mine a mac is not just a computer its an office apple are sorry about setting fire to intel but it was necessary
  7. iplayers


    i have some great software ,well not so graet but these two shall come first OS 8.5 and unreal tournament FE Highest offer pls reply
  8. iplayers

    Anything is worth a try...

    well its not free + shipping but try this sight im gonna buy my first mac here. www.wegenermedia.com im buyin ibook g3 or imac g4.
  9. iplayers

    Anti-Windows Button

    Oh i didnt see the dot.
  10. iplayers

    Let me see your Mac!

    Awsome setup Mr cooms where did you get the disc hloder
  11. iplayers

    The 1 Screen shot thread 2 rule them all

    http://www.thenexus.ws/images/halo28.jpg Try thenexus.ws/wa;;papers for grat halo 2 and other game wallpapers
  12. iplayers

    Forum Rankings

    ooh im a mac geek aprentice as of right now 14.05 21st jan 06
  13. iplayers

    Laptop Bags

    i also recommend the tuccano second skin range there not too big and they have a version for all ibooks and power books
  14. iplayers

    Why I hate the standard Apple mouse

    oh right
  15. iplayers

    iMic (Griffin) Wanted

    is the new imic white or something else